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HandiHone Sharpener for Clipper Trimmer Scissor Blades For Sale

HandiHone Sharpener for Clipper Trimmer Scissor Blades

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HandiHone Sharpener for Clipper Trimmer Scissor Blades:

I ask that you please read this entire page before you buy, otherwise it is almost guaranteed that you will be unhappy with your purchase. If I've learned anything from selling on , it's that customers who are unwilling to read this page are also unwilling to read (and follow) the instructions that come with the HandiHone, and those are the ones who end up being dissatisfied and blame me, refusing to ever even consider asking for help. Thanks for your time!

The HandiHone Universal Sharpener provides three sharpening solutions in one convenient and affordable package for Barbers, Animal Groomers, Hobbyists, and just plain regular people of all kinds. The HandiHone restores a factory edge to clipper and trimmer blades, scissors, shears, and all types of other sharp cutting tools (although I do not recommend attempting to sharpen knives, the diamond pad as well as the knife may be damaged). The HandiHone is quick and easy to use, regardless of the job.

For those of you that don't believe it works, just look at my response.

Clipper Blades are sharp! Excellent!!

great equiptment. Thanks

SHOCKED that anyone would leave neg response for this item! im beyond pleased :)

everthing they said it was

Great - Thanks - A+++++

Very good product,

as advertised. lightning fast shipper

Fantastic item, thanks for the quick postage!

Working good, thanks

Great er! Woderful Product!

Excellent product. Very fast shipping.

Excellent Product...

I have about 3 out of 100 people leave me negative response, and the rest are happy. Who do you think is right? Those 3 people, or the other 97? If it really didn't work, it's pretty obvious that I would have hundreds of negative response and zero positive, instead of hundreds of positive and a handful of negative. That fact alone is pretty difficult to argue with.

The HandiHone is made to do a job well, and to have very high value, not to impress your friends by being fancy and shiny. The instructions are printed on plain white computer paper because you don't need anything more complicated, and the HandiHone comes packaged in a plain white shipping box because anything else would be unnecessary, the magnet that holds the blade is a regular cabinet latch magnet because it gets the job done as well as anything else that could be designed, the plastic parts are molded in a small shop up in Los Angeles and granted, they don't look like a shiny $300 appliance from Sears, but they work just as well as something that looks fancy. I could have all these things specially made for me in designer colors that would look flashy, but that would raise the price a significant amount, and I do not in any way believe it’s ok to force the consumer to pay that much more just for a fancy box they don’t need (or to try and trick the consumer with flash like infomercials do). The HandiHone is made to work well, not to dazzle your eyes. If you don't agree, then by all means go pay 3 grand for a "professional" sharpener that does what this one does and doesn't look any more stylish. Actually, I've never seen another clipper blade sharpener that could sharpen scissor blades as well, I believe the HandiHone is the only one. So in reality, you pay more for less with other sharpeners.

I charge actual shipping charges for USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation (calculated through the USPS on , just click the "Shipping" tab right above), no extra fees/price gouge for "handling" or "packaging materials" or a "fuel surcharge", or just plain lying about the cost of shipping. Unfortunately there is no cheaper way for me to ship these, Parcel Post costs only a few cents less than Priority, but takes much longer, and the packages are treated much worse, it weighs too much to go by first class (limit 13oz), and UPS costs almost twice as much and damages packages on a regular basis.

As I alluded to earlier, the absolute biggest flaw with the HandiHone is the fact that you have to not only read, but understand and follow the instructions. If you aren’t able to take the time to read and understand this sale page, then in all honesty, the HandiHone is probably not for you. However, if you're willing to read this page, read the instructions, watch the video, and especially if you're willing to let me attempt to help you before you just leave negative response claiming it doesn’t work without ever contacting me (which is exactly what every single person who has left me negative response has done), then the HandiHone is probably for you. All HandiHones leave me in identical condition, made on the exact same machines, by the exact same person (me), and every return I've ever received I tested and they have all worked perfectly so far. If you believe you know more than I do about sharpening clipper blades, why are you even considering buying my product instead of making your own sharpener? I didn't sink my life savings into this company to rip people off with infomercial trickery, I did it because it's a product that works, and I believe in it and stand behind it (and in front of it, when I need to).

