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Laura PROTOTYPE from Laura Tuzio-Ross self-portrait sculpt ~ reborn baby doll For Sale

Laura PROTOTYPE from Laura Tuzio-Ross self-portrait sculpt ~ reborn baby doll

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Laura PROTOTYPE from Laura Tuzio-Ross self-portrait sculpt ~ reborn baby doll :

Blue skies, gentle breezes & sunny days lead the way...to the sweetest little nursery in the Sparkling City by the Bay!

Proudly announcing the arrival of:

Baby "Laura" PROTOTYPE portrait of Laura Tuzio-Ross

from her new self-portrait sculpt

Hand signed by Laura Tuzio-Ross on the cloth body

My name is Melissa Cavanaugh and I am the award winning artistat Bella's Babies by the Bay - Reborn Nursery. I strive to make the finest life-like reborn baby dolls. My goal is to achieve the ultimate in realism and capture the true spirit and essence of a real live baby. I recently won the honor of "Best Reborn Baby" 2011 from the International Colliii Awards for my Jayden by Natalie Scholl.

"Laura" is the newest kit by the popular and talented sculpting artist Laura Tuzio-Ross.This gorgeous kit was sculpted by Laura as a self-portrait of herself and she personally asked me to reborn this prototype as a portrait of her as a baby. She is a larger baby and wears size 0-3 months and 3 months size clothing perfectly. The vinyl of this kit was wonderful to work with and is highly detailed.Shewas an absolute pleasure to work on from beginning to end. Many many hoursand lots of love went into creating her.

Thank you so very much to Laura Tuzio-Ross for giving me the opportunity to bring this very special little beauty to life.

Laura's kit can be ordered directly from Laura Tuzio-Ross on her website.

**A layaway payment plan is available. Please contact me for more details.**


NAME: Laura

DATE OF BIRTH: February 8th, 2012

LENGTH: 22" long with slightly bent knees

WEIGHT: 6 lbs. 1 oz.

SCENT: Light baby powder fresh scent

CLOTHING SIZE: 0 - 3 months & 3 months

LIMBS: 3/4 Arms & Full Legs

BODY: Custom made doe-suede tanjointed arms & non-jointed legs

*Her cloth bodyis signed with a perminent felt tip penby her sculpting artist Laura Tuzio-Ross*

EYES: Gorgeous 22mm full-round Lauschaer German glasshand-blown in Dark Brown & imported directly from Germany just for this baby

HAIR: Ultra micro-rooted with Slumberland premium mohair in "Dark Brown"

EYELASHES: Ultra micro-rooted with coordinationg mohair

NOSE: Shaded for realism

COMPLEXION: Gorgeous creamy older babyskin toneswith faint mottling

PAINT: Genesis heat-setpermanent artist paints

WEIGHING MATERIALS: Glass beads, poly-pellets, polyfill,

"Morning Glory" Cluster Stuff, and "baby fat" solid siliconeinserts in her belly & tushy.

**PLEASE NOTE:I only use new clean materials for weighing my babies. Sand is never used.**

These top 3 photos were provided to me for use as reference for this portrait and they are generously used here with Laura's permission. Thank you Laura!

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