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NEW Ghost Spirit Box Radio + Ghost Meter EMF Detector + Digital EVP Recorder For Sale

NEW Ghost Spirit Box Radio + Ghost Meter EMF Detector + Digital EVP Recorder

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NEW Ghost Spirit Box Radio + Ghost Meter EMF Detector + Digital EVP Recorder:

*NEW* Ghost/Spirit Box, Ghost Meter
EMF Detector & Digital EVP Recorder

Ships within 24 Hours of Payment! Fast & Free US Shipping! USPS Priority Mail 2-3 Days to US! Free AlkalineBatteries!

Some of our customers have received their shipment in as little as1-2 days from time of purchase! Please take the time to read our positive response to see how satisfied our customers really are! Our response speaks for itself!

International Customers! Please Read Before Making Your Purchase!

All packages will have tracking & delivery confirmation! Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail International or Express Mail International! Estimated delivery times by USPS are NOT guaranteed! Your package may get held up in customs in your country & delay the arrival of your shipment! Please be patient if your package isn't delivered within the "estimated" delivery time! We will not mark on the international customs form that the item is a “gift” or lower the value! Import taxes and/or duty charges are your responsibility to pay if you are charged these extra fees by your country! You can calculate import duty & taxes here: style="text-align: center;">

Instrumental Trans-Communication (ITC) is defined as communication by spirit beings with human beings through electronic devices such as radios, telephones, audio recorders, video recorders, televisions, computers, etc.


In our opinion this is the best spirit box model on the market today & is quickly becoming very popular within the paranormal investigating community. This is a small, light weight, high quality AM/FM radio that has been modified to continuously scan through frequencies without stopping on any stations. Some paranormal investigators get better results using AM for their frequency sweep while others get better results using FM. You will need to experiment to find out which band works better for you. We have found this radio to be far superior to any other model that we have tested. It does not get stuck on stations during the scan or make annoying popping sounds like some other radios. The sweep rate seems to be at an optimal speed for spirit communication & it also produces minimal noise between segments. This is NOT a Radio Shack or so called "Shack Hack" radio. We have had great success & amazing results with this particular radio!

Included with this purchase are also a new Ghost Meter & a new RCA Digital EVP Recorder (see specs below.) The Ghost Meter is an EMF detector (see functions below) which should be part of any paranormal investigators equipment. A digital EVP recorder is a must have for recording your spirit box sessions & catching any EVP's during an investigation. We have this radio, ghost meter & recorder IN STOCK & will ship within 24 hours of payment. We ship USPS Priority Mail so you can have your new spirit box, ghost meter & digital EVP recorder within a few days. Please take the time to listen to our EVP samples below that were recorded from this exact model. Any questions will be answered promptly!

*Detailed Spirit Box Instructions & Tips /Advise are Included!

*We have tested other radios that have an adjustable sweep rate & did NOT find any significant advantage to having this function! The scan speed on our radio is perfect for communication! Just listen to the clarity of our EVP recordings! You will be AMAZED!

*Forward or reverse frequency sweep option! Scans at approximately 9 stations per second! Faster scan rate is better NOT slower!

*Although we get better results using AM for our frequency sweep, many paranormal investigators get much better results using FM! We believe that this depends on the area that you live in! Make sure you get a Spirit Box that scans both AM & FM frequencies!

*We do NOT recommend recording from the radio directly into a digital voice recorder using an audio cable! You will ONLY be recording what is coming through the radio & will NOT be recording the questions that you ask! You should use the built-in microphone on your digital voice recorder to record your voice & the Spirit Box communication! When you get direct responses to questions that you ask, you will want to have the questions & any replies recorded for better validation that a spirit is truly communicating with you! This is the best way to record your Spirit Box sessions!

We have field tested a number of different spirit boxes available over the past few years. We have gotten some decent results from some of the other models but nothing compared to this latest radio. We believe that we have had contact from our parents, cousins & friends among others who have passed. I was a skeptic about the spirit box for a while but after listening to some of the answers we got to direct questions that we asked, I became a believer! We are making NO guarantee that you will get the same results but we hope that you would at least give it a try.This has changed our lives in ways that are not easy to explain.


The Ghost Meter is the first EMF detector designed specifically for paranormal investigation. The Ghost Meter provides three corroborating indicators of EMF emission strength. A needle based display, LED lights, and a fully adjustable audio signal. It can also be operated in silent mode so it doesn't interfere with EVP recordings or distract other investigators during an investigation. We have used many different EMF detectors during our paranormal investigations & have found this meter to be one of the most useful. Most EMF detectors use either an analog needle, digital display or LED lights to read electromagnetic energy. The thing we love most about The Ghost Meter is that it uses a needle based display, LED lights & sound to alert you of any unusual EMF readings. You can set the meter down in a room, continue your investigation elsewhere & still be alerted by the audio signal. The Ghost Meter is also very sensitive compared to other EMF detectors that we have used. It may look like a toy but it does exactly what it was designed to do & actually works extremely well! An EMF detector should be part of any paranormal investigators equipment!

