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Mist Maker 9 Head fogger ultrasonic nutramist For Sale

Mist Maker 9 Head fogger ultrasonic nutramist

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Mist Maker 9 Head fogger ultrasonic nutramist:

<div style="text-decoration:none" height="27px" valign="middle" align="center"><font face="arial"
<img target="_blank"><img On BACKORDER until Febuary! I will give a 15% discount to any pre orders.

Make an offer! You might be surprised!

Comes with a FREE set of replacment discs and FREE float

$36 VALUE!

Look at my pics... You will not and cannot get this kind of fog with the cheap brass disc misters!

Do not buy the mist makers with multiple LED's they give off to much light and cause algae growth

High performance ultrasonic foggers are a direct replacement for Nutramist systems. They are not nutrimist brand labeled, but they are the same thing. They come with the teflon coating on the disc. This is a must! The cheap brass discs will lock up with any nutrients in the water! They are the same Hi quality Stainless steel and teflon coated discs for the ultimate in dependability! It also comes with the float included! YOU CAN"T BEAT THIS PRICE!

Ultrasonic fogging technology can be used for many diferent things, They can be used as the sole source for plant nutrition. It can also be used for propogating clones/ cuttings, above and below the surface. And to control humidity. 


BE AWARE! A single disc fogger will not produce enough fog to properly feed your plants!Foggers are an ideal means of providing thick root masses with a nutrient enriched fog which penetrates deep into the root mass keeping them moist and well nourished. When combined with the gentle stream of fresh air, nutrient enriched fog can penetrate deep into the root mass creating an unparalleled growing enviroment. Fogging promotes the growth of miniscule root hairs which increase the root surface area and ability to uptake water and nutrients at a much faster rate. Growing with fog creates some of the fastest, growing plants around.


 Using the fogger for propagation allows cuttings and seedlings to develop roots with thousands of micro hairs, giving an increased area for uptaking nutrients. This helps speed recovery, root development and goverall growth. This can minimize your turnaround time drastically.

 Most nutrient applications can be effective at up to 50% less than label recommendations which saves money!

Foliar Feeding

It is is a great tool forfoliar feeding.  Foliar feedings are instantly absorbed by the leaves since the fog is so fine. The average droplet size is 3-5 microns which is substantially smaller that the pores on foliage. The mist is a dry fog that does not leave your plants wet. This would be an invitation for mold.

Maintaining the proper humidity in your growroom is easy, hook up to a humidistat to take control over your plants environment.

Power Consumption: 125W
Average droplet size 3-5 microns
Misting disk size: (9) x 20mm
Consumption up to approx 33 oz. or 990 mL/hr (on high)

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