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Hydroponics Ebb & n Flow system Complete Grow kit 24 2" For Sale

Hydroponics Ebb & n Flow system Complete Grow kit 24 2

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Hydroponics Ebb & n Flow system Complete Grow kit 24 2":


This is the Mini Typhoon!

24 plant hydroponic ebb n flow system

Grow large in a small space!

Grow flowers, herbs, vegetables together in this hydroponic system. This system is easy to use and can be set up quickly! The individual planters allow you to rotate or add new plants as you please. Each net pot is filled with hydroton and a rockwool cube.

Why use ebb n flow?

Ebb and flow allows for high density planting while providing a well oxygenated root system. The ebb & flow method supplies fresh oxygen to the root system of plants in two ways. First, as the tray is flooded with nutrient solution, carbon dioxide rich air is pushed out from around the root system. When the pump is turned off, the tray is drained and oxygen rich air is drawn down to the roots. This oxygen is then used by the plants until the next cycle begins. Also, when the nutrient solution drains through the flow, it creates a splash adding much muchaeration.

You will:

Grow at faster rates

Get higher yields

more flavorful and fragrant blooms!

Grow healthy plants!

We build these units with high quality parts for a solid long lasting system! very professional looking!

We are veteran growers for over 15 years using different hydroponic techniques.

This system is perfect for 150 watt hps, 250 watt conversions and 400 watt lamps.

Use it for the sea of green metheod, cloning, or just bigger yields. The Perfect compact Hydroponic ebb n flow system!!!

This system is awesome!

low maitenence just refill used water with 1/4 nutrient solution.

you won't be dissapointed!!


Heavy Duty strong white plastic tray and reservoir

10 gallon reservoir (22" L x 13.75" W X 11.75" H) total height with grow tray is 18" high.

5 gallon grow tray (Alot of room for the roots to expand)

24 sites (2") nicely spaced

Hydroton pebbles

24 rockwool starter cubes

24- 2" Net pots

drain/ pump hoses (we are now including clear hoses for internal parts)

premium plumbing

submersible pump

2 months supply Nutrients (for vegative and bloom stages)

Timer -

I will include set up instructions and a hydroponics 101 guide. 8 steps to a successful garden and alot more growing tips. lighting, nutrients, atmosphere, pests, tables/ charts, and much more.

blue view tube is optional -shows water level without having to lift the grow tray. And can also be used for draining the reservoir.

private listing!

Look at the size of this!! you can still grow even bigger!

I will ship Parcel Post or ups ground as a second choice.

Discreet plain packaging

message me for any questions about this item.

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