*Communicate with Spirits in real time by asking YES or NO questions! Ask a Spirit to make the light blink once for YES & twice for NO! This is a great way to establish communication with Spirits during paranormal investigations!

*There is a great review of The Ghost Meter on YouTube - Search "Ghost Meter Review"


We will offer free advise & tips for making your ghost boxing experience as productive as possible. We want everyone to experience what we have. Just send us a message & we will be happy to answer any questions. We are here to help! Tip#1 - Make sure you record your spirit box sessions. Most of the EVP's that we discover are from listening to the playback from our digital audio recorder. Tip#2 - Make sure you use earphones when listening to the playback. Deciphering what the spirits are saying through the ghost box takes practice. You really have to listen intently & sometimes listen to recordings multiple times. Tip#3 - Wait at least 20-30 seconds after asking each question for a reply. You don't want to talk over a great EVP response. Tip#4 - Be patient! It takes time to learn how to communicate. We didn't get good results the first few times we tried this. We believe that you have to build a trust with spirits before they will open up & speak through the radio.


Here are a few clips of EVP's from this Spirit Box model that we recorded recently:

*Listen to the clear responses we got to direct questions that we asked!

Our mother's name was Glynna (pronounced Glenna.) You will hear "it's your mom" in the beginning then my sister asks her to say her name. You will clearly hear our mother's name! .....

My name is Bobby & I ask "can you say my name?" The response is loud & clear! .....

My sister's name is Lynda & she asks "can you say Lynda?" You will hear her name said! .....

Lynda asks "what's my dogs name?" You will hear "name's Duke." She then says "thank you" & at the end you will hear "welcome Lynda." Duke is her dogs name by the way! .....

Lynda asks "can you see the candle?" The response was "yes.....it looks good!".....

We had a cousin named Jimmy that passed away many years ago. Lynda asks "who are you Jimmy?" The answer she received was "please don't go I am your cousin!".....

Lynda asks "does anybody need my help?" This was the response she got "I would.....Lynda!".....

She then says "if you need my help, say help!" Listen & see what you hear! .....

*Just refresh this page if any of the audio links don't seem to be working properly!

Just random radio snippets? Contact from the spirit world? .....You be the judge!

Orbs Captured on Night Vision Camcorder During Spirit Box Session - Video

This video is from a Spirit Box session that my sister Lynda & our friend Carol did recently. They believed that they had made contact with our father who passed away more than 20 years ago. I was recording the session with my night vision camcorder & captured some crazy orbs that I saw in real time. We also caught an EVP from the Spirit Box saying our dad's first & last name not long after the orbs appeared. That EVP from our digital voice recorder is also on the video. I get a little excited when I see an orb come out of my sister & head straight for me! Everyone seems to get a good laugh out of my reaction but it was a little freaky at the time! ..... What can I say? lol

*Please see our other listings if you are interested in purchasing other Ghost Hunting equipment!

Please visit my sister's website with many more EVP recordings & even more tips on making your sessions as productive as possible. Lynda has some kind of gift with communicating through this radio & it's absolutely amazing what she captures during her sessions. She has been working on some missing persons & unsloved murder cases recently. The results of some of these sessions are unbelievable! style="text-align: center;">

Spirit Box Recording Near Boston Shipwreck Memorial at Bass Point - Australia

This video was made by one of our customers who purchased a Spirit Box & Digital EVP Recorder from us recently. She set down the Spirit Box & EVP Recorder on some rocks near the Boston Shipwreck Memorial at Bass Point in Shellharbour. This is located on the south coast of New South Wales Australia. The monument was unveiled in1968 to those lost in the rescue of survivors of The Cities Service Boston. The 9000 ton US tanker was wrecked off Bass Point during heavy seas at dawn May 16th, 1943 during World War II. Thirty soldiers from an army regiment, stationed nearby, rescued the entire 62 man crew. In the process, four of the rescuers lost their lives. This memorial was erected in memory of those men. There have also been a number divers & fishermen that have drowned in this area. We would like to give a very special thanks to Deborah Moore for giving us permission to use her video! Here is an email that Deborah sent us:

"I really should thank you back for making the spirit box and voice recorder available for purchase! There's not much available in Oz and I didn't know one from the other to be honest. I couldn't be happier with them. It's opening my world up even more! I have a lot of friends approaching me, wanting to participate in some investigations. I may have to start up a local group at this rate!"

