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Hydroponics Grow Tube System NFT & EBB & Flow. For Sale

Hydroponics Grow Tube System NFT & EBB & Flow.

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Hydroponics Grow Tube System NFT & EBB & Flow.:

Hydroponics Grow Tube, NFT & EBB & Flow.

We utilize an 18 gallon, wide profile reservoir, with an insulated cover. 87"Lx18"Wx24"H. are the measurements in this configuration. See other pictures.

Our pictures aren't as "pretty" as the aeroflow, nor does the description say "aeroponic", but the aero is NOT a true aeroponic unit, it is a NFT.

This system changes from ebb & flow to nft, in less than 3 minutes. The drain level and overflow are fully adjustable. 87"Lx18"Wx24"H. are the measurements for this unit.

You get BOTH NFT (nutrient film technique) & EBB & Flow 4 1 price. Your choice of 5 Different configurations. G.H. version has spacing of 4-6", depending on the model purchased & they use 3" pots. Our pots are 5" and spacing is apx. 10".

Your choice of 5 different versions for your individual space requirements. 80"Lx18"Wx23"H. are the measurments in this style. Reservoir is grey on the bottom, black on the top.

Checker board config. gives 12"x10" spacing and a 7 plant configuration (every other hole is used) gives 16"x20" of space for each plant.

Growth rates are Outstanding with these units!. This unit uses a checker board configuration. A pump with 1/2" soft, flexible line is included for draining, as drain holes in the reservoir are a safety issue, as they can leak, or fail & flood the area.

The reservoir is grey on the bottom, black on top, and the lid is insulated, providing a thermal barrier and insulation properties.

Hydroton, Grow Rocks, Grow Cubes, Silica Rock, Coco Fiber, Coco cups, Rock Wool, RTG and 1/2"-1" river rock are just a few of the growing mediums that this system is compatible with.

This unit is Much better suited for larger crops such as vine crops, peppers, large & small flowers, Herbs of all types and plants up to 5ft. tall. Triple leg stand supports up to 175lbs.

Some units are 6' and fit perfectly in the closet to make the Most of your space. 89.5"Lx18"Wx24"H. are the measurements of this unit, which is the longest, with the shortest design, at 6ft.

Powerful mag drive construction. Removable foam filters and impellers included. Indoor / outdoor use. Oil free / environmentally safe. One year warranty

Fully adjustable, extra quiet air pump to aerate the water and keep the nutrients well agitated.

12 Inch rectangular Air Stone, Aerate better than smaller stones because of the shape and surface area of the stone.

5" Net Pot Measures 5" across the top & 4" tall. Net pots/cups are used for hydroponic systems that have the plant's roots suspended over a nutrient solution. You can fill them with Hydroton clay pellets, rockwool, grow rocks, grow cubes, co-co fiber.

Incrediblegrowth and yield are thetrademarkof theHydroGrowTube line.Numerous growers, scholars, scientists and researchers across the globe agree that no other hydroponic method delivers the same staggering growth rates and robust crops as Ebb & Flow & NFT. The HydroGrowTubesuper-oxygenates and aerates the nutrient solution with it's air pump and air stoneto deliver oxygen, water, and nutrients in ideal combinations, creating a root zone environment that surpasses anything found in nature. This system creates much stronger, more resilient plants, as well as increased yields. For the grower seeking to bring plants to harvest earlier and to maximize the productivity of their grow space, theHydroGrowTube produces unbeatable results. Withfive different models to choose from, there is anHydroGrowTube unit forAny growing situation, or need.

With a 18-gallon reservoir and 14 plant sites, theHydroGrowTube 14 site is perfect for those who want a compact, high performance system, particularly well-suited to growing tomatoes, beans, flowers, house plants, lettuce, basil, and other small plants up tofour feet in height.

