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Kenwood TS-790A 144/430/1200MHz All Mode Tribander For Sale

Kenwood TS-790A 144/430/1200MHz All Mode Tribander

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Kenwood TS-790A 144/430/1200MHz All Mode Tribander:

Kenwood TS-790A VHF/UHF Transceiver with MC-48B mic and IF-232C Interface

The Kenwood TS-790A is an all mode transceiver for 144/430/1200MHz and works FM, USB, LSB, and CW. It is known for great audio and a very sensitive receiver front end. This transceiver is a serious unit for satellite and moon bounce work. All of the functions on this unit work great. It does not have the UT-10 1200MHz module installed. It has a keypad, 59 memories, primary display and sub-display. Output is 45 watts on 144 MHz and 40 watts on 430 MHz. It requires a 12 VDC at 15 amps power supply which is not included in this sale. I bought this unit for satellite work. It has a switch on the back for packet deviation and the UHF connector has been changed to an N-type.

I am including a Kenwood IF-232C interface and as you can see from the screen shot, it works great. You can control the transceiver from your computer mouse or you can control the transceiver from the controls on the front panel and the computer program will follow. The program shown is Ham Radio Deluxe which is a free program.

The MC-48B DTMF phone patch mic works great.

This transceiver also has the TSU-5 CTCSS tone board installed.

Also included, are all of the cables needed to connect the IF-232C interface to the transceiver and your computer, owner’s manuals, and original box. The front of the owner’s manual has a small rip at the bottom but it does not affect the use of the manual.

This is a great, clean transceiver from a non-smoking home, you will not be disappointed. More information on this modelcan be found at Universal Radio’s web site.

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