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New PepTone Big Muff Pi Fuzz Mod: Boutique Guitar Pedal For Sale

New PepTone Big Muff Pi Fuzz Mod: Boutique Guitar Pedal

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New PepTone Big Muff Pi Fuzz Mod: Boutique Guitar Pedal:

****These pedals are Modified at an on order basis: The purchase requires a 1-2 week wait for the pedal to be modified and shipped.****

PepTone Electronics Big Muff Fuzz we add the audio clips for this Mod, the same Mod was used by us on the the Russian Big Muff (until the discontinued the Russian Model). You can check the Youtube clips/demo for that Mod at our store****

NEW LOW PRICE! We have been able to purchase the BIG MUFF NYC stock pedals at a lower price Temporarily per unit and we are passing the savings on.

The Idea of the Mod:

The Big Muff is a well known Fuzz pedal used by many many many musicians. The NYC Big Muff is a solid reproduction of what a Big Muff is but it’s a one trick pony and lacks a little on the "superior Big Muff Tone" sound. This Mod focuses around building off of the Big Muff sound rather than changing it to something different. We wanted an wider range of EQ options so we added the "Mids" knob which allows you to scoop or push your Mids until you are satisfied. This is an astounding Mod; it has a dramatic affect to say the least. This allows you to really dial in your sound and really fine tune the Fuzz character to your setup and situation. With the Mids knob, the Big Muff doesn't get lost in the mix and you can really get some different Fuzz tones. This Mod was made so you can get a true vintage Big Muff tone and feel; but it also gives you the most flexibility we have ever heard from a Fuzz pedal all in one package. Think of it as a pedal that is true to the Big Muff name, but can dish out more than you would ever expect. Anything that needs to be upgraded is upgraded in the Mod. Want a Big Muff with more capabilities and better tone? You found it.

YES! This is a sweet pedal that can be used for Guitar AND Bass. Honestly, it’s just a flat out amazing pedal.

The Mod:

*Upgraded vintage concept transistors for a smoother Fuzz tone that also allows the pedal to breath and hold more dynamics. For this model of the Big Muff we used a combo/hybrid set of transistors. These transistors are handpicked and matched for a specific Hfe rating for each stage of the Big Muff we Mod. We first use a Fairchild SE4010 for the first stage transistor. Then the first clipping section we use a 2n5089 for maximum gain right out of the box which then runs through the second clipping section with a New Old Stock (NOS) 2n5133 for a more smooth and creamy fuzz tone to polish and shine the Fuzz tone. The pedal is then finalized with another vintage Fairchild SE4010. The combination of vintage NOS transistors matched with a modern transistor for the clipping section gives the most satisfactory results and really lets the pedal breath with maximum gain.

*Added Mids knob: This added knob gives you FULL control of the Pedals Mids. From super scooped (Classic Big Muff) to a big "Push" you can dial in some real textured Muff Fuzz tones. This provides a BIG range. Real dramatic. Note: you can still achieve the original Big Muff tone, this gives the wide range on both sides of the spectrum.

*We change the tone section a bit. We mod it to work in unison with the Mids knob to give the Muff full range on the tone spectrum.

*Clipping section is beefed up to get more touch and a more natural compression feel for the gain structure.

*Each transistor is fine tuned in the circuit to get the most out of each stage of the pedal.

*We ditch the obnoxious "pin" style 9v adapter and Mod it to fit the "Boss" style 9v (center pin neg). Pedal also comes with a battery.

*Ultra Clear Super Bright LED; color of your choice of course! Choose from Blue, White, Red, Green, Orange or Yellow (PLEASE NOTE* You must specify which LED color you want at check out; in PayPal there is a "notes to seller" section. Please add the LED color of choice there.)

*Upgraded aluminum knobs, MUCH higher quality and they look great!

*Upgraded Input and Output jacks; we upgrade the generic cheap ones to Switchcraft: the best brand of jacks used in top of the line custom amps.

*Upgraded battery snap: More durable and hard plastic.

*The Big Muff IS True Bypass!

Pedal Notes:

Over the years the different Big Muff's had different Mid settings. Some were scooped to the max and some were more pushed than others. Generally speaking all Big Muff's are scooped in the Mid section. The PepTone Mod not only attacks the clipping of the pedal to give vintage true tones but the Mids knob is a superb way to "dial in" a favorite setting if you want a specific "vintage" Big Muff tone. Now, you can completely push the Mids for a different fuzz tone. If you are looking for a vintage Big Muff Mids section, keep the Mids knob in the range of 7 o'clock to 9 o'clock. In combination with the tone knob, there is a giant range of tone options now.

Warranty Information Full 5 Year Warranty for Modification
Other Details Return Policy (Domestic): PepTone has a 2 week Guarantee. This gives you 2 weeks to try the product out with your setup. If you decide not to keep it, simply contact us for a FULL invoice refund (Minus what it costs to ship it back to us; the original price and original shipping costs are fully refunded back to you).
Return Policy (International): PepTone has a 2 week Guarantee. This gives you 2 weeks to try the product out with your setup. If you decide not to keep it, simply contact us for a FULL product refund (Only the pedal/product price is refunded. The shipping costs both ways are not refundable).

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