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Up for sale is a bit made by Jay Shuttleworth who is well known on the big hunter jumper circuit for his hand made bits. I got the bit from a retired international eventer who had a lot of Shuttleworth bits. He had two of this same bit so I ended up with one of them. He could not remember how it worked and I sure can't tell by looking at it. So I am attempting to sell you folks something that I know nothing about and am not able to accurately describe- not sure how that will work out for me. However, it is a Shuttleworth bit and I understand that he is a genius in solving rideability problems so this might be good chanceto add one of his bits to your tack trunk.

The bit is designed for a large horse- maybe your big warmblood jumper. The cheek piece rings have some play but are generally fixed so that they stay open and in position. The stainless steel mouthpieces (surely both of those are mouthpieces?) have a curve. The actual measurement of the width is about 6" but I wonder if the bit might fit a horse with a slightly smaller mouth. The two mouthpieces move freely around the rings. Each ring holds a flat link, one which is signed JKS, which have rings at their ends. Do the reins attach to those rings? If anyone knows how this bit hooks up to a bridle and fits on a horse I would love to hear from you. I have taken photos with the bit in a couple of different positions just to see how it looks. I am also listing a Reinsman western bit on the following night which is much more severe than this bit appears to be, but which seems to have some similar mechanics. Maybe the western folks will have some ideas about the bits.

The bit is in very good condition. I am not sure that it has ever been used on a horse. This is a No Return sale.

The used hand made Jay Shuttleworth horse bit sells with . Good luck and thank you for looking and for offerding.


Payment is expected within 7 days of the end of the sale.

SHIPPING: I am using the Shipping Calculator for this sale with USPS Parcel Post and Priority Mail rates in the US. Delivery confirmation or insurance is included in the US shipping rate shown by the Calculator. Shipping to Canada will be via USPS First Class Mail International.

I am happy to combine shipping on multiple items whenever possible.

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