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Morton M-5 Ignition Model Airplane Engine 1945(#1531) For Sale

Morton M-5 Ignition Model Airplane Engine 1945(#1531)

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Morton M-5 Ignition Model Airplane Engine 1945(#1531):

This sale is for a Morton M-5 ignition model airplane engine of .992 displacement. Morton Aircraft Corp. of Omaha, NE manufactured engine starting in 1945. There are 9 uneven spaced and stepped head fins. The timer housing is bakelite and 1” in diameter. The distributor head is missing. Half of the rocker arms work to push the valves. The other half are broken or missing. All the valves push and move. All 5 spark plugs are included. There is an envelope with push rods and ends in it. There is an envelope with 3 new intake tubes. An envelope contains roller bearings. Another envelope contains what appear to be threaded studs. An envelope contains 2 new rods and 7 very small needle valves about ¾” overall length. A final envelope contains many small screws.

These engines are from the collection of Ted Enticknap. SAM 8 is helping the family dispose of the engines at this time. There are many engines and most of them are in new or near new condition. Ted has many engines that are prototype and/or one of a kind. It is difficult for us to know for sure whether the engine is a prototype or has replica parts on it. Watch my listings for other engines to be saleed over the next few months.

Most of the engines in this collection are very old. Many are stuck or sluggish. They will need to be cleaned if you want to run them. We are not cleaning or repairing these engines. We have found that some of these engines have broken or missing internal parts. We do not open these engines to inspect them. Engines we note as the shaft does not turn may or may not have major problems. ALL ENGINES ARE SOLD AS-IS! WE DO NOT GIVE REFUNDS ON THESE ENGINES!

We have also had a few cases where we forgot to mention the needle was missing. Please check the photos. We do not know where we can find the missing needles. We have found a few loose needles in the boxes with no clue to what engine they belong to. We do try and match them to engines without needles.

For more of Ted's engines please check my other listings.

PayPal is the only payment method accepted by rules! If you don't like PayPal send us an email! PAYPAL IS THE ONLY METHOD OF PAYMENT WE ACCEPT FOR INTERNATIONAL SALES. IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE PAYPAL DON'T offer!

Payment must be received by 5 days after sale ends!

In the United States this item will be shipped by Priority Mail.

International sales will be shipped by Priority Mail International or FedEx Economy International. We DO NOT ship international items by 1st Class Mail. If you don't want to pay for Priority Mail, PLEASE DON'T offer!

Due to lost or damaged items shipped by Priority Mail International we now will ship all international sales over $600 by FedEx. Items under $600 are shipped Priority Mail International with insurance. If these rates are too high for you PLEASE DO NOT offer. If you refuse to pay these shipping charges the sale will be canceled and the item will be offered to the next highest buyer.We do not falsify customs forms. The value on the form is what the buyer pays for the item. If the customs duty is too high for you please do not offer!

has eliminated the shipping insurance. If the buyer requests we will add the insurance to the invoice. Please request the insurance before paying. If the item is shipped without insurance we are not responsible for Postal problems. We will still be using delivery confirmation. WE DO NOT MAKE REFUNDS FOR ITEMS LOST OR DAMAGED IN THE MAIL!

We have shipped over 600 engines without a problem until January 2010. In January 2010 a very rare engine was shipped to the United Kingdom. When the buyer opened the package he found a part of the mount broken. This engine was well packed. It was broken by rough handling by either the US or UK postal service.

Please consider the value of your purchase. We really recommend that you request insurance on valuable items. We don't make any money off the insurance.

If you are concerned about shipping cost please check the SHIPPING CALCULATOR. If you don't like the shipping cost DON'T offer!

We have been requested to ship some of these items to countries where there have been mail delivery problems. We will now ship to any country with the understanding that if the item gets lost in the destination county it it the buyers problem to solve. We will provide the number on the Customs Document. These items are insured for the amount the buyer paid or the maximum amount allowed by the postal system if the price paid is greater than the amount the postal system permits. WE WILL NOT ALLOW REFUNDS FOR "LOST IN THE MAIL" FOR THESE ITEMS.


I will combine orders to reduce shipping cost. If you want to combine purchases to save on shipping cost DO NOT pay for the items until I send you an invoice. The "Pay Now" will calculate a higher cost. The shipping cost quoted here is for a 2 pound package shipped by Priority Mail. The average engine seems to weigh just over 1 pound. I can generally ship 2 engines in the 7 inch cube Priority Mail boxes. If you wish to purchase more than 2 engines I will ship them in one of the Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes. There are 2 sizes of these boxes available.

Let me know when you are done offerding and I will send the invoice with the proper shipping cost. If you do not wait for the invoice the shipping cost will be for a 2 pound package.

We are happy to receive comments about these engines.

We maintain a list on our out my other items!

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