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King Silvertone Cornet, 1930's, Gold Bell, Nice, Original Case, H.N. White Co. For Sale

King Silvertone Cornet, 1930's, Gold Bell, Nice, Original Case, H.N. White Co.

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King Silvertone Cornet, 1930's, Gold Bell, Nice, Original Case, H.N. White Co.:

1930's King Silvertone Cornet

You are offerding on a 1930's King Silvertone cornet made by the H.N. White Company of Cleveland, Ohio. The serial number is 224872. The horn is stamped "Medium Bore". The valves move freely, and this plays easily. Photos of the three valves are included, and the valves are marked with the same serial number as horn. The micro-adjuster works, and moves easily. I tried to get a photo of the inside of the valve bores, they are clean and smooth.

Model No. 1065, as best I can determine.

Operationally, this is in great shape. I have asked a band director and two trumpet players to test drive it, and all gave it a thumbs-up for playability and sound.

Cosmetically, there are no dents or dings. I hesitate to say that about a horn this age, but there really aren't any that I see, and I wear reading glasses. If you can find one, it'll be mighty tiny, and your eyes will be much better than mine.

Finish looks good. I have not cleaned or polished this cornet, except on the bell where the art deco engraving is. The gold on the engraving looks 100%. The inside of the bell is gold. A thorough cleaning and polishing is needed, but I will leave that to the preference of the buyer. Most of the cornet is heavily tarnished, as is to be expected from a cornet that has not been played in over 30 years (until just recently).

Original leather case. Handle and latch are good. The leather straps are gone. The hinge is bad.

Twop mouthpieces included, a King M2, and an HN White 38. The HN White 38 is also marked "Del Staiger".

There are lots of photos here, and they are the best guide to the condition and appearance of this horn. As such, they are part of the description.

I've done my best to provide a good description and good photos, because I want you to really understand how this plays, feels, and looks. I've tried to anticipate your questions. If I've missed one, please send your question through the message system. I'll do my best to answer, but questions on the last day or in the last hours of the sale may not get seen in time for a good answer.

The H.N. White serial number list can be found here.

The HN White cornet collection can be seen here. This will give you a good idea of what this looked like when new.


Got Questions? Please ask any questions via the message system. I check several times each day, even on the weekends, and I will answer your questions as quickly and as accurately as I can. Questions asked in the last hour or so of the sale may be pushing the "speedy answer" envelope a bit, but I do try to keep an eye on messages when an instrument sale is close to ending. I promise to do my best to answer all your questions.

Shipping: We will ship this in the USA only, using US Postal Service, or UPS, whichever we think is best for your location.

Payment: Paypal only, due within three days of the sale end. We do charge 7% sales tax in Mississippi.

offerding: Before offerding, read everything first, look at all the pictures, and ask any questions you may have. Your offer is binding, and you should be as committed to owning this as we are in making it available to you. Pictures are part of the description, so please examine them closely.

Non-RMA Issues: We will not issue an RMA, nor issue a refund, for any of the following issues:

1. You (found, bought, were given) one of these (cheaper, faster, or locally).
2. You changed your mind.
3. You didn't look at the photos.
4. You didn't read the description.
5. You didn't know what you were buying.
6. You didn't realize that you didn't really need it.
7. Anything else that doesn't involve a significant oversight on our end. Period. No kidding.

On Sep-12-12 at 05:53:32 PDT, seller added the following information:

© AP6.0

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