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Henry Miller Gaited Endurance Saddle For Sale

Henry Miller Gaited Endurance Saddle

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Henry Miller Gaited Endurance Saddle:

I paid 1200.00 for it and used it for maybe 2 hrs. This is the only saddles they use and they have a wide aray of horses they use them on.

Henry Miller is the next generation of saddle makers for horses and mules, trained by his uncle and renowned saddle maker Eli Miller. From the web site of Cross Creek:

The endurance saddle is built on a suspended narrower twist seat, the rider sits in a balanced posture allowing their legs to hang straight down from the hips. It has what is referred to as a "deep pocket" with a high cantle and high pommel hand-hold. This saddle measures 16" rides like a 15.5. The endurancecomes in one tree offering: somewhere between a semi and full quarter horse tree. Mr. Millers saddlery and matching tack is hand cut, hand built one at a time, not mass produced.Double Creek saddles are built using Wickett and Caig leather.These saddles are built on wood trees with Rhino covering for water protection.It is built on a suspended seat. Unlike other saddles that perch you way high off your horse, Double Creek saddles put you right down on your horse. The suspended seat is an Amish specialty: you are not sitting on the hard tree, rather you are sitting on what is similar to a hammock of laced upholstery webbing that is attached to either side of the bars on the tree, then foam, then glove leather.They are not only suspended, but close contact at the same time. It is around 24 lbs, built withdouble rigging.Under the fender is one leather strap attached to the rear of the tree and one strap attached to the front of the tree, the two straps meet at a stainless ring. Double Rigging has great benefits: the pressure from the girth is in the center instead of very far forward seen in many traditional saddles, so the horse is way more comfortable since the rigging is pulling down from both the front and the rear of the saddle.

  • The saddleis #105 2/09/16.
  • EZ stirrups
  • Matching breast collar
  • Matching headstall with mechanical hackamore, reins
  • Wide Tacky girth
  • Purple tacky saddle pad. This pad is thick, not thin. Made in the USA

The leather is buttersoft, and Inoticeda few pretty big scratches on the saddle, and the saddle pad has a few missing pieces, none of which happened from actual riding, but rather from being at the barn. I'm thinking the cat before it was stored away. This soft leather does scratch easily.Any questions please ask. Look up Henry Miller saddles and you will find nothing but great reviews. This is only being sold as I need a show saddle, otherwise I would be keeping it. You really will feel the difference in this saddle. Thanks!

I had told why I only had rode in this for 2 hrs the first time this was listed, forgetting that not all have read that story. I see my short answer does not answer the question why only 2 hrs. Horse and saddle were bought site unseen. No offense to seller, but the horse was not as claimed. She needed serious ground work, and some basic training, and I needed to regain my confidence, which she could not do for me. 1 year later after training (not by me) we both are ready to show (something I never thought I would do again) and expand our riding beyond trail. I can't show in this, nor will it work for the clinics I hope to do. Thanks!

I added photos of the deep scratches, both fenders have them. The leather is so soft it nicks easily.

Sorry, only shipping in the U.S.

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