TheHydroGrowTube 14 is sized 6' L x 24" W x 23" H. in its shortest configuration and 7'5" L x 18" W x 23" H. are the measurements in it's longest configuration. 3 other configurations fall in between the above measurements.
This system includes:
• 18 gallon reservoir
• Two6 ft. grow chambers
• Magnetic drive, oil less pump
• Ebb & Flow injection manifold
• NFT injection manifold
• air pump and 12" air stone
• heavy duty support structure
• 5" mesh pots Free 20minute Phone consultation on request Part Number: 40
Dimensional Weight: 55 lbs Please choose 1 of the5 different configurations by writing the picture # in sequence, with a brief description in the "send seller a note" option, when checking out with pay-pal. If no configuration is chosen, the unit in the Main description picture will be sent. Please email with questions, Before you buy. This system comes with BOTH NFT & Ebb & Flow manifolds and can be set-up in Either configuration, where as the "aeroflo by G.H." is solely an NFT system, It is Not an aeroponic system.......We know this, because we sell them. This item comes in two seperate boxes and is oversized, thus shipping is expensive. The shipping calculator only allows one package dimension, so any additional shipping will be paid by us and shipping insurance is included at No charge. Larger units will be listed in the future and are offered up to 99 sites as custom units and are built to customer specs for an additional 50$.The wait time on ALL custom units is 7-10 business days. These units may be used in their standard configuration of 10"-12" spacing between the 14 pots, or 7 pots may be used for 16-20" spacing for larger plant varieties. The water pumpwe use is much larger than needed, this makes the system last Much Longer and perform Better. All the parts used in building the system areof ExcellentQuality and all parts have a one year factory warranty. This system is available with commercial 5" white lid covers, Hydroton, coco-tek liners, 3 part flora series nutrients, 10"x20" starter tray with 7" dome lid, 14 rapid rooter plugs, ph test kit and a thermometer for 79$ more billed via. pay-pal. Please email with Any questions.

The free stuff: Please Know this,we giveout freeinformation, without favoritism to ANY seller, or supplier After you purchase a system.We get no perks from ANYONE for giving out the information. Theinformationwe give you when you buy a system, are a general guide line.We can give you a pretty close estimate on the cost of a system, or what system is right for you as well. You might find something cheaper, butwe have spent a fair amount of time "shopping" to save you the time and $$$. Feel free to shop on your own, after all it's Your Money,just be sure to research an item, Beforeyou buy it, and Buy only what you can Afford. We don't mind giving out a little free information to those who need it before you buy. If you decide to buy elsewhere andyou need Detailed information on what equipment to purchase, how to work the equipment, or have technical "issues", asking questions and Researching a product, or systemcan save you hundreds, or thousands, of dollars.This system may be used to grow Any plant, from A, to Z, without using "soil" as a growing medium, this system is Safe, Reliable, Simple and Incredibly Productive. All our Bin & Bucket Systems are Both "DEEP WATER CULTURE & DRIP IRRIGATION", combined into one system that We call "Hydrobin". We call the bucket systems "HydroBucket" and the newest design is called the Hydroponics Grow Tube which are EBB & FLOW and NFT. We design, manufacture, & market our own Hydroponic, Hybrid Soiless, Growing Systems. Our grow tubes are both nft and ebb & flow.
These Systems Grow Giant Vegetables, Flowers, Shrubs, Ground Cover and Bonzi of all Varieties. They are 100% SAFE and Easy to Use!!!. These hydroponic systems may be used to grow Any plant.If you are new to Hydroponics, or growing, We will help you get set up, After you make a full system purchase. We Do Care and we will Not leave you Stranded, or Lost, if you need Additional Guidance, or Support. After you purchase a system from us, simply email us with the item number and the free 20 minutes worth of info you require, (email, or phone) and how you wish us to contact you.Thanks for Looking & Happy Growing!, Always Hydroponics.See my other listings for more great items! Payment
Payment method Preferred/Accepted
PayPal Preferred Immediate payment required for this item Shipping
Shipping and handling
Item location: Brookings, Oregon, United States
Shipping to: United States, Canada We ship in 72 hours or less after payment is received, (excluding weekends & holidays). We Cannot be held responsible for Postal negligence, but we do insure any purchase over 150$, free of charge and All shipments using UPS are insured, including shipments under 100$.We often give 3 shipping options to USA buyers, Please remember, Parcel is slow, it can take up to 10 working days, All items are shipped in unmarked containers. We do combine shipping on multiple purchases, except oversized items. Some of the shipping on our Larger systems is expensive, because they are multiple (2-4) cartons & are also Oversized.We Do Not charge Any Handling fees.International Buyers are Responsible for ANY additional Taxes, Tariffs, or Duties and These Charges are Not Included in the International Shipping Rates.Domestic handling time
Will usually ship within 3 business days of receiving cleared payment.
Return policy
Item must be returned within 7 days. Exchange will be given as Return policy details.
The buyer is responsible for return shipping costs. Add to Favorite Sellers Other Items response Contact About Page store
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