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Husqvana Viking 5D Embroidery Extra Software For Sale

Husqvana Viking 5D Embroidery Extra Software

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Husqvana Viking 5D Embroidery Extra Software:

What's In The Box?

Two User's Guides

5D™ software DVD

Dongle (copy protection device) and Dongle box

5D™ EMBROIDERY EXTRA contains over 700 embroideries. It also includes 325 clipart images, 119 digitized fonts, over 700 frames and flourishes, 270 MiniDesigns, over 600 motifs and 1750 backgrounds.

HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ EMBROIDERY EXTRA includes three software modules: 5D™ Embroidery Extra, 5D™ Organizer and 5D™ Vision. The package also includes machine accessory modules 5D™ Disk Manager USB, 5D™ d-Card Reader/Writer and 5D™ Reader/Writer (but no reader/writer hardware).

5D Embroidery Extra
Create embroideries automatically and view your personalized project on a real-life background.
• Create lettering from most TrueType® and OpenType® fonts on your computer or use one of the 119 digitized fonts.
• Surround your monograms, names or any design with over 700 decorative frames and flourishes, or create a border automatically with motifs from your embroidery machine.
• Move, resize, rotate, mirror, add or delete areas of stitches.
• Remove overlap automatically when combining or saving designs to improve stitch-out quality.
• Automatically repeat or reflect your designs along 8 straight or wavy lines, around 24 different shapes or to border your hoop with the Encore feature.
• Use the Express Monogram Wizard to create one, two or three letter monograms instantly, and create names to complement your monograms.
• Create a beautiful embroidery automatically from clip art using the ExpressDesign wizard.
• Trace outlines in a picture automatically, for example to create redwork designs, with ExpressTrace.
• Create running stitch, motif, satin border or appliqué around enclosed areas in the picture, with ExpressBorder.
• Use lettering, motifs, MiniDesigns and frames to personalize your embroideries.5D™ VISION
View multiple embroideries on backgrounds with decorations such as appliqués, beads and sequins.
• See Solar Active and G low in the Dark threads change.
• Preview specialty techniques using twin needles and dual threads
5D™ Software Common Features

The HUSQVARNA VIKING® 5D™ EMBROIDERY SYSTEM is a technically advanced, yet highly user-friendly range of software. It has extraordinary possibilities to help you create personal embroidery designs.

  • Create, edit and display all designs in true three-dimensional reality with zoom ability. Make your choice of background color and select from eight different fabric textures.
  • Design with your choice of over 15,000 threads, even specialty threads, from 30 manufacturers or design multiple personal MyThreads palettes.
  • Adjust color tone to choose new threads automatically.
  • Save your designs in your embroidery machine brand format and select from your own hoops and machine connection settings.
  • Develop large designs or projects, up to 2m width and height. Move around the design using the integrated overview window. The Zoom bar makes it easy to magnify or shrink the embroidery view.
  • Start all HUSQVARNA VIKING® software modules from the integrated QuickLink toolbar.
  • Unlimited Undo and Redo in most modules.
  • Send To options make it quick and easy to send designs to your machine.
  • Help is always at hand thanks to intelligent tool tips and cursors that change according to which function is selected. Also use a printed User's Guide, Internet FAQs and On-line Learning Center with interactive tutorials.
  • Store information about your designs in the Notes. Automatically record the Settings used when creating lettering, selecting frames and so on!
  • Smart Update always gives you the latest updates.

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