Just as an example, here's a quote from a message I received a while ago:

"I received your HandiHone today..read all of your instructions and watched the videos..I sharpened 3 7F blades and 3 10 blades and tested them all on 2 dogs and they were not sharp..as a matter of fact just as dull as when i put them in the sharpening bin. I have read your instructions 10 times and watched your videos as many..I followed the directions exactly. I am very disappointed"

Now this person claims they read the instructions 10 times, yet they also admitted they sharpened 6 sets of blades at once. Here is an exact quote of the first step in the instructions this person received in the box with their HandiHone, just like all my other customers have.

"1. If you have multiple sets of blades, be sure to practice sharpening with ONE set of blades before proceeding with the others. This is a very simple step, yet many people have an incredible amount of trouble following it."

This person was definitely a bright one, and chose to show so by leaving me response to show the entire world just how bright they are. These words should be fairly hard to ignore, being the first step, bold, and underlined in every single set of instructions, yet a considerable amount of people manage to ignore them, and if you can't follow the first and possibly most simple step, then how can you follow the rest? This person of course had no problem punishing me for their mistake and promptly left me negative response before they contacted me. If you’re that type of person, please do not give me your business, because I do not want it.

This one is one of my favorites and shows the true level of intelligence of some people out there. "I've been sharpening for 40 years!". Honestly, I don't care how long you've been sharpening, or think you've been sharpening. You could have been driving a car for the last 40 years as well, it doesn't mean someone who is half your age can't drive better than you. Last time I checked, being arrogant was a bad thing, not something to be proud of, and it typically leads to failure because you assume you're the smartest person on Earth, incapable of ever making a mistake, and don't need anyone's help (and in particular, don't need to read, and pay attention to, the instructions). If you've been sharpening for 40 years, why are you buying a product from me instead of making your own, since you're so much more knowledgeable than I am? This is the prime example of what type of customer leaves me negative response. I can tell you for a fact that arrogance has absolutely zero use, especially when learning to use a device that you've never had any experience with in your life. You may have sharpened a knife, or a pair of shears, or various other implements before, but that prior knowledge is absolutely useless when it comes to the HandiHone because it works differently than practically any other sharpener out there. Sorry if this is blunt, but it's true. And 40 years (or however many years you've been at it) of sharpening absolutely pales in comparison to the amount of years the original owner of the company, my father, and myself have been at it. Unless you're the oldest person to have ever lived, you haven't got us beat.

In reality, the HandiHone is a very simple machine, but it's not very intuitive (meaning it's difficult to guess how it works just by looking at it, which is a big mistake many people make). That's why reading this page and reading the instructions (and watching the videos), is very important.

Please understand that this is not an attempt at being rude, I'm just being honest and presenting you with all the facts about myself and my business and the type of customers I do business with. I want you to know exactly what you're getting into before you buy so you're less likely to regret your purchase. I want happy, knowledgeable customers. I'm not in China, I'm in southern California, have been for my whole life, and I care about my and my business's reputation, so I do my best to provide you with all the information you could ever need/want so you will understand the HandiHone and how it works. If you end up not figuring out the HandiHone then you can return it. Just please do not send me a message treating me like I'm trying to rip you off. My response proves that I don't do that. There’s about a hundred people there saying that it works. My return policy is hiding in the "Shipping and Payments" tab right above all this text, where automatically puts it. You should probably it before you buy. About half of my unsatisfied customers contact me and ask me what my return policy is, showing that once again they didn’t read anything before they bought.

