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Precision Plasma LLC has a goal to help small business owners become more competitive by making cnc plasma cutting more affordable than ever before. During the past year, advancements in the electronics for cnc plasma cutting has improved quality while reducing cost. Precision Plasma LLC has focused on the mechanics of a cnc plasma table to provide a well functioning table at the lowest possible cost.

Precision Plasma LLC was founded on a philosophy not to follow standard business practices if it can reduce the cost of the products supplied to our customers. One of the biggest costs in producing machinery in the US is overhead. It can account for 50% or more of the cost of a machine. Precision Plasma LLC is structured to keep overhead costs to a minimum. The greatest reduction in overhead costs was a decision to sell only the mechanics of a system and not the electronics. This has led to fewer sales, but many fewer systems would sell if the cost was $10K. The customer needs to purchase the electronics from other companies, but this can also provide for many advantages. Liability insurance for Precision Plasma LLC is greatly reduced which reduces the cost of the tables.

Complete electronic packages for cnc plasma cutting are available from candcnc.com. The Bladerunner package with digital torch height control is recommended for better cut quality and consumable life. The electronics supplier provides support for the electronics they sell, so no additional electronics support costs are added to the cost of the table. The customer needs to wire the table.

The customer can purchase one electronics package and use it to run every piece of equipment in their shop. (one machine at a time) It is possible to share a package between a plasma cutter, mill, and lathe.

The main requirement of a plasma gantry to perform well is a high rate of acceleration and deceleration. It allows the gantry to start and stop rapidly which is required in order to cut a square corner. Compare the specifications of the Precision Plasma LLC gantry with other manufactures to determine which will provide better cut quality.


Resolution .001” when motors are controlled by a 1/10th step microstepping driver.

A minimum of 500IPM rapid traverse and a minimum acceleration of 25in/sec/sec.


This product was designed by a Mechanical Engineer with 15 years of machine and product design experience. The floating Z axis has a Patent Pending and is required for “Touch and Go” plasma cutting. This current table design is a culmination of past experience learned from building industrial CNC plasma tables and from research examining other table designs. Quality components have been selected to give the consumer the best value for their dollar.

What is included in the kit?

The iplasma 4x4 kit includes:

(2) Plated side rails (50" travel)

(1) 60” plasma gantry and carriage (50" travel)

(1) Z axis with 5TPI screw and antibacklash nut

(1) Universal floating torch mount

(1) Router mount

(1) Bolt together frame (powder coated)

(16) Slats for table bed

The electronics and motors need to be sourced from alternative suppliers.

A water pan under the cutting table is optional and not included.


Why is this considered a DIY table?

This is considered a DIY table because neither the motors nor controls are included. The consumer needs to choose and install all electronics and software.

What type of torch can be used?

The torch mounting bracket is universal and can handle from 1" to 1-3/8" torches.

Can a router be added?

Yes, The gantry can handle a 3/4HP Porter Cable router (not included)


The stainless water tray is included in the price.

Precision Plasma LLC is committed to providing the highest quality CNC plasma tables at the lowest possible cost. Please e-mail with any questions, suggestions, or comments.

Visit www.precisionplasmallc.com for higher resolutions pictures and links to electronics suppliers.

Plasma cutting power source and desktop computer also required.

Suggested sources for electronics and software:

Precision Plasma LLC recommends CandCNC.com Bladerunner with Dragon Cut THC for a high quality complete electronics and motor package.

Motors (4) 300 in-oz with 1/4" shafts. A limit switch with 10' cable required for the Z home switch.


CAD, Cam, and Mach 3 software suggested. Draftsight.com is a free CAD program. Sheetcam.com has Cam and Mach3 packages available.

Best Regards,

Ron Chacich

Precision Plasma LLC.

A guide to Precision Plasma LLC tables and gantry kits now available at:

The total cost for the table, electronics package, and software is $4649. That includes state of the art electronics with digital torch height control made in the USA with support. No Chinese electronics here. MADE IN USA! Contact for details.

Compare with other tables to see what value your are getting for your money.

Things to consider:

Are you getting a water table? A water table reduces 95% of the smoke and dust from plasma cutting. It is highly recommended but not necessary for plasma cutting.

Are you getting high quality, made in the USA electronics or the low cost Chinese boards found on ? If it is the Chinese board, you don't want it.

Are you getting digital torch height control? No matter what anyone tells you, you do need it. It greatly increases cut quality and consumable life.

Are you getting a pile of electronic components or a fully integrated and tested electronics package with safety built in? It may cost less to piece things together, but are you really saving money when things don't work?

Are you getting full support for the products? This is very important because you will need it.

Are you getting a high quality Z axis with a floating torch switch so that the computer can touch off of the material to set the height before piercing? If not, you do need it.

Can you run a router on the table? Not necessary for plasma cutting, but it is a nice feature if you want to do projects that require engraving.

Research before purchasing and you will find that there is nothing on the market with the quality, features, and at the cost of the iplasma table by Precision Plasma LLC. We have been in business for 4 years, currenlty stock components for over 400 gantry kits in many styles, and we are dedicated to the cnc plasma cutting community.

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