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How YOU Can Repair Madame Alexander RUBBER BANDS For Sale

How YOU Can Repair Madame Alexander RUBBER BANDS

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How YOU Can Repair Madame Alexander RUBBER BANDS:

HOW YOU Can Replace Your Doll's Rubber Bands

How YOU Can Replace YOURMadame

Alexander doll'sbroken rubber bands


EASY to follow STEPS to REPLACE broken RUBBER BANDS My good wife has been a M.A. doll collector for many years. For some time (it seems like years), she complained that many of her prizeswere suffering floppy parts. As you know, the rubber bands that attach the extremities suffer from age and then stretch or break. When she mentioned that the local DOLL HOSPITAL could fix this problem for $20 per doll, I wasmotivated to find an easy way for us to repair the dolls ourselves. I HAVE WRITTEN A DETAILED, EASY TO FOLLOW, STEP-BY-STEP, INSTRUCTION ON HOW YOU CAN MAKE THESE REPAIRS. INCLUDED WITH THIS INSTRUCTION IS A SUPPLY OFELASTIC THAT REPLACES THE RUBBER BANDS IN ABOUT 15 DOLLS.Should you need more, it is available at manystores near you. WITH PATIENCE, YOU CAN LEARN TO DO THIS REPAIR YOURSELF. I BELIEVE THAT MY STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE WILL HELP YOU BECOME A HAPPIER COLLECTOR.NOTES:

* We have a number of listing for this item under various doll categories. All items are the same and cover most all dolls that have been strung with rubber bands.** For non-U.S.A. buyers, add $2.00 USD for mailing.

  • _____________________
    Some recent & unsolicited testimonials taken from response and emails include (Warning: it‘s possible that reading all of these will lead to an unexpected nap ... or two):“Excellent instructions! Have already made one repair. Thank you very much!”“Received todaycan't wait to try it - it may save 3 lives! Thanks”“The instructions were “very good”“Instructions both helpful and entertaining. Must have for do-it-yourselfers! A++” “ Thanks…beats trying to do it with rubber bands.”“Good suggestions in a practical format. Thanks.”“Just wanted to thank you for your instructions. Worked like magic the first time I attempted to restring my MA dolls. (I'd practiced on restringing the doll 4 or 5 times before using your instructions). Even got the boy scout knot! Thanks again.”“Lightning fast arrival. Easy to read & understand instructions. Thank You!”“What a great tutorial. Had my first doll fixed in 20 minutes! Thanks so much!”
    “Instructions arrived on Friday. They are very easy to understand and I've already fixed one of my MA dolls.”“Thanks for helping me rescue precious vintage dolls.” “Tickled pink.”“Thanks, now I can repair my own dolls.”“Whee!!! Now I can buy broken dolls!! Thank you!”“Great Information! It worked great!”“You helped save many M.A. from banishment to the dreaded storage boxes.”“This item fills a real need."“HIGHLY RECOMMEND! THANK YOU FOR THE GREAT INSTRUCTIONS!”“Thanks for the shipment. I fixed 10 dolls!”“Thank you. Received instructions Monday, Repaired 1st doll that night.”“Was exactly what I wanted.”“Great fix. Works great. Wife was very happy (Apple pie are easy to follow. Kit came quick.”“My first purchase on and could not ask for a better seller.” “Immediate shipment. Great instructions.””Worked like a charm first time. Great Idea.”“Did the trick & saved me money.”“Received the instructions quickly and they are great for a novice!!”“Great instructions for doll repair. Recommended.” “Great simple instructions. My dolls thank you.”“Great kit! Its not as hard as I thought! Very fast delivery.”“I will put my husband to work,,5 star!!!”“Looks like something even I can do. Very nice.”“Thanks. I have been repairing dolls all afternoon. Great work.”
    “I can't tell you how happy I am to have found your store. I was able to successfully attach my Cissy's head and I am so grateful. Now my new vintage Cissy's make-over is complete and she's ready for her new home in my curio cabinet!!!. Thank you so much again!!!.“Thanks. I was able to reattach the arms of three 12 inch dolls!”"Your item is awesome. Now I can fix my dolls. thank you so much.""Brilliantly simple! You have discovered a better mouse trap.""Used this already on a broken doll and it worked like a charm!!!""Thank you so much. My dolls now look perfect, Thanks to you.""Very informative instructions and a great sence of humor. ."“excellant directions for repairing dolls/ highly recomend it/ thanks”“his instructions are clear and easy. the shipping was prompt. thanks!”“Well-written detailed directions. Wish me luck following them!!! A++”“GREAT IDEA!! VERY HELPFUL!!!”“I never knew there was such a kit to fix the heads, glad I found your .”“This info helped us repair two Madame Alexander dolls! Thanks.”“It has inspired me to dig my dolls out of the closet after thirty years!”“I just spent most of this morning restringing dolls. I bought a book "All about doll repair and Care", thinking I could have the best of both worlds. I wanted to share with you that your method of "restringing" dolls is so much easier to do that the one in the book. Your instructions and illustrations are very clear. You may want to think about writing a book about your method. You also have a wonderful sense of humor (at the most frustrating places for a novice) and it shows in your writing. My grandchildren also thank you. They now have some of their favorite dolls back in their curio cabinets so they can enjoy them every day. Thank you, thank you, thankyou.” Barbara “Great!! I have lots of swingy arms to repair! work like a dream; thanks so much!““Information was presented clearly, easy to understand”“Extremely detailed instructions for repair of dolls. Great transaction.” “Great idea, good details & I love your sense of humor!.”“Bless you for providing this little brochure and elastic.”“Thank you, I've been looking for this item for a long time. Great service!”“Very clearly written. Good service”“Very fast shipping, easy to follow instructions. My collection will be perfect!”“This is a good idea to help us repair my wifes dolls, thanks for this!”“Exellent transaction. Great money saving info!”“Highly Recommended!!!! Worked fantastically!! Fast shipping as well!”“Very easy to understand and follow instructions. Now I can fix my doll! Thanks!”“Arrived quickly, easy to understand and use and MUCH cheaper than doll hospital!”“Great article; needed info; well pleased; now to get husband to fix dolls.”“I love learning new ways to fix my dolls Thank you A++++++”“Easy to understand repair, ins. for broken dolls. The Perfect er. THANKS.”

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