There's a lot of bad misinformation floating around the internet about my product, mostly from competitors put blatantly on their website (which is actually called defmation, illegal in this country), but also from customers of the old version, the one that was made before I came along. The old one had some quality control issues, but this one is 100%. This is a new version made of new materials and a new owner/builder (Me). I'm making these with a different type of plastic, a new, more powerful, longer lasting, ball bearing motor (that spins at around 12,000rpm, well above any other sharpeners capability), a new, more powerful, power supply, and CNC machines accurate to much less than .001" (one thousandth of one inch). You could never achieve that level of accuracy with an old fashioned stone grinding wheel that those "professional" machines use.. This HandiHone has the power to, and is guaranteed to.work on all clippers, including the very high-end ones, like the Oster 111 and the like. The only blades it won't sharpen are ceramic, or blades wider than 2”.

Before you buy, please keep in mind that payment is required within 2 weeks of your purchase, or 's system will automatically file an unpaid item claim for the transaction.

To see a video of the sharpening process as well as the instructions, go to

The HandiHone can NOT ruin your blades unless you do not follow the instructions and intentionally grind the tips off your blades. If you've watched the video, then you know exactly how simple this machine is, and exactly how easy it is to sharpen your blades.

I use one myself, and my family and friends use them. as well. I have friends who use them for their own hair clippers, for their own dog clippers, a couple friends who have dog grooming businesses, several friends who have salons, my father uses one in his shop for sharpening various tools, etc (when you're in the business I'm in, you tend to become close friends with groups of people that cut hair). If they didn't work, I'd have known long ago.

35,000+ of these have been sold in the USA alone over the last 10 years. It's a reliable product in its industry that is hand built here in the USA by me, not by some machine in China that doesn't monitor quality (like other clipper sharpeners). The plain and simple fact is that I sell 2000-3000 of these a year (mostly to retailers who resell them to the public via their catalogs and websites), and if they didn’t work, they would all get returned, I’d get a ton of negative response from the ones I sell on here as well as on the websites of these resellers, my resellers would stop buying more HandiHones from me, and I would be broke. None of that has happened though, and it won't happen, because it works, very well.

I personally build every HandiHone I sell (no one else is involved), and I hand inspect every unit I send out the door, including measuring every disc to make sure it’s the correct shape (which is CNC machined to tolerances of 1/1000th of an inch, much better than any stone wheel can do). I guarantee the unit you receive will be in 100% working order. If you have a problem, feel free to contact me. Please note that I am unable to offer any type of help to customers who are disrespectful. I am far too old to deal with rude customers, so if you plan on being rude to me when you can't figure out how to work the HandiHone, please do not buy from me.

Sending out blades to be sharpened can be inconvenient and expensive. For the price of a handful of professional sharpenings, you can do it yourself, eliminating the time, ongoing cost, and hassle. The HandiHone will pay for itself with just 7-10 sharpenings! It handles all metal blades from BOTH human and animal hair trimmers and clippers (Wahl, Oster, Andis, Conair, Forfex, Remington, etc.), as well as scissor blades. To touch up a blade requires literally 2-3 minutes total time. Great for those who cut their own or their family’s/friend's hair, dog groomers, horse owners (if you use regular size blades), and salons. Please note that it does not sharpen ceramic clipper blades or knives, and attempting to do so will not only ruin the knife/ceramic blade but the HandiHone’s diamond pad as well and will void the warranty.

"Professional" sharpeners will try and convince you it's literally impossible to sharpen your own blades properly, but really, it's not. It takes about 10 minutes to learn what you are doing and then you're done. As long as you don't change/bend the spring assembly (like Oster A5 blades have), there's basically nothing that you can't do on your own. The tension will not change just because you took the blades apart and sharpened them. One of my friend's has an old pair of Oster blades on an old set of clippers, and he hasn't done a single thing to the same pair of blades in literally 10 years!!! Blades don't need to be re-tensioned (unless you change the tension of course) or demagnetized, these are gimmicks that "professional" sharpeners use to lure you into believing you can't do it yourself.

the HandiHone can sharpen all metal trimmer/clipper blades 2” wide or smaller, which is the standard clipper size (The sharpening surface itself is only 2.5" in diameter. Yes, the sharpener is small, but it is all that is needed. It's pretty easy to understand that you don’t need a 12” wide wheel to sharpen a 2” wide blade! This is a myth (with no facts backing it) perpetuated by other clipper sharpener companies to trick you into buying their $1000 machine.

