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New 4" Inch 200 CFM Inline Exhaust Duct Fan Vent Blower For Sale

New 4

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New 4" Inch 200 CFM Inline Exhaust Duct Fan Vent Blower:

High Performance Metal Inline Duct Fans

This sale is for a 4" InlineDuct Fan model M-4.It is unopened from its original factory packaging and includes a mounting bracket and instructions.Unlike many fans on that are shipped in and resold by by middlemen with no technical background, Tjernlund is actually a manufacturer located in the Twin Cities that assembles and tests each and every fan. Trust that if there are any issues your purchase is backed by us and Tjernlund Products, in business since 1938.

Versatile and durablethe M-Series exhaust fans feature high pressure air handling performance with low noise and extremely low power usage.M-series fans are ideal for long runs or air supply and exhaust applications requiring exacting performance. Use them as super quiet bathroom/spa exhausters to eliminate fogged mirrors and lingering odors. They also work great for exhausting high moisture areas such as sub-slab radon gas mitigation. Included with the fan is a strip of vibration isolating foam for a better fit and to minimize any vibration.All models come with standard power cord. CHECK OUT OUR response TO VERIFY THAT THIS IS A GREAT DEAL!


Model Voltage Watts Amps CFM (0" WC) M-4 120 VAC 100 0.9 200 M-6 120 VAC 125 1.1 530 M-8 120 VAC 210 1.8


Additional Information: The fan is speed controllable. For that we recommend the Tjernlund SC-1 speed control for hardwired installations (may need to be field calibrated for your application) or the Tjernlund SCP which plugs into an outlet and then has a receptacle for the fan plug. The SCP is available from us on by searching item270553319074.

Actual response for These Fans:

-Great fans this is my 2nd purchased both are awesome! Buyer: Member idmybuttonstore_123 ( response Score Of 64) Jun-03-10 10:05

-Even more powerful than I really need. Great to dehumidify a big storeroom.A+A+A Buyer: Member idhp-3 ( response Score Of 453) Apr-26-10 19:17

-This is my 2nd fan. GREAT PRODUCT, great $ and fast shipping, will buy another. Buyer: Member idsen41407 ( response Score Of 128) Apr-22-10 09:16

-Excellet fan - powerful and quiet. Quality built. Great price. Good seller. Buyer: Member idwiz.doc ( response Score Of 296) Apr-17-10 11:17

-Came on time, has been working well for a few weeks, good price, I'm satisfied.. Buyer: Member idlsantana633 ( response Score Of 14) Apr-15-10 15:58

-Lowest Price!!!!! Fast Shipping!!! GREAT ER!!!!!!!!!! Buyer: Member idbillybob3939 ( response Score Of 211) Feb-20-10 18:47

-Item is MUCH Better than expected...Great Seller!!!....A++++++++++++++++++++++ Buyer: Member id5266benjamin ( response Score Of 145) Feb-16-10 22:32

-Great Prcie for an awesome product. Tahnk you so much exceeded my expectations. Buyer: Member idjiggerboi69 ( response Score Of 86) Feb-05-10 16:44

-perfect!! if there is any problem this guy takes care of you immediately. thanks Buyer: Member idchromiss ( response Score Of 245) Jan-30-10 09:36

-Absolutely the best seller and service on , A++++ Buyer: Member idsearcher360_0 ( response Score Of 386) Dec-21-09 14:57

-everything was perfect what else can you say Buyer: Member idsparky82080 ( response Score Of 94) Nov-24-09 15:17

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