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Huge 120 Piece Tupperware Lot Many Vintage Free US Ship For Sale

Huge 120 Piece Tupperware Lot Many Vintage Free US Ship

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Huge 120 Piece Tupperware Lot Many Vintage Free US Ship:

Huge 120+ Piece Tupperware Lot Vintage and Newer

Be Sure To Scroll Down For Complete List, Descriptions, and Lots & Lots of Pictures

This lot consists of a total of over 120 pieces of vintage and newer Tupperware, including some pieces of Tuppertoys/Tupper Toys. These items are in Excellent to Good used condition. I quickly washed each piece but they will need cleaning. I will try to describe each piece and any flaws. Please remember that Tupperware does have a lifetime warranty on all of their products. You can just contact them or a representative for a replacement or credit.

Here Goes:

1965 Pastry Mat with Baking Powder Biscuits and Pastry recipes, as well as, guides for Equivalents and Substitutions and a rule for Tart, 8”, 9”, and 10”. 1965 Rexall Drug and Chemical Company. It measures 22” x 18”. Clear/White and Red lettering/design. (this mat is in excellent condition except that it has a small piece missing below the date, as can be seen in photos)

1950’s Tupperware Millionaire Line Cariolier with Lid and Handle. 3-Piece Divided Serving Tray Set 405-1 224-9 and 466-5. This comes complete with the bottom divided tray, the “Tupper Seal” lid, and the carry handle. Measures 12” at dividers 14” across handles and 1 ¾” high with lid. Clear/White (the lid can use some scrubbing in the crevices)

Vintage Cake Carrier Handle 624-2. This handle goes with the older cake carriers and is 22 ½” long. Clear/White (excellent condition)

Serve It All Cake Stand 1533-1. This stand goes with the cake base for the Serve-It-All set and measures 5 ½” x 4 ½” tall. Cream/Light Tan (excellent condition)

Large Rectangular Storage Container with Lid. This storage set can be used for anything! Measures 14 ¾” x 6 ¾” x 5 ¼” tall. White/Clear (both pieces of this set are in excellent condition except for a small melty burn in the same spot to both pieces, as can be seen in the pictures)

1950s Vintage 2-Piece Set Jadeite Green Celery/Bread Keeper with Clear Lid 782-5. Measures 15” x 6” x 5” high. Green and Clear/White (this set is in excellent condition but could be cleaned)

Vintage Harvest Gold 2/3 Cup Measuring Cup. Yellow (has some light surface scratches)

Vintage Yellow/Gold Dual-Sided Round Cookie Cutter 1264-3. Cuts 2” and 2 ¾” Cookies/Pastries. (excellent condition)

Vintage Tupperware Pastry Pal. This great tool is used as ¼ cup and 1/3 cup measures, it has 2 cookie cutters (a 2 ½” 8 pointed star and 2 ½” scalloped flower), and a rolling crimper on the handle. Perfect for pastries, cookies, and pies. White (excellent condition)

Vintage Harvest Gold Egg Separator 779-9. This egg separator is a great tool to separate the white from the yolk without the mess! Has grooves on bottom for resting on a bowl or cup for two free hands to break the egg. Yellow (eggsellent condition)

What I think is a Dish Detergent Dispenser/Scrubber with Lid 529-1 and 296-23. It has a closed container with a plunger mechanism, plastic bristles on the bottom, a hanging ring, and a lid. 2 ¾” diameter and 2 /18” tall. Clear/White (this looks brand new but when I was looking at it, I noticed that the hanging ring has split in the middle away from the container-should be easily repairable)

Cereal Container with Lid and Flip Top 469-1, 470-6, and 471-3. This great cereal/food storage container measures 4 ½” x 9” x 8 ½” tall at top. Handy flip top for pouring contents. White/Clear (excellent condition with light surface scratches)

Set of 6 Dessert Ice Cream Cup/Bowls with removable bases (12 pieces with bowl and base) 754-3. Bowls measure 3 ¾” diameter x 2 ½” tall with base. Clear Gray (excellent condition)

Vintage Divide-A-Rack Pie Stackers x 2 511-1. Cooling and carrying stackable pie racks-use many for nearly unlimited stacking-usable in cake keeper/taker. Measure 11 ¼” diameter at largest x 2 ½” tall with leg-perfect for 9” pie. White (excellent condition)

