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Mercury 2.5 EFI 280 H.P.Race Offshore Powerhead For Sale

Mercury 2.5 EFI 280 H.P.Race Offshore Powerhead

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Mercury 2.5 EFI 280 H.P.Race Offshore Powerhead :

I am listing this motor for my father, please read the entire description he typed up below before offerding or asking questions:

Mercury 2.5 EFI 280 H.P.Race Offshore Powerhead complete drop on.

This powerhead was custom built from NEW FACTORY MERCURY parts listed below:

Block—stock 280 HP Race Offshore Block that was first sent to 300 BELOW for cyrogenic treating. It was then sent to Jim Ruck of Oshkosh, Wi. for modification. All head bolt holes were heli-coiled, rod slot areas were modified and stiffening rings installed around top of cylinder sleeves. Some minor modification was made in the exhaust chest area.

Crankshaft—stock Mercury—cyro treated

Rods—Stock Mercury that are balanced—cyro treated

Pistons—Stock Mercury that are balanced---cyro treated

Bearings—Stock Mercury—cyro treated

Intake—Stock Mercury with stock Mercury reed blocks and reeds.

Heads—Stock Mercury 280 heads

Ignition—stock Mercury 260 drag electric system—NOT stock Mercury 280 EFI system!

Fuel system—stock Mercury 260 drag 40 lb. fuel system (NOT stock Mercury 280 EFI system) with RAPAIR custom ECU with remote adjust runs on 92 octane gas!

The block, crank, and heads have approximately 25 hours run time since new. In 2009 the powerhead was completely rebuilt (preventative maintainance—no problems) with NEW MERCURY parts--rods, bearings, pistons, and all electric components ( coils, plug wires, stator, trigger, switch boxes and rectifier. IT HAS LESS THAN 3 HOURS RUN TIME SINCE THE COMPLETE REBUILD! This powerhead was designed for and operated between 8250-8500 max rpm. With the correct propeller, the drag electrics will permit this engine to exceed 9500 rpm for drag racing.

This powerhead runs on 92 octane gas. It has only been run in FRESH WATER—NEVER OUTSIDE OF MINNESOTA! Always used Mercury Racing Performance Blend 2 cycle oil.

This powerhead will replace any 260 hp Mercury powerhead or any Mercury 280 hp powerhead. I am 66 years old and selling all of my performance boating parts. HAVE MANY—CALL. Phone number 320-382-6128

We will palletize the powerhead for shipping and load it by forklift. Buyer will be responsible for arranging and payment of shipping. Payment will be cash or certified bank check. If you are interested in offerding and have less than 5 positive response, please send me an email before placing a offer or I will reject it. This sale is for the powerheadand what is described in my fathers description above. You are not getting the center section or bottom cowling on which the power sits in photos above.

Thank you for looking.

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