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Lovely Reborn Baby Girl Doll - Noah by Reva Schick For Sale

Lovely Reborn Baby Girl Doll - Noah by Reva Schick

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Lovely Reborn Baby Girl Doll - Noah by Reva Schick:

Bitsy Bundles

Please welcome into your hearts
by reborn artist
Maria Grover
June 5, 2011
6 pounds 0 ounces
19 inches

Please be aware that this sale is very graphic intensive and may take some time to upload. But I can assure you, the images are well worth the wait! Most photos were taken in natural light and some with the assistance of a speed-light flash. I did not alter or enhance the photos, and although little Joelle's photos are very lovely, you'll have to meet her in person to see just how beautiful and lifelike she really is!

Details at a Glance:

* Joelle was created from the Noah sculpt by Reva Schick. * * Joelle is a One of a Kind reborn baby from my nursery. * * Joelle has 3/4 arms and full legs and is realistically weighted. * * Joelle has micro rooted dark brown hair and eyelashes. * * She has two magnets in her for her pacifier and bow *
(They can be removed upon request.)

Baby's Skin Tone Many hours have been spent on this sweet little baby. She was painted in several layers, giving her a beautiful and realistic skin tone. Her tiny subtle veins, multiple skin tone layers, delicate blushing, tiny capillaries, and detailed creasing all work together to give her a marvelous living skin appearance. From head to tiny toes she is covered with detail! All painting was done using Genesis Heat Set paints; they have been heat set into the vinyl and will never fade or rub off over time.

Baby's Body Joelle has been weighted to feel just like a real baby with weight in all the right places. She has been filled with a combination of tiny glass beads and high quality polyfil. She has 3/4 length arms and full length legs. Her body is a very cuddly, fully jointed doe suede body, making her easy to pose however you'd like, and her little tummy plate allows for endless posing posibilities! She wears newborn sized clothing. She is so precious, you won’t be able to pass her by without picking her up for a soft cuddle! When you hold her, be sure to support her head, just like a real baby. She has such a realistic feel, and you can be at ease in knowing that Joelle comes from a smoke-free nursery and she will come to you with a wonderfully fresh baby powder scent.

Baby's Facial Details Joelle has delicate little brown baby brows. Her eyebrows were painted in layers, one tiny little hair at a time, using my own special blend of colors. Her sweet little eyelids have delicate little realistic capillaries and she has beautifully delicate long and dark hand rooted eyelashes. Joelle's lips were painted in many layers to give them more depth and realism and lightly glossed for a wet look. I have given her two magnets. One for her pacifier and one for her hair bow.

Baby's Nails All of Joelle's little nails have a healthy pink nail bed and have been perfectly manicured and sealed to give her a freshly trimmed look. A lot of time was spent on her ten little fingers and ten toes to give them the shading and realism of a true baby's small feet and fists.

Baby's Hair Much time and care was spent to give Joelle a realistic scalp, complete with veining, blotching, and toning. Joelle's head was then topped with soft and wonderful micro-rooted dark brown hair. I used a small needle to achieve the realistic appearance of little strands of hair growing from her head. Her hair is so realistic and acts like the hair of a real baby with a very lifelike crown on her head. You can gently wash and style her hair however you'd like. Please keep in mind that I would NEVER recommend the use of hairspray on a reborn doll. You can, however, use water, leave-in conditioner, or hair gel. You will have so much fun styling and playing with her soft head of hair!

Coming Home
Joelle will bring home the following: * Beautiful smocked and embroidered dress by Petit Ami *
* Matching bonnet and headband *
* Magnetic pacifier and magnetic bows *
* A soft receiving blanket to bundle up in *
* A Pampers size 1 diaper *
* A photo birth certificate (name may be changed upon request) *
* A Bitsy Bundles certificate of authenticity *

Thank you so much for viewing and supporting my work. It has been a joy to create little Joelle. I sincerely hope that her new mommy will love her as much as I do. Please remember that Joelle is not a play toy for young children. She is meant for a mature doll collector. If you have any questions about her, please feel free to ask me and I will return a response as quickly as I am able.

Payment and Shipping Information

Payment must be made through PayPal unless other arrangements have been made. I expect payment within 48 hours of sale close unless arrangements for a payment plan have been made. If payment is not received by this time and no contact has been made, I reserve the right to relist and leave appropriate response. Please contact me within 24 hours with your intentions to pay. Please do not offer unless you are a serious buyer intending to pay. If you have less than 5 responses, please contact me prior to offerding. Joelle is a one-of-a-kind baby. I provide very detailed and up-close pictures. All of my babies leave my hands in perfect condition, so no returns or refunds are offered. If you wish to use a payment plan, please contact me first. I would be happy to accommodate a payment plan of up to 2 months. We can break the payments up however you'd like (i.e. one payment per month, weekly payments, etc.), but I need to know in advance on which dates you plan to pay so I can invoice accordingly. The first payment of at least $100 (or 20%, whichever is greater) is due within 48 hours. Please note that the minimum deposit is non-refundable. Joelle will be wrapped in her soft receiving blanket and carefully packaged for her trip home. I will ship her worldwide for her to reach her loving new mommy. Base shipping within the US is $25 for USPS Priority, to Canada is $40, and to all other countries is $60 -- insurance is included in the price. You are responsible for any taxes, fees, duties, etc charged by the customs for your country. I cannot be held responsible for delays for items held up in customs. I ship to the address on your PayPal account, so please make sure it is accurate and up to date. Some countries have a maximum insurance amount; I will insure as close to your winning offer as your country will allow if insurance is paid for.

For your enjoyment, here is a slideshow of some of my previous babies.

Thank you for visiting!

mariagrover store
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