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OOAK K Pawz Artist Realistic Tabby Kitten Cat with Sculpted Face For Sale

OOAK K Pawz Artist Realistic Tabby Kitten Cat with Sculpted Face

This item has been shown times.

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OOAK K Pawz Artist Realistic Tabby Kitten Cat with Sculpted Face :

2011 2x TOBY Industries Choice Winning artist Krista Griffiths of



Soft Sculpture with Resin Sculpted Face

Realistic Brown Tabby Kitten

Creation #24 of 2011

One of A Kind

8" nose to tail, 5" from floor to shoulders

I would like to welcome you to mysale, and thank you for letting me introduce you to a very sweet kitten named Zack with some very unique features.

Please read all of the sale terms prior to offerding.

Zack is my first kitten to have a muzzle sculpted out of Epoxy resin with fur applied over top hair by hair, to blend in with the rest of his fur. The muzzle is hard, but the fur over top makes it soft, as you can see from his photos it is very difficult to tell where the resin stops and the fur fabric begins. I am very pleased with the results and there will be more creations using this technique in the future.

You will see photos of Zack with his buddy Zander the Weimeraner puppy, but this sale is for Zack the kitten only, Zander is available in a separate sale.

I have created Zack in the size and appearance of approximately a 6-8 week old kitten.

Zack is created is created without the use of any joints, he is all one piece with an inner wire armature to aid in his poses.

Zack's face is sculpted out of epoxy resin directly onto his fabric face, it is a permanent part of him and not an attached piece, since it is an actual part of his face it will not fall off.

Zack's mouth and nose have been painted with acrylic paints and then sealed with a UV protecting sealer, with care the colors should stay true and vibrant for life, but care should be taken so that she doesn't bump her nose on anything hard as this could cause the paint to chip. Also since the fur fabric has been glued onto the Resin any use of any water should be avoided as this could cause problems with the fur coming off.

Zack has taxidermy eyes, they do NOT open and close.

Zack started off from a gorgeous piece of white imported faux fur;once all of his features and details were added I then airbrushed him with acrylic inks to achieve his realistic shading.

Zack is filled with poly fil, and poly pellets.

Zack's paws pads are applied from flexible polymer clay, they feel very real and are slightly pliable like a real kittens would be.

Zack's Attributes at a glance:

-Aone piece design body and head

-Extensively needle and scissor sculpted features

-Epoxy Resin Sculpted face with faux fur applied one hair at a time

- Taxidermy eyes (do not open and close)

-Realistic ears

- Poly fill, and poly pellets

- Extensive airbrush shading with Acrylic Inks

Zack will arrive at his new home witha removable K Pawz Creations hang tag, and a certificate of authenticity and originality, both signed by me, his creator Krista Griffiths.

Zack is a playful little kitten, but since he does contain small parts he should not be allowed to play unsupervised with small children.

Zack has been created as a piece of art to be shared for years to come and is not a toy.

For your security I only sell with the ID kpawz


Shipping is free worldwide on Zack. Inside Canada and the US shipping will include insurance up to $1000.00, and tracking within Canada and the US through Canada Post.

Outside of Canada and the US shipping is free as well, but this will only include $100.00 insurance and no tracking (Insurance and Tracking is highly recommended).

For full insurance and tracking outside of Canada and US, I will split the shipping with you, so it will be a cost of $30.00.

I value my Star Rating, please remember that Zack is shipping from Canada, so shipping time will be longer than coming from the US, I ship within 2 business days of receiving cleared payment.

Custom, Duty and VAT fees are the buyers responsibility

Please visit my about ME page, or contact me through 's ask the seller a question.

Payment/Lay away

Contact is appreciated with in 3 days of the sale's end, and Payment with in 4 days of sales end via Pay Pal.

I want you to be happy with every K Pawz Creation that you add to your collection, so returns are accepted with in 30 days, and will be a credit voucher towards a future K Pawz Creation. If you are unhappy with your K Pawz Creation simply notify me and return the bear or friend (at your expense in original shape and packaging), and a credit voucher will be sent on receipt of the returned bear or friend for the purchase price.

Don't forget to visit Zack's puppy buddy Zander, they would make a great pair.

Bear Hugs,
Krista andZack

© K Pawz Creations 2011

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