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Kirlian Camera For Sale

Kirlian Camera

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Kirlian Camera:


Kirlian Cameras are named after Russian scientist Dr.S.Kirlian. They take a pictorial bio-response picture of energy fields. Kirlian photos from this camera, take finger tip images, that can be used to highlight Intuitive (pinky), Emotional (ring finger), Physical (middle finger), and Mental (index finger) strengths and weaknesses. Some people have even seen their spirit guides in these photos.

Many years ago I became fascinated by Kirlian Cameras and the information that was contained in the pictures that they took. I was delighted when I was able to obtain a Kirlian Camera of my own, from triune-being.com (I later purchased a full body Aura camera from auracam.info). I have taken and interpreted hundreds of Kirlian photos at Psychic and Renaissance fairs.

After studying the Kirlian camera I was able to build a few more. I used a few of these for small classes for others who also wanted to explore these photos. Some of my cameras found a home with a Reiki nurse-teacher who used them to show the effects of normal healing practices when combined with Reiki.

I am now selling the last of the Kirlian Cameras that I built. The cameras that I am selling have all been tested, but beyond that havehad little or no use. My own, often used, Kirlian Camera is not listed for sale.

For sale is a Kirlian Camera, an industrial spark generator (this imprints the Kirlian image on the film), a small booklet describing Kirlian photos, a copy of my own write-up on Kirlian photos, a stop watch for timing the “instant” film development, and a black carrying bag. Each camera will be tested prior to shipping and the test photo will come with your camera. The remainder of the test film pack will still be loaded in your camera.

This Kirlian Camera takes pictures using direct contact with the film (the drypart not the wet sticky chemicalpart). The contact area and hence picture size is aproximatly 3" by 4".

Additional film is for sale at multiple sites on the internet. Color film Polaroid 669 or Fuji FP100c. Black and white film Polaroid 667 or Fuji FP3000B.

Shipping and handling costs included in purchase price. Shipping only to the continental U.S.A. All sales are final.QUESTIONS are encouraged prior to purchasing.

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