It can accommodate all metal scissor blades as well. Although it does take a bit of smooth coordination to sharpen scissors, so if you have a $200 pair of scissors that you feel must look perfect, you may want to continue having them sharpened by a professional, or practice lots on another cheap pair first. I do sharpen my own and my friends' hair cutting scissors, as well as all my regular household and fabric scissors with no problem and haven’t had any complaints from any of the people who bought a HandiHone to sharpen high end scissors. If you’re just sharpening craft/general around the house scissors, you will definitely be happy.

The HandiHone uses an electric motor to spin a diamond grit pad that sharpens the blade. It uses no honing/cutting oils, or evenlapping compounds, so there's no mess. Putting such products on it will make it not work properly, plus it could ruin the electric motor, so don’t do it. This is also in the instructions, but 1 out of 6 returned HandiHones I get have clearly had some type of liquid on it, proving that once again the instructions were not read.

It has 2 holes in the base in case you want to mount it on a workbench or other area.

A common misconception is that the diamond pad is flat, but in fact it’s not, it is dome shaped. The shape creates a very close, but still hollow ground, finish which is necessary for optimum cutting. It is supposed to leave the blades with a concave shape, not a flat even surface, despite what several online reviews claim. If the blades were ground perfectly flat, they would not cut. Ask your clipper's manufacturer, or any professional sharpener (Don't ask them what they think of the HandiHone, though, they aren't likely to tell the truth about their competition, for obvious reasons).

This can even be proven by a pair of scissors. Close your scissors and hold them up to the light, you will see the tips are touching, and the rest of the blades aren’t. If you slowly open them while watching the sliver of light between the 2 blades you will notice that the point where they are touching moves, and continues all the way down to the hinge (this will vary from scissor to scissor of course, based on their original design, and how worn out/cheap they are, but in general it will be visible on all scissors). If the 2 blades were perfectly straight, they wouldn’t cut, because they wouldn’t be able to touch, or they would only touch near the hinge, and wouldn’t be able to touch anywhere else. It’s the bent shape of the scissors (equivalent to the concave shape of clipper blades) that allows them to touch each other at the cutting point and actually cut.

On average, depending on how well you maintain your blades (keeping them rust free, keeping them sharp and not allowing them to get excessively dull from prolonged use, etc.), the diamond pad will last about 100-150 sharpenings. If you do not keep your blades clean and regularly sharpen them (or are sharpening blades for others who do not take care of their blades), you can expect about half that many sharpenings. To have a professional sharpen a set of blades 125 times it would cost around $1,250. Even if you're only paying $7 per sharpening, the HandiHone costs less than 1/100th that per sharpening! If you sharpen your blades 10 times, the HandiHone will have paid for itself, and since the motor and power supply last years typically, all you have to do is replace the diamond pad which cuts the cost of subsequent sharpenings even more.

I personally have both a Sunbeam clipper (low end clipper) and an Oster 76 (relatively high end clipper), and the HandiHone performs equally well on both clippers. I’ve sharpened many other clippers in between and above, and there isn’t one out there the HandiHone won’t sharpen because all clippers are inherently the exact same and require the exact same shape on the blade. A clipper blade is a clipper blade, it is 100% irrelevant whether it’s a cheap superstore brand blade or a $25 Oster blade, they’re all steel and they all need to be hollow ground, every last one of them (unless they’re ceramic which as far as I know can’t be sharpened as of yet). Even the so-called "Titanium" blades are NOT titanium. They are titanium nitride coated steel. This coating prevents them from rusting and helps keep them clean (and supposedly helps them cut, but I have yet to see/hear any proof of this other than the manufacturer's packaging), but the actual blade to blade surface will still be steel. This coating that comes on the blades wears off the cutting area almost immediately after the first time you use them and then that area is just plain steel again, and can be sharpened. I have a Remington trimmer with this coating that I sharpen. When I first got it, it pulled my hair, a lot, so I sharpened it, now it works great.

