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OHIO PENITENTIARY Electric Chair Photo COLUMBUS Prison For Sale


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This vintage original photograph is being sacrificed from my personal collection and the proceeds will fund maintenance on the collection.Ohio State Penitentiary
1st Ten Electric Chair Executions
Columbus, OH
1897 - 1901
Cabinet Card Measures approx 4.25”x FIND
110 years old!
I am pleased to offer this historic, antique Cabinet Card Photo from the allegedly haunted Ohio Penitentiary formerly located in Columbus, Ohio. This macabre souvenir would have been purchased by a tourist visiting the prison. Features the mug shots of the first 10 men to sit and die in “OLD SPARKY”. Also features a close up image of the wooden Electric Chair as well as an execution scene with 3 officials, likely Warden and Guard, attending to a man strapped to the chair with the leather Death Mask over his face. The opening in the ceiling over the chair is the trapdoor that men would fall through when being killed by the previous method of executions... hanging or lynching. This prison inmate-made mug shot card is likely the last one you will ever see! This artifact will certainly be a relic from a time gone and the methods of how the law reaped it’s justice....or vengeance. Better investment than gold coins! Has normal wear but in great condition for being 110! Here is a list of the men who faced the death penalty and have their mugshot featured on this Souvenir from the O.P. Annex:1. WILLIAM HAAS - First person legally electrocuted in the history of Ohio. Known as the “boy murderer”. He raped Mrs. William Brady, slashed her throat and lit her house on fire. (Cincinnati, Hamilton County)
2. WILLIAM WILEY - Murder of his wife, while seemingly possessed by the devil himself in an insane rage. Electrocuted minutes after Haas in a double execution, the stench still in the air. Prison official drew lots to see who would die first. (Cincinnati)
3. FRANK MILLER - A man from Poland who murdered his employer’s wife by crushing her skull with an axe. (Columbus)
4. ALBERT FRANTZ - The Dayton murderer who killed his pregnant fiance, Bessie Little, after having betrayed her. He pulled his horse carriage to the Miami river, shot her and dumped her body over the side. (Dayton)
5. FRANK EARLY - Cincinnati premeditated wife-murderer. She “sank to the floor a corpse “ after he fired a bullet into her right eye. It took six applications of electricity before he was pronounced dead. (Cincinnati)
6. CHARLES NELSON - negro who murdered a Wood County grocer, James Zimmerman, to satisfy the whims of an immoral woman. Was an expert banjo player of death row. (Bowling Green)
7. BRUNO KIRVES - murdered his beautiful Christian daughter while drunk by blowing off her head with a shotgun. (Dayton)
8. RICHARD GARDNER - Raped and murdered an eleven year old Ross County girl, Ethel Long. To make his fiendish deed possible, he used his knife after the manner of the Cæsarian atrocities. He then slashed her throat. (Austin)
9. ROSLYNN FERRELL - Murdered his best friend, Eugene Lane, in Union County to secure money for the woman he loved. Got the chair instead of a wedding. (from Columbus)
10. EDWARD RUTHVEN - A robber who killed Cleveland police officer, Shipp. His wife was his co-defendent and she made a fantastic escape from the Ohio Penitentiary.The last one of these cards that was offered for sale was in 2005 and sold for $700. Here is a From 1897 to 1963 there were 315 persons put to death in Ohio’s electric chair including three women. The first woman was a serial killer named Anna Marie Hahn who was carried to the chair kicking and screaming. A member of the John Dillinger Gang, Harry Pierpont, was executed here as well. Harry was featured in the new movie PUBLIC ENEMIES. Dr. Howard Snook, a Ohio State University professor an Olympic Gold Medalist was sentenced to death for the murder of his mistress. Even Al Capone’s archenemy, Bugs Moran, spent time here. During the American Civil War, Confederate General John Hunt Morgan tunneled out and escaped along with the rest of "Morgan's Raiders". Famous short story writer, O Henry served several years here alongside his friend, Al Jennings. Dr. Sam Sheppard served a decade here. This notorious prison was the site of several large riots and had many stories of spirits and ghosts. Cassie Chadwick died in this prison after defrauding several Cleveland banks by claiming she was the illegitimate daughter of Andrew Carnegie. There was even a group of native american apache indians incarcerated. Important piece with high caliber historical significance and provenance. During the battle between DC and AC current, genius inventor Thomas Edison, tried to use the electric chair as a way of demonizing AC power used by Westinghouse. Would be great for family genealogy for a relative looking to preserve an interesting story of their heritage before the days of gangsters John Dillinger and Al Capone. Would also be of interest to any True Crime enthusiast, Judge, police badge collector, governor, graphic artist or other historical society. May also be of interest to black americana collectors as there are ten men of color featured. There are many tales of hauntings, ghosts and other paranormal activity at this prison for the witch hunters out there. This prison was just as notorious as Libby Prison, Andersonville, Alcatraz, Leavenworth, Sing Sing and Auburn. SEE MY OTHER sales FOR SIMILAR!
Low starting offer with !
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Keep an eye on my current and upcoming sales that will feature additional vintage museum quality items. Post mortem photography, Pulp Fiction Detective magazines, black americana cast iron bank,
Wapakoneta fire engine engraving, Boxer rebellion beheading stereoview, tobacco advertising sign, Danvers State Hospital Insane Asylum art, a daguerreotype, tintype, real photo postcard and CDV collection. Will ship domestically to the following states for $5.00: Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, Wyoming. International buyers feel free to ask for a shipping quote. Payment appreciated and expected within 7 days.

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