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Medi-Dart CrossBow Syringe/Livestock/Cattle/Deer/Elk For Sale

Medi-Dart CrossBow Syringe/Livestock/Cattle/Deer/Elk

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Medi-Dart CrossBow Syringe/Livestock/Cattle/Deer/Elk:

Self-ejecting Projectile Crossbow Syringe that allows you to administer injections to livestock without restraining them. The unique Medi-Dart needle holds the dart in the animal until the medication/tranquilizer isdelivered. Once the injection is complete the needle is pushed out by the patented Med-Dart System. Made of Space-Age plastic. Can give Intermuscular or SubQ injections Syringe holds up to 30cc of medicine and has a 40ft range.

The Medi-Dart Crossbow enables producers to accurately treat animals at a distance of 30 feet, as the user becomes familiar with the way that the crossbow shoots, more distance will be possible.

The Medi-Dart Crossbow kit comes with 3 intramuscular needles!Subcutaneous needles are available. If your cattle have experienced hoof rot, pink eye, pneumonia, retained placenta, or worms, then the Medi-Dart Crossbow kit is a must.


1. No need to restrain animal, treat in feedlot or pasture

2. Low cost/Low Maintenance

3: Less stress on animals

Kit includes: 2 complete darts, 1 practice end, 3IM needles , 30cc capacity, crossbow, castor oil, barrel, and air pump.

Frequently Asked Questions
  1. How does the dart come out of the animal?A stainless steel loop around the needle is attached to a valve behind the needle (inside the syringe). When the needle goes into the animal, the loop is pushed back, opening the valve. The air pressure can then move the plunger ahead to inject the medicine. At the end of the injection the plunger will close the valve and push the loop out, pushing the needle out of the animal. Your dart falls to the ground and you pick it up.
  2. How does the medicine get injected?Air pressure. A simple bicycle pump comes with every kit. You simply pump the dart up as you would a football or a basketball. There is no cost per shot.
  3. Can the Medi-Dart inject thick medication?Yes. The Medi-Dart can inject anything you can inject.

How does the needle stay in the animal?The Medi-Dart needle is designed specially. It is machined at the front, so the tip of the needle has a smaller diameter. There are small grooves, like a ring nail (or a screw), that hold the needle in the animal while the shot is being given.

  1. How long does it take for the Medi-Dart to give the injection?The injection speed is about 10cc per second.
  2. What happens when you miss?Nothing. If the loop around the needle is not pushed back the valve cannot open, so the injection can not start. The medication will not be wasted.
  3. What happens when an animal steps on the dart?Nothing. Medi-Darts are made with a high impact plastic. Cold temperatures, -30 degrees celcius for example, do not affect it’s properties. The Medi-Dart will not crack or break should an animal step on it. We have a 1 year warranty on the plastic.
  4. Does using the Medi-Dart make your cattle wild?Actually the opposite is true. Treating your cattle with the Medi-Dart can reduce the stress factor. With the Medi-Dart, only the animal that needs the shot is affected. Instead of riling up the herd to treat one, you just treat the one. The Medi-Dart is quiet so the animal getting the shot will jump a couple of times, the dart drops off and it can resume life as usual. For example: If you were checking the herd and noticed one that needed a shot of antibiotic you could drive up and treat it. By giving the animal the shot in this method the animal does not associate you with the shot.

9.Is the Medi-Dart hard to maintain?No. The Medi-Dart comes apart and goes back together easily. It is easy to clean.

  1. Can the Medi-Dart give a subcutaneous injection?Yes. By changing the intramuscular needle (that comes with the kit) to our subcutaneous needle. The Medi-Dart subcutaneous needle has a solid tip and 2 holes at the side, about ¼ of an inch back from the tip. The medication comes out in 2 directions perpendicular to the needle. Shots should be given in the neck.

Once you try one, you'll wonder how you did without all these years. Calving season is coming!!! Hurry and order now.

Allready own a CrossBow?? We handle all replacements parts for the crossbows and extention syringes. Just call us for prices. 800-225-7399


We pride ourselves in our Customer Service, so feel free to ask questions

We combine Shipping on Any/All purchases, and try to keep our Prices very competitive.

Answering questions, Monday thru Friday we will usually answer any questions immediately, as we are watching the store, but on weekends, please be patient, we may not be close to a computer, and their may be a delay till Monday!

Check out all the other items we have listed. Something for Everyone and Every one!

Fast Shipping!!! We usually ship the same day you pay. We use Priority Mail, Flat Rate, 1st class and UPS as our carriers.

We are a full line Animal Health Supplier. We have Vaccines, implants, eartags, oral, antibiotics, pour-ons, sprays, markers, and a complete line of equipment. Feel free to email becky@livestockconcepts.com with any questions.

Something you want—But Don’t see Listed?- Feel free to contact me at becky@livestockconcepts.com and I will be happy to list it for you, or if you would like to purchase immediately, I will send an invoice thru Paypal.

response-please be patient! I always leave response, but due to being on the road a lot, I don’t always get it done immediately, Rest Assured, it will be done!

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