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Marshall 1965B 4x10 JCM800 Era Speaker Cabinet Celestion England Model 1965 B For Sale

Marshall 1965B 4x10 JCM800 Era Speaker Cabinet Celestion England Model 1965 B

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Marshall 1965B 4x10 JCM800 Era Speaker Cabinet Celestion England Model 1965 B :

! Someone will win this speaker cabinet, why not you?

Up for offers is this1980'sMarshall Model 1965B 4x10"speaker cabinet. The cabinet is made ofbirch ply sides and front bafflewith the original MDF or particle board back panel, and is covered in Marshall's 'Elephant Hide' pattern black vinyl covering. The cabinet dimensions are approximately 24 1/4" wide by 24 3/4" tall by 12" deep--these measurementsinclude the plastic corner guards and feet. The grillcloth appears to meto be original. There are plastic lined slot-type handles to either side. Speakers are Celestion G10L-35 8 ohm speakers, wired for a total of 8 ohm impedance. The speaker labels read 'Impedance 8 Ohm (omega sign)', Type No. 3554', and 'CELESTION INTERNATIONAL LTD. FOXALL ROAD IPSWICH SUFFOLK ENGLAND'. There is anumber'4475' ink stamped in white on all speaker cones. There is also some type of inspection stamp in the upper left corner of the baffleboard inside the cabinet, please see last photo. The data plate on thecabinet back reads: 'Model 1965 B LEAD 4x10", 140 W R.M.S., 8 ohms, SERIAL No.-11xx,' and'MADE BY JIMMARSHALL PRODUCTS LTD. BLETCHLEY ENGLAND'.

The wiring for the speakersappears to be original, as there isnot much'slack' in the wiringto allow removalof the back panel for the photos. There is a resonant'buzz' to the cabinet when playing guitar, it does not seem to favor any particular frequency butseems to be present no matter what note is played. It is most obviouswhen playing noteson the G string and below on an electric guitar,the buzz itself is not very loud to mebut it is thereand I think that it is worth mentioning. I have tightened up as many screws as I couldreachinside the cabinet (which was most of them), including the ones mounting the speakers to the baffleboard, and also the screws mounting the baffleboard to the cabinet itself, but the buzz is still there. I do not know if the buzz might be causedfrom the back panel, as some of the screws holding the back panel to the cabinetare missing (see photo), and I do not know ifthe buzzis fromthe speaker(s) as I hear no speaker distortion with a clean signal from the amp, only the buzz. I have not been able to use the cabinet at high volume to try to track down the causeas Inow live in an apartment (another reason why I am selling the cabinet), and Ihave to be considerate of myneighbors. The cabinet otherwisesounds good to me, and projects well.

There are multiple scuffs and scrapes to the outside of the cabinet, also some small tears in the vinyl covering (see photos), a small chip to the edge ofone plastic handle liner (see photo). The grillcloth appears tightto me with no holes that I can find. Some of the back panel screws are missing, please see photo.The cabinet is very solidly built (birch ply is used for most of this cabinet'sconstruction instead of MDF that Marshall uses on smaller cabinets nowadays), weight is about 50 lbs but it is still very portable due to it's small size, and 4 10 inch speakers have a greater surface area speaker-wisethan a 2 x 12 inchspeaker setup, which is why this cabinet isstill a favorite. The advantage that the 'B' model cabinet hasover the 1965 A model is that the top of the'B'cabinet is 12" wide, which makesplacing a small amplifier headon top of the caba little more secure than it is on slant-style cabinet.

I am selling this speaker cabinet as I now live in an apartment, Ido not use it very much these days andit spends most of the time stored away in my closet. I am a guitarist, not a collector except by default, I buy too much stuff, and occasionally I must 'thin the herd' which is what I am doing now. This cabinet and speakers was built during the time that Marshall was making the original JCM800 series amps in the 1980's, and both cab and speakers weremanufactured in England, not elsewhere as is very often the case nowadays.

A note about shipping: I do not make a profit from shipping, if the amount quoted by the calculator is more than what the actual shipping and packing costs are, then I will return the excess funds once the item has been shipped. I do not have any control over shipping costs as charged by the carrier, these costs are based not only on weight and size of the packed item, but the DISTANCE that it must be shipped. I no longer use a 'flat rate' amount/quote for shipping large, bulky, and heavy items, as it has been pointed out to me that this system gives a unfair advantage to those buyers who have excess shipping costs covered above and beyond the originally quoted 'flat rate' shipping; and is unfair in comparison to those buyers who are located closer to my location and pay actual shipping costs that were within the originally quoted 'flat rate' fee. I did not in the past make a profit from shipping and I still do not, my policy was/is to refund any received overage in shipping charges then as I do now; and again, I do not make a profit from shipping.

Please read the terms of the sale below.

Terms of the sale:

PLEASE ASK ALL QUESTIONS BEFORE offerDING. If my description does not give the information that you are looking for, PLEASE ASK BEFORE offerDING.

Thisspeaker cab and speakers arebeing sold AS IS. No returns, all sales FINAL.

I DO NOT use 'Buy It Now'. NO TRADES! If you want to trade, go to Craigslist, not .

Payment is to be by PayPal ONLY, full payment to be made within 96 hours/4 days. You must have a valid, verified and functional PayPal account. Please DO NOT wait until after the sale to find out if your account works or not. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I only ship to CONFIRMED PayPal addresses. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that they are in compliance. I DO NOT ship to 'friends', 'relatives', or 'alternate addresses'. NO EXCEPTIONS. If I am not covered by or PayPal protection, then I do not do it--it's that simple. NO EXCEPTIONS.

I only ship within the USA. I do not ship items to foreign or international addresses.

Due to my schedule, I do not allow local pickup.

Payment must be received by PayPal within 96 hours/4 days. I will ship within two business days once the payment clears. I leave positive response once positive response has been received.

I reserve the right to cancel any offer. Fraudulent activity, including response extortion, will be reported to immediately.

Final sale price and shipping costs are non-negotiable. NO EXCEPTIONS. Insurance is included with the shipping price.

This Marshall amplifier speaker cabinet is sold AS IS, all sales are FINAL, NO returns or refunds. buyers are responsible for their offers, and are responsible to ask ALL questions BEFORE offerding. Thanks for looking, Happy Holidays, and Happy offerding! Also, please check out my other sales!

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