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Flying Fish by Model Shipways - Plank-on-Bulkhead Kit Donald McKay, one of the greatest designers of his time, built the Flying Fish in 1851 at East Boston Massachusetts. Flying Fish was registered at the Boston Custom House as a ship of 1,505 tons, with a hull length of 207 feet,and a beam of 22 feet. She sailed from New York to San Francisco in 92 days - only three days short of the record set by her sister ship, the Flying Cloud. Plank-on-bulkhead construction by Model Shipways features laser cut basswood keel and 21-piece bulkhead set. Stem, sternest, rudder, stern pieces and planksheer are also laser cut. The hull is planked with individual basswood strips, and we supply self-adhesive copper coil to sheath it below the waterline. Masts, yards and spars are high quality beech. Rigging plan is faithful to the original, with three diameters each of black standing and white running rigging, plus 200 wooden deadeyes and 225 blocks in various sizes. Eyebolts, backing links and ship's bell are solid brass. We reproduce virtually every detail of the real clipper ship, and expertly cast Britannia metal fittings ensure scale accuracy. You'll find figurehead, anchors, five ship's boats, capstans, binnacle, mast caps, windows and ladders, chocks, davits and stanchions.
Six sheets of beautifully drawn plans and 56 page step-by-step instruction manual by noted naval architect, Ben Lankford, assure trouble-free completion of a magnificent replica. (Display base and brass pedestals shown in photo not included.) Model Shipways Kit No. MS2018

Length 36"/ Height 22-1/2"/ Scale 1/8" =1 ft. (1:96)
Difficulty Rating: Advanced LevelPlease note: The jig holding the ship model during construction is not included. The photo is only to show how the hull is built. MADE IN THE USAOUR GUARANTEE:
Should you break or lose a part during construction, we will replace it free of charge. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING:
We are happy to ship all our products overseas. Shipping on this item is $39.00 flat anywhere in the world. See our positive response and generous return policy.

Our return policy ...You must be satisfied with your winning offer purchase or you can return it within 14 days of receipt for a full refund. This applies to a purchase anywhere in the world. Sorry, I cannot be responsible for customs duties or tariffs.

Collectors from outside theUSAare welcome to offer. I will ship world-wide and answer emails in any language. Outside of theUSAI ship under four pounds by first class mail which can take from 15 to 30 days without a tracking number for $19.95.Canadaships First Class Mail for $9.95. Over four pounds, it may be shipped USPS Priority Mail or by Federal Express International both with tracking numbers.

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