Spirit Box Recording at Wollongong Harbour on New South Wales Coast - Australia

Here is another video made by Deborah Moore of a Spirit Box recording done at Wollongong Harbour on the New South Wales Coast of Australia. Construction on the harbour began in 1837 & invloved 300 convicts who were forced to do hard labor. Deborah catches some amazing EVP's from our Spirit Box & we would like to thank her once again for giving us permission to use her videos!


Built-in AM Ferrite Bar Antenna .............................. Lock Switch

PLL Synthesized Tuning System .............................. Built-in Speaker

Selectable Stereo / Mono Switch .............................. Built-in Clock

LCD Display (amber backlight) .............................. Stereo Earbuds

Auto Seek Station (modified) .............................. FM Wire Antenna

Removable Belt Clip .............................. View Area (inch) 1.3" x 0.6"

Stereo Earphone Jack .............................. Width (inch) 2.5"

Low Battery Indicator (37 hour life) .............................. Height (inch) 4.2"

90 Minute Auto Shut Off .............................. Depth (inch) 1.2"

DBB (dynamic bass boost) .............................. Weight 3.8 oz

*Can still be used as a normal radio

*Made in the USA


RCA 1GB Built-in Flash Memory .............................. Variable Speed Playback

Digital Voice Manager (software included) .............................. Key Lock Function

Built-in, Flip-out USB Connection .............................. Bookmarks

Mic Sensitivity Setting .............................. Date / Time Stamp

Automatic Voice Activated Record .............................. Intro Scan

L - 4.35" W - 0.87" H - 1.42" .............................. Weight 1.8 oz

Recording Time = LP (long play) 400 hours .voc format

SP (standard play) 70 hours .voc HQ (high quality) 34 hours .wav

*Transfer your audio files to your PC with flip-out USB connection!

*Edit audio files with Digital Voice Manager software that is included!

*Software is NOT Mac compatible!


Simple One-handed Operation .............................. Flashing LED Lights

Signal Strength Indicator .............................. Adustable Audio Tone

Scale: 0 to 5 MilliGauss .............................. Weight3.2 oz

Length - 5.13" Width - 2.50" Height - 1.13"


Spirit Box Radio .............................. Removable Belt Clip

Stereo Earbuds .............................. Foam Earbud Covers

FM Wire Antenna ..............................Two AA Batteries

Radio Owners Manual .............................. Ghost Box Instructions

The Ghost Meter .............................. One 9 Volt Battery

Digital EVP Recorder ..............................Two AAA Batteries

Recorder Owners Manual .............................. Ghost Meter Instructions

*All Batteries are Included for FREE!

*We ONLY Use Top Quality ALKALINE Batteries!

*Items included are pictured below

The radio is NEW & has been removed from it's original packaging for modification & testing purposes ONLY! The EVP Recorder & Ghost Meterare NEW &have been removed fromtheir original packaging to save on shipping costs so that we may offer you FREE shipping! Items are NOT removed from original packaging until purchase is made! Items are carefully handled & bubble wrapped to protect them during shipping!

*Download FREE easy to use multilingual AUDACITY audio editing software for Windows, Mac & Linux here: style="text-align: center;">

Seeour other listings for more great paranormal equipment!


PayPal ONLY! Immediate payment required when using Buy It Now! Payment is expected within 48 hours when offer is accepted!


Shipping is via USPS Priority Mail for domestic shipments to the United States/US territories & USPS Priority Mail International or Express Mail International for all other shipments. All packages will have tracking & delivery confirmation! Shipping fees and methods are Non Negotiable! We will not mark on the international customs form that the item is a “gift” or lower the value! Import taxes and/or duty charges are the responsibility of the buyer! We ship within 24 hours of receiving payment! We offer international combined shipping!


Customer satisfaction is our #1 goal! We have a 60 day Return Policy on ALL of our paranormal equipment! You must contact us first before returning any equipment & explain the reason for return. You must return everything that came packaged with the equipment & equipment must be in the same condition as when you received it. Once we have received the equipment & it is determined to be in LIKE NEW condition, we will refund the full amount of your purchase to your PayPal account. We will NOT accept returns if equipment is damaged from abuse or misuse! If you feel that any equipment is defective, please contact us as soon as possible & then return the item to us. Once the item is received & determined to be defective, we will offer a NEW replacement at no cost to you or a full refund. Buyer will be responsible for return shipping fee. Please contact us immediately if there are any problems with your purchase!

*International returns will be refunded the item cost ONLY! Shipping charges will NOT be refunded!


This is a NEW radio & has been removed from it's original packaging for modification & testing purposes ONLY! This is a radio that has been modfied to scan through frequencies without stopping on any stations. This radio does not have an adjustable scan rate & we do not claim that it does. Theories vary on exactly how spirits use these devices to communicate & we do not claim to know. We do NOT guarantee in any way that you will contact ghosts or deceased loved ones.

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