What's included:
AC power transformer
Magnetic blade holder
Scissor blade guide
Instruction sheet
Storage box

Replacement diamond disks are available. Click “View Seller’s Other Items” in the upper right to see the replacements.

Warranty: All the units I sell are brand new, and I guarantee the unit you receive will be in 100% working order. I offer a 1 year manufacturer’s defect warranty. If the unit stops working within one year from purchase, contact me and I'll send you the return address that you can ship the sharpener back to and I will repair or replace your sharpener depending on what is wrong. This does not cover worn out diamond pads. That’s not a manufacturer’s defect.

Shipping: I almost always ship same day or the day after the order is received by USPS Priority with Delivery Confirmation. Occasionally (due to bad weather, a holiday, or if you order Friday night, etc.) it may take an extra day or 2. I live in the mountains and have to deliver each HandiHone myself to the post office quite a distance from me.

Customers outside the U.S: The HandiHone comes with a switching power supply, meaning it can run on either 110v or 220v. Depending on your country's setup, you may need a plug converter that converts the North American flat prongs into whatever style you have. All taxes/tariffs/fees charged by your country to you for having international goods shipped to you are your responsibility.

Some other things that have come up over time that aren’t in the instructions, but should be known by the customer:

1: Clippers with adjustable blade lengths (the kind that has a built in slider that moves the blades) are very hard to adjust when reinstalling them on the clippers. If you’ve never done it before, it’s best to find someone who knows how to do it properly to help you get the process down. Even regular clipper blades on some clippers are hard to adjust properly, and it’s best if you have someone teach you how first instead of just assuming it’s the sharpener’s fault. Perfectly sharp blades that are improperly adjusted will not cut. Unfortunately, since there are hundreds of different types of clippers, I can't really help with this, unless you want to ship your clippers to me so I can have them in my hands and figure out how to adjust them.

2: The HandiHone uses diamond, not the typical stone abrasive material on other grinders. This means that there’s no point in comparing the function of the two because they are two completely different materials (remember, diamond is the hardest substance on Earth, and because of its molecular structure, it does not behave like any other abrasive material). Making assumptions about the HandiHone and how it works based on what you know about regular stone sharpeners won’t help.

3: When cutting with diamond, power is irrelevant. It cuts so cleanly and easily that the supplied power is plenty for anything from a bottom of the line clipper blade to a top of the line Oster blade. I’ve spent 10 years around HandiHones and many other types of sharpeners. Many people believe it needs to have a ton of power and spin at incredible speed because the stone sharpener they saw did. Again, this is diamond, not stone, there’s no point in comparing the two.

Since the HandiHone uses diamond that cuts quickly and efficiently, it can be small and lightweight, so it doesn’t need a giant motor to spin a heavy stone wheel to sharpen your blade. It has plenty of power already. If you think it doesn’t, then you’re doing something wrong (see number 4). I even had one person complain because when he touched the blade to the diamond, the motor slowed a bit. Of course it did, it’s called friction. It doesn’t matter how much power a spinning motor has, if you touch anything to it, it’s going to slow down some. I’m sorry, but the HandiHone, like everything else, can’t defy the laws of physics.

Actually, you don’t even need the motor (even with stone!). You could just rub the blades on the diamond disc by hand using a lapping technique that was invented long before electric motors were even invented. It would take longer than with the motor of course, but the point is you only need a little bit of power and speed to cut with diamond, so little that you could do it without the motor. I’ve done it myself, and there is another clipper sharpener out there that is just a stone disc and uses human power to sharpen the blades, and, if I recall, the reviews of it I saw were quite good. Of course, that one would take minutes to sharpen a blade as opposed to seconds with the HandiHone.

