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INDOOR TERRARIUM seed + herb starter, 4 PLANTER KITS. For Sale

INDOOR TERRARIUM seed + herb starter, 4 PLANTER  KITS.

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INDOOR TERRARIUM seed + herb starter, 4 PLANTER KITS.:

GetAMAZING results with this unique Indoor/Outdoor Greenhouse Growing System

I've seen SINGLE terrarium kits like this retail each!Here on you'll get FOURcomplete TERRARIUMS,just as as seen in the window sill picture above. (except the cylinderbase iswhite instead of black),

works great for starting/germinating seeds,and for cloning cuttings from your favorite plants. It keeps the plant CONSISTENTLY moist,in a controlled environment, JUST LIKE SIMILAR. MORE EXPENSIVE MODELS! No more dead wilted sprouts for forgetting to water....Very little watering is ever needed in this enclosed system. Super easy, clean and virtually maintenance free. Sprinkle a few seeds and enjoy the miracle of new life before youreyes! The expanding soil pods are included, system can be reused over and over.

Terrarium system functionsvery wellfor hard to start tomato seeds, pepper seeds, herbs and flowers.. start your garden seeds this spring indoors and $ave big bucks! Growbasil, parsley, chives, oregano, start flowers, vegetables.Best of allthe plantstransplanteasily in seconds with the removable soil cylinder which can be easily removed and put right into a larger pot or outdoors directly with no mess or spills.

Heres what you willreceive.... shipped super fast right to your door....

*FOUR COMPLETETERRARIUM SYSTEMS (as seen in the abovewindow sill picture)

*FOUR Crystal clear,6" tall solar enhancing hightechpolymer terrarium domes.**

**The indistructable solar tofade, crack or break for a full 5 years!

*ONE PACKAGE- 1liter condensedfertilizer packet, makesmore than enough feed for all four terrariums for 2 months.

*FOURWaterproof terrarium bases, with holding clips for a perfect soil cylinder fit.

*FOURMesh wrapped transplantable seed startingsphagnum moss cylinders

Super easy to follow directions! Educational fun for kids!

Water, Plant a seed,Watch new life beginbefore your eyes

This windowgarden system makes it that simple.

Every day bringsamazing growth results,


S&H in lower U.S.is$4.50 per per box SPRING SPECIAL RECEIVE $1 off shipping each additional box ordered!Order2 or more boxes and$ave!!Makes a great gift,Growing from seed is very economical, educational, eco friendly,and great FUN!

Thanks for looking and your purchase!

by Turbo Lister


Item: PLANTER GARDEN TERRARIUM/ herb indoor Seed Starting kit (250104976594) jouiss is the winner.


The terrariums are great -they're so perfect for those of us who have no greenhouse but want to grow those tropicals! I also think it's great that you include the little
packet of plant food!!
Thanks again, for a great product!!
siloguys@mwt.net (Midwest Silo

Great!! I am really excited about the terrariums, it was a dead heat between
the other buyer and myself for a while there!! I am trying to start getting
into gardening, but I, am unfortunately an appartment dweller, so it was
very hard. Then I got online and saw your terrariums, they look like they
are exactly what I am needing!! I can't Matson just received the items, and am so excited!! I've had them an half hour,
and I'm already planting!!! Thank you so much!!

It was a pleasure!!

the seeds I planted were my seeds for I believe a Japaneese Maple, I am
growing seedlings for a bonsai, which is what the writing says. I am
awaiting some herb seeds, but those terrariums are perfect!!! Thanks so

am so pleased! Great communication and a great product! Highly reccommend. A+++
Hi - my plumeria are really doing well - all of them!!!...... I'm so happy with this product!

Buy Now


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