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MULTI 1250 + Kompac + Envelope Feeder + For Sale

MULTI 1250 + Kompac + Envelope Feeder +

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MULTI 1250 + Kompac + Envelope Feeder + :

  • Press:
    • Manufacturer: Multi (aka Multigraphics and Multilith)
    • Model: 1250
      • KOMPAC Dampener
      • Press Specialties Envelope Feeder
    • Serial: 125550
    • Inspection & Service
      Cleaned: Inspected: Serviced by Technician: Cleared for Production:
  • Condition: This is a nice machine, an ideal press for running card stock and envelopes. It has been print tested and is working very well. It will be an excellent addition to your shop!
  • Why This Setup is Impressive:
    • How many shops have a dedicated envelope press? By the time you roll your envelope feeder up to the press, set your conveyor up in place of the delivery, your 'efficient' little envelope press is all in your aisles and still isn't all that IDEAL. You can't get a more efficient, dependable, space-saving envelope/card 'system' than this. Just spend a few minutes imagining your envelope jobs on this press, and leaving the problems of your current envelope set-up behind. This is going to make one shop VERY happy!

  • KOMPAC Continuous Dampener:
    • The Varn-Kompac is a completely automatic dampening system... Once installed, the Kompac delivers a carefully metered, thinner film of dampening solution to the plate. This film is AUTOMATICALLY adjusted and only the ink keys need be adjusted to maintain denser solids and sharper halftones.
    • The KOMPAC is a complete replacement dampening system. Your obsolete original dampener, with its severe limitations, is put on the shelf...for good! The minute you start up your Varn-Kompac unit, you say goodbye to molletons, constant ink/water balancing, slow start-ups, high paper waste, ink emulsification and alcohol.
  • Press Specialties Envelope / Card Feeder:
    • No more frustration and wasted time reloading envelopes or other hard-to-handle stock. Two-color jobs are now practical. This feeder handles the long, hard jobs including remittances, catalogs, photo mailers, bags (3"x5" to 10"x13"), and folded stock. There are thousands of these envelope feeders in use worldwide.
    • Gear-driven by the press, these feeders have been proved to perform with greater reliability at full press speeds hour after hour.
    • Stock can be continuously loaded in the top and fed with a positive vacuum and sheet rider assembly for non-stop production. A solid row of sucker cups along the bar permits envelopes to be printed in any direction, flaps out or in.
    • Double and single jogging capabilities allow perfect registration. The positive feed conveyor increases the capacity of the feeder.
  • KOMPAC Continuous Dampener:
    • Economical: The Kompac will pay for itself in only a few months, through your savings in stock, molletons, start-up time and ink consumption, while you gain all the advantages of outstanding quality with higher press speeds.
    • Instant Start-Up: You completely eliminate the 8 to 15 minute wet-up period usually associated with conventional dampeners, and the need to premoisten every plate as with integrated systems. With the Varn-Kompac system, you can mount the plate, put fountain solution into the system and deliver sharp, clean copy in a fraction of the usual time... and, you can normally sell the second or third sheet.
    • Built-In Surplus Return Feature: All of today's dampeners feed water to the plate as a "one-way" process without a mechanism to prevent saturation of the system. The Kompac is a direct reservoir system and automatically returns surplus fountain solution to the nip at each revolution of the plate.
    • Versatile: The Kompac will run most plates - metal, foil, E-Stat or photo-direct, paper or plastic. It provides exceptional density with a wide range of inks; including oil or rubber base, in black or colors; including the specialty inks such as metallics, magnetic or even ultraviolet. Kompac's versatility lets you run the full range of stock... embossed enamels, N.C.R., onion skin, etc.
  • Press Specialties Envelope / Card Feeder:
    • This envelope feeder has been permanently installed in place of the factory MULTI feeding system. As you can see from the photos, the envelope feeder feeds the stock directly into the press.
    • Continuous loading of stock from the top.
    • Positive vacuum and sheet rider assembly for non-stop production.
    • Trouble free feeding of a wide range of stock-from coin envelopes to photo mailers (3" x 5" to 10" x 13").
    • Proven reliable performance at full press speeds.
    • Suction cups along bar permits envelopes to be printed in any direction, flaps out or in.
    • Envelope Feeder fits two-color head setups.
    • Double and single jogging allows for perfect registration.
  • MULTI 1250 Printing Press:
    • Printing Speed: 4,000 ~ 8,000 iph
    • Maximum Plate Size: 12" x 18"
    • Minimum Lead Margin: 5/16"
    • Paper Sizes:
      • Minimum: 3" x 5"
      • Maximum: 11" x 17"
    • Paper Weights:
      • Minimum: 11 lb bond
      • Maximum: 110 lb card stock
    • Feeder Capacity: 5,000 sheets (16 lb bond)
    • Metal Plate Type:
      • Pin bar / straight edge
      • 25 holes
      • 0.5" pitch
    • Number of Rollers:
      • Ink rollers: 11 (3 form rollers)
      • Water rollers: 4 (1 form roller)
    • Gripper Margin: 0.315"
    • Vertical Image Adj.: ±0.787"
    • Noise Level: Below 82 DB at max. speed
    • Electrical:
      • Single Phase
      • 115 V
      • 60 Hz
      • 15 Amps
    • Dimensions (app.):
      • Length: 96 1/2" (with conveyor)
      • Width: 30"
      • Height: 52"
      • Weight: 695 lbs.

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