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Hummingbird Feeder Spare Nectar Test Tubes & Red Caps For Sale

Hummingbird Feeder Spare Nectar Test Tubes & Red Caps

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Hummingbird Feeder Spare Nectar Test Tubes & Red Caps:

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed!

All text and images Copyright 2011 by Merritt Communications, Inc. - All Rights Reserved

You are purchasing a set of seven, crystal clear, shatter-resistant plastic nectar tubes and bright red, fade-resistant, caps that will fit into the two feeders in my other listings, as well as most popular "test-tube" based hummingbird feeders.I also offer ten tubes in another listing, if you'd like a few more.

I searched for tubes like this when I became very tired of replacing broken glass nectar tubes when I carelessly dropped them or had a cap forced on too tight.I was also reluctant to let kids manage the feeders for fear of them cutting themselves on broken glass tubes. Even when the tubes didn't break, their hummer attracting, red caps faded to pale yellow in about two months of sun.

Pleasebe sure to check the tube dimensions in the listing details above to be sure they will fit your feeder. Theseare the nectar tubes that arespecified for use with the

Hummer Foto Feeder™ or the Hummer Stik

that can be found in my other listings. The caps have feeding holes that allow easy feeding, while retarding "weeping" with the daily temperature changes, especially if you tilt your feeder above the horizontal. This helps avoid the presence of ants, yellow-jackets and other insect pests. Also, please review any questions from members below that might offer additional information that would be useful to you.

The caps that come with these nectar tubes are extremely easy to remove and insert compared to any other tube I have used. In addition, unlike the caps that typically are provided with glass nectar test tubes, these caps resist fading, even in bright sunshine. They have a grooved gripping surface and slip neatly and easily into the tube, rather than fitting over the outside of the tube, leading to a very good seal.

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I want to honestly earn your 5-star response, so your satisfaction is 100% guaranteed. Please see my return policy - you won't see this many other places

If you prefer some or all caps without holes, please leave me a note with your PayPal payment and I will be happy to send as many with and without holes as you like. For a free information sheet on attracting hummingbirds, please contact me, provide an email address andI will attach it to a return email.

According to the Native American Medicine Wheel (Horoscope), the hummingbirds represent and bring joy. That is certainly true for me and I hope it is true for you too.

Thanks for Looking - Please Check My Other Listings for feeders, - I hope You Will Return Soon!

*****you can see my blog designed forHummer Foto Feeder™ andHummer Stik™customers****

contact me for the link

Please review Q&A below for additional information:

Thank you for looking!!


How do the birds feed from these? I would love to get some, but I want to just fill them and hang them - perhaps refill them every other day.Do they leak?

What are the measurements of the tube?


Hello & thanks for your interest and your question. The cap in each of these tubes has a hole that allows the hummingbirds to insert their long bill to lick up the nectar (4 parts water to 1 part sugar). The tube will not leak, even if it is upside down, though I recommend that feeders for these tubes be pointed slightly upward. If they are upside down, they will "weep" nectar when the temperature rises each morning, after the cool night and expands the air above the nectar. This can attract ants, yellow-jackets or other insect pests. That's why I recommend them to be placed with the caps above the horizontal. These tubes are intended for use with feeders like the Hummer Foto Feeder (TM) which I designed to make photographing hummingbirds very easy

Due to my current travel, the feeder will not be listed again until October.

But, there is no reason that you can't design a holder for the tubes yourself or even put them on a long handle of some sort to hold in your hand and attract the hummers right to you. How often you have to refill depends upon how many hummers you have. I have some customers that have to refill more than once a day because there are so many. If the tube is just above the horizontal, the birds can get almost all the nectar because their weight, if perching instead of hovering, lowers the tube slightly to or below horizontal and lets the nectar flow down toward the cap. I leave mine a bit higher to be certain there will be no weeping because the ants and yellow jackets are terrible here. So, with their long tongues, the hummers can finish at least half a tube before I have to refill. I don't mind because the nectar stays very fresh at all times. Having extra tubes in the fridge, filled with nectar makes swapping when necessary very easy.
I hope this answers your questions. Let me know if you have any others. Cheers, jam

A good question posed by a shopper:

Q: Hi, I have a copper wire feeder, but the tubes in it are about a 16th to an 8th bigger. Do you think they would fit? I can't find the tubes anywhere. Thanks Aug-18-09 A: Hello - thanks for your interest and your question. I just measured the tube for a more precise reading and it is actually just about 9/16" outer diameter using a simple ruler. They have fit every commercially produced test-tube style feeder I have seen and that my customers have used so far. I searched for these originally to replace glass tubes that came in a gift feeder. I broke the tubes by dropping and had a very hard time finding replacements. So, I believe it should be just right, but, if not exactly right, they definitely would not be too big, which would be the larger problem. Even if it is a bit smaller, it should work fine. If you tilt upward, as I do to avoid nectar weeping with every dawn's raise in temperature, it will just slip right in and work fine. If you prefer to have them point downward, you would just need to slightly pinch your copper to hold them firmly in place. I hope this answers your question, but let me know if you need any additional information.

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