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Krause disc 18Ft Rebuilt For Sale

Krause disc 18Ft Rebuilt

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Krause disc 18Ft Rebuilt:

Here is a 18 FT krause disc that has been just about rebuilt but the hyd lines and wing cylinders are the only thing that aren't new on it. It has 16 new axle bearings, new wheel bearings in all the wheels, 48 new blades that are 20 inchs. Fronth is 8 inch the rear is 9 1/2 spacein. New lift cylinder. Usedtires on the wings andusedloadertractor tiresthat are 8ply on the main frame.I repainted it as you can tell from what it look like before, I did put alot of money in to it but i am not gaving the disc away though. The krause model is 1410 i was told it a hard to find a 1410 with a 15 foot wide front and 18ft wide rear and it is not a rock flex why i am sellin it to get a bigger disc.There is a new jack that goes with it and a manual about the disc.There is one pictuerthat i put a new alxe on the disc with new axle nuts too. But thanks for looking and if you have any thing you like to ask feel free to e-mail me or call me at 567-232-0369 bit is sittin out side but thanks again for lookin (i forgot to add i do have this disc in the tractorhouse for sale so if you find it u well see what i am asking but i do have a buttom doller butit is on the reaerve pricse i am not going any lower then it, but if i get it soldi well remove it from but i am sorry i forgot to add it)

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