Vintage Set of 4 Lid Organizers Seal Keepers 1646-1, 1645-1, 1645-2, and 1644-3. Four different sizes of lid keepers, each has the runner on bottom for sliding the patented Tupperware tabs up for extra storage. A must for anyone who uses Tupperware. Can be mounted or free standing. Largest 9 7/8” diameter, 2 Mediums measure 7 ½” diameter, and Smallest has a 5 ¼” diameter. Holds any size lid that has the tab, by sliding in on the runner on the bottom. The largest is also perfect for paper plates. Cream (all 4 of these are in excellent condition)

1950’s Vintage Jadeite Green 2-Piece 3 Quart/12 Cup Mixing/Storage Bowl with Clear Lid 237-4 and 230-13. Measures 9 ½” diameter x 4 ½” tall. Green and Clear/White (the bowl has stains and really needs to be scrubbed)

1950’s Vintage Jadeite Green 3-Piece 3 Quart/12 Cup Strainer/Colander with 2 Mesh Lids 339-2, 516-1, and 516-7. Don’t loose any strained food with the handy mesh lids. 10” diameter x 5 ½” high. Green and Clear/White (this set is in great condition but the colander does have scratches in the bottom)

Vintage 3-Piece Mint Green Large Jelly Jell-O Jello Mould Mold with Bundt Pan Insert and Lid 1202-2, 1201-2, and 1203-3. Perfect for 60’s Hippie Wedding or Jello/Cool Whip Cakes. Measures 9 ½” diameter x 3” tall. Green and Clear/White (this set is in excellent condition)

What I think is a Remark-A-Bowl Lid 3583A-1, it has an “H” in a circle above “Tupperware”. It looks to be some type of lid (but does not have the deep groove for seal) with a large outside tab and a hole in the center. It measures 9 ¾” in diameter with a lipped hole in the center that measures 3 ¾” diameter. Clear (don’t know what it is but it is in excellent condition)

2 6-Piece Sets of Jello Molds/Jell-o Moulds (total of 12 pieces) 616-4, 616-5, 229-4, 229-35, 617-2, 617-7, and Tupper Seal 631-9, 631-2, 632-2, 632-9, 620-9, and 633-2. Included are 2 bowls, 2 lids, 2 bases, and 6 molded bottom lids (2 stars, 2 hearts, 1 flower, and 1 Christmas tree). White/Clear (these sets are in excellent condition-1 lid can use some washing)

8-Piece Hamburger Press Patty Maker and Freezer Storage Containers 883-11, 884-15, 215-47, 882-28, 882-9, 882-36, 882-29, and 882-14. Includes Cuff, Press, 5 individual stackable containers, lid. Perfect for quarter-pounder burgers. Containers measure 4 ¼” across. White and Clear (excellent condition some of the containers need to be scrubbed)

2-Piece Cheese Keeper with Base 519-2 and 518-1. Great for Butter, Cheese, Velveeta, etc. Measures 10” x 4” x 3 ½” high. White and Clear (excellent condition except a small slice on a corner tab on the lid (can be seen in the pictures-not a big deal-just cosmetic)

Set of 6 Red and Green Christmas Tupper ToysSandwichPlates 1502-14, 1502-15, 1502-16, 2 x 1502-17, and 1502-18. 4” square plates, 3 Red and 3 Green (plates are in excellent condition)

Large Round Gallon Tub 4 Quart Container with Tupper Seal Lid 266-3 and 229-4. Measures 8 ½” diameter x 6” tall. White/Clear (this set is in great condition with a little gray staining to the inside of the tub and some light surface scratches to lid)

Vintage Harvest Colors Olive Green Servalier Bowl with Lid 1204-14 and 1205-5. This squatty canister shaped bowl has a yellow starburst flower on the front. Measures 8 ½” diameter x 3 ½” tall. Olive Green (this set is not in the greatest shape with burn marks on and stains and scratches in the bowl and a warped lid)

Retro Harvest Gold Bowl with Plate Lid 1206-9 and 1207-36. Great for packed lunches! Yellow (this set is in great condition with a few light stains inside of both)

Lunch Set with 22 oz. Store-n-Pour 4 Pieces Drink Cup with Flip-Top Lid and Built-In Spout andSandwichKeeper with Lid 1641-28, 1898B-1, 1291C-4, 670-3, and 671-38. The cup is 3 ¾” diameter x 7 ½” tall and the sandwich keeper is 5 ½” x 5”. Blue and White/Clear (the cup is in excellent condition with some sticky tape residue and the keeper is in good condition with scratches)

Vintage Almond and Gold 2 Quart Pitcher 800-9. (this pitcher is in excellent condition)