4: Pushing harder will not make it cut faster, it will make it cut slower. This is one many people don’t understand or believe, even though it is not only true of diamond but of pretty much all regular abrasives (sandpaper etc). I’ve spent over a decade studying cutting abrasives on almost all materials, believe me on this one. Just lightly rest the blade on the diamond surface and move it around like the instructions say. Don’t force it down. Here’s a tip, if the disc stops spinning, you’re pushing way too hard. The disc shouldn’t slow down more than about 30% of the original speed. Just practice, you’ll get the hang of it.

5: Yes, we could make the HandiHone spin faster and have more power, so it would cut faster, but there are a few reasons this is a bad idea from my experience. 1: If it spins faster, it’s easier to make a mistake. 2: The motor will wear out faster. Motors that spin slower last exponentially longer. 3: The diamond already cuts so fast if properly used that you’ll only save a few seconds anyways. Are you in that much of a hurry? 4: The price of a faster, more powerful motor, and the more powerful power supply it would need, would put the HandiHone out of the price range of a lot of people. This is a money-saving item. If you don’t want to save money, then by all means spend 500-3000 dollars on a “professional” grinder that does exactly what this one does (but still does it slower because none of them use diamond).

6: Many people buy this product and never read the instructions because they believe they don't need to. They then sharpen their blades and ruin them because they use the sharpener incorrectly, and blame me for their mistakes. Please, don’t use this sharpener without reading the complete instructions. It only takes a couple minutes.

It’s quite literally my job to know as much as possible about sharpening clipper blades. If you know more than I do about sharpening clipper blades, then you shouldn’t even be looking at buying a sharpener, you should be making your own lo :)

7: Every returned sharpener I’ve ever received I used to sharpen a set of dull clipper blades and tested them, and so far, all the returns I’ve gotten in the last 2+ years were perfectly functioning despite what the customer claimed. These people wouldn’t believe me or the instructions and believed they knew better than a clipper sharpener engineer and someone who has been working with sharpeners for over a decade. If you're that kind of person then in all honesty you're better off not buying a HandiHone and continuing to pay someone to sharpen your blades. Sorry.

Finally - I want ALL my customers to be satisfied, so if you are not, e-mail me before you leave response or file a claim and give me a chance to make you satisfied. I've been a member of for something around a decade and there's no need to take petty actions to get what you want, I am a beyond fair seller. (Also, there's no need to send rude emails. My product works, my response and the fact that several big name retailers have been selling the HandiHone for over a decade proves that, so there's no need to accuse me of being things you know perfectly well I'm not.)

If you follow the instructions, there is no chance that you will ruin your blades, but if you don't follow the instructions you can accidentally grind areas of the blade that shouldn't be ground and it may be damaged irreparably. If you have any trouble understanding the instructions or have any other problems, please contact me instead of just leaving negative response claiming the product doesn’t work, because it does. It’s my job to help you, which I will gladly do, and if you won’t let me do that, then that’s not my fault and it’s unfair for my reputation to take a hit because you’re stubborn.


I’m looking for customers to help demonstrate the HandiHone in return for compensation for your time and effort.

The catch is, you have to do it all in one continuous shot, from you sharpening the blades, to assembling them back onto the clipper, to using the clipper to cut hair (either animal or human is fine, but we’re looking for some of each), and an up close shot of the cut hair. The main reason for this is so that the video proves that the blades you sharpened are the ones that are cutting the hair. You’ll probably need someone to hold the camera for you, because you won’t be able to get close up shots with a tripod mounted camera, and a good light will help to make everything visible, outdoors is good as well. The video also needs to be of a reasonably high resolution (no cell phone cameras etc) so you can actually see what’s going on.

If you’d like to take part, you can email me at HVAC25000@yahoo.com to discuss things

Keep in mind that if I decide to use your video, it will be put up on the HandiHone website for the world to see.



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