1950’s Millionaire Line Set of 2 Tall 6 Cup 1½ Quart Storage Containers with Lids (total of 5 pieces) 261-5, 261-6, 563-1, 564-7, and 215-27. One of these has a flip-top for pouring contents and the other has a full lid. They measure 9” tall and 4 ½” diameter. White/Clear and Almond (these are all in great condition with some light surface scratches and need to be washed)

Tall 2-Piece 5 Cup Storage Container with Pouring Lid 321-12, 563-5. and 564-5. Clear bottom. White/Clear (container is brand new-lid has some yellowish discoloration)

Tall Red 5 Cup Storage Container with Red Lid and Red Pour Flip-Top 262-13, 603-2, and 564-8. (this set is in excellent condition and can use cleaning)

Set of 2 Tall 22 oz. and 32 oz. Clear Container with interchangeable large and small pouring Lid 4-Piece 1643-15, 1641-21, 1912-5, and 1913-2. 7” and 9” tall without lid both 3 ½” diameter. White/Clear and Light Pink (excellent condition)

Set of 2 Harvest Gold Servalier 3 Cup Bowls 886-34 and 886-35. Yellow (both have stains and melty spots inside)

Vintage Harvest Colors Harvest Gold Servalier Bowl 1297-9. This squatty canister shaped bowl has a yellow scrolling design on the front. Measures 5 ¼” diameter x 3” tall. Yellow (this bowl is in great condition)

Clear Bowl with Gray Lid 250-21 and 215-51. Bowl has clear bottom. Clear and Gray (this set is in excellent condition)

Vintage Almond Sugar Bowl with Push-Button Vacuum Seal Lid 1415-3, 1211-6, 1212-8, and push button. Lid comes apart for easy cleaning. Almond and Clear (in good condition-can use some cleaning and the pour spout has some scratches and scuffs)

15 Miscellaneous Tops (not mentioned above)

1) Large 10” Diameter (from groove to groove) Round Yellow Servalier Lid 881-1(great condition-needs cleaning)

2) Medium 8” (from groove to groove) Square Harvest Gold Servalier Lid ?637-5 (has a few scuffs and scrapes inside of lid and can use some cleaning)

3) Medium 8” Diameter (from groove to groove) Round Olive Servalier Lid 1205-5 (poor condition-needs cleaning-has scrapes and scratches all over the underside of lid and is warped)

4-7) Total of 4 Smaller 6 ¼” Diameter (from groove to groove) Round Yellow Servalier Lids 808-18, 808-15, 808-17, and 808-14 (great shape-can use some cleaning)

8) Lid for Tupperware Large Measuring Cup 7” Diameter 501-2 White/Clear (has split in spout area)

9) 8” diameter (side to side) “1954 Millionaire Line” “Tupper Seal” 229-1 Clear Lid (great condition-needs cleaning)

10) 7 ¼” diameter (side to side) “1954 Millionaire Line” “Tupper Seal” 228-4 Clear Lid (great condition-needs cleaning)

11) 7 ¼” diameter (side to side) 228-18 Clear Lid (great condition)

12) 6 ½” diameter (side to side) 227-76 Gray Lid (warped)

13) 5 ¼” diameter (side to side) 2423A-6 Dark Blue Lid (good condition-some nicks and scratches)

14) 8 ¾” x 6” Rectangular Teal Lid 2092B-4 (some scrapes and scuffs)

This is a great stand alone set without the need for any more pieces or a great addition to your existing collection!

You will be getting the exact pieces shown in the pictures. Please feel free to write with any questions!


Multiple Item and Multiple Purchase discounts will be applied to all orders, if purchased within 3 days of each other and shipped together. If this is not done automatically, please let us know and we will correct this for you. We answer most questions within hours of receipt and others within 24 hours. Looking for something else? Let us know what you want and we will see what we can do to get it listed for you!See my other listings for more great items!

All purchases to be paid for within 3 days of sale end, unless we are contacted in advance and agree to a delay. We prefer PayPal as payment method, as orders can be processed and shipped immediately upon cleared payment. Please feel free to contact us with any questions! Thank you!

We ship all items the day payment is received, if before 3 PM Eastern Time M-F and we immediately contact you with shipping details and tracking information! No need to wait for an sale to end or a slow shipper to ship, we have many great Buy it Now and Store Items! Pay today and we ship today!
Feel free to Visit Our store or check out our other items at sale!Sign up for our Store Newsletter for sales and discounts
or sign our guestbook! If you have any questions, please feel free to use ’s
"Ask Seller A Question Link".Thank you for viewing our items and Good Luck offerding!
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