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See Our sales for The Widest Variety Of High Quality Antique Fraternal & Masonic Swords! ANTIQUES ARE A GOOD INVESTMENT. THEY PROVIDE GREAT PLEASURE WHILE GROWING IN VALUE! WE WELCOME YOU TO CLASSICLITERATI sales One of the Most Decorative Odd Fellows Swords! PRESENTING A FABULOUS HIGHLY ORNATE & RARE ANTIQUE Circa Early1900's ODD FELLOWS "PATRIARCHS MILITANT" SWORD! MOST IMPRESSIVE AND DYNAMIC STYLE! "INDEPENDENT ORDER OF ODD FELLOWS"! OUTSTANDING SHOWPIECE MATERIAL! PATTERNED AFTER THE FINEST MILITARY PRESENTATION SWORDS! RARE!..SYMBOLS IN DEEP RED! ALL SEEING EYE SEES ALL! GREAT ROCOCO BEAUTY!...THE ULTIMATE ORNATE ANTIQUE ODD FELLOWS SWORD! MANY FINE ESOTERIC SYMBOLS! "PATRIARCHS MILITANT! THE THREE GREAT LINKS OF ODD FELLOWSHIP! DECORATIVE TWO SIDED GRIP! A DISPLAY OF PROFOUND SYMBOLS! TWO GREAT COAT-OF ARMS CRESTS! THE REVERSE CAN LOCK INTO AN UPWARD POSITION! A PICTURESQUE IOOF PATTERN! SYMBOLIC CROWNED GLOBE POMMEL! IMPRESSIVE SCABBARD WITH GOLD MOUNTS! WELL CRAFTED USING A VARIETY OF TECHNIQUES! EVERY SECTION IS MIGHTY ORNATE! HANDSOME ETCHED & ENGRAVED ROCOCO BLADE! RICH IN SYMBOLISM & ESOTERIC ICONOGRAPHY! EACH & EVERY SYMBOL HAS GREAT MEANING! BEAUTIFULLY CRAFTED BY “THE M. C. LILLEY & COMPANY”! Below is a nostalgic antique picture showing the buildings of the M.C. Lilley & Company where this great Sword was created. This is how things looked back then. (This illustration is used only as a historic reference and does not come with the Sword.) AN IMPRESSIVE ORNATE SWORD FROM ONE OF THE MOST UNIQUE WORLD ORGANIZATIONS! A Phenomenal Fraternal Antique, From An Organization Inspired By The Precepts, Principles And Rituals of Freemasonry. VERY OLD, INTRIGUING & BEAUTIFUL! Visit Our Classicliterati sales Each Week For... Fascinating, Historic & Unique Collectible Treasures! Fabulous! Absolutely fabulous! This is by far the most Ornate and Elaborate Sword Design conceived for the quasi-military "Patriarchs Militant" of the Odd Fellows. The Sword hails from circa the early 1900's. It is a very beautiful item in very good vintage condition with only some normal minor wear here and there. The entire piece glows like magic. The Sword is absolutely beautiful. It glows like magic. This is in fact the finest example of this design we have come upon. The ornateness is a joy to behold. The large elaborate Guard on the front side is particularly noteworthy for its beauty. The symbolic gold Mounts are most attractive. The Drag with its distinctive Acorn is one of the nicest we have seen. Greatest skill and care went into creating this wonderful item. It hails from a Commander of the Patriarchs Militant branch of the “International Order Of Odd Fellows. This Elaborately Decorated Sword is quite fascinating. The Blade is nicely etched and engraved with many symbols. The name of the original owner is also there. This is a spectacular and very rare Odd Fellows Sword was made by "The M. C. Lilley & Co”, one of the finest and most qualitative historic firms. They, alongside “The Ames Sword Company”, “The Pettibone Bros” and “William Horstmann of Philadelphia” are considered the giants in the field. The Sword is topped off with a Pommel Cap that represents the Globe, our Planet Earth. And...the Globe proudly wears a Crown! Our current Sword encompasses the loftiest of principles. Marvelous symbolism throughout. Peace against War, Lion and Lamb, Truth and Justice and a belief in the highest of ideals. All originating from men who dreamed of changing the world for the better. Of creating and building a society where no human being would suffer neglect and apathy. Visit the sick. Help the destitute. Bury the dead. Those are among the many ancient Biblical principles embodied by this great group. There is much detail on the castings. We also really love the symbolic Pommel head, which is a fine, ALMOST SURREAL looking GLOBE WEARING A CROWN!!! This is one of the Best Historic Fraternal Swords you can find. It is patterned after the greatest Military Presentation Swords and not one bit less impressive! The Sword in its Scabbard measures approximately 36½ inches. Alone the Sword is around 35 nches. The Blade is about 28 inches. DO NOT PERMIT THIS WONDERFUL PATRIARCHS MILITANT CEREMONIAL SWORD TO ESCAPE! We regularly feature extremely attractive and also very rare, top quality antiques including among the finest in Fraternal and Masonic Swords and Historic Relics as well as many other fascinating items. Among our clients are Museums and Archives as well as many collectors the world over. Please keep checking our Classicliterati sales. We try to describe items to the best of our ability. If you have any questions, please ask before offerding. Buyer pays $25.00 S/H. Payment is expected within 5 days of sale close. International buyers should first ask about exact shipping costs. Payment in $USA funds only. Thank You. FREEMASONRY, ODD FELLOWSHIP & MASONS Known as the "Three Link Fraternity", the various Orders of” Odd Fellows” around the world, while often being mislabeled as belonging to the Masonic fraternity (which they were not), were nonetheless heavily connected to Freemasonry in more then just a small handful of ways. In fact, the group’s history is very interesting and should be mentioned. There has been much too much confusion here. Inspired by Freemasonry, the Odd Fellows as a movement came to America from England (splitting from the “Manchester Unity Order of Odd Fellows”) and by the 1880's they had become one of the largest (and due to their phenomenal insurance benefits, they at one time were THE largest) of all so-called Secret or Fraternal Societies in the United States (even outnumbering the Masons). While borrowing many Masonic symbols and regalia, such as the use of Aprons, images of Skulls, Beehives, the All-Seeing-Eye, Globes among hundreds of other Masonic elements and also following along the esoteric and spiritual lines of the Masonic Brotherhood, the Odd Fellows performed a wide variety of colorful and esoteric oriented rituals and initiations. Unjustly condemned by misguided segments within Catholicism and some other churches as being an Occult organization, with Pagan and even Satanic ideals, the misunderstood Odd Fellows, nonetheless thrived greatly during that early period. Standing for the universal human principles of "Friendship, Love and Truth", the group formed a significant nucleus of esoteric America and other parts of the world such as England, the Netherlands, Australia, etc. It should be mentioned that the Odd Fellows, like the Masons existed all over the world. While today no longer a prominent presence, curiously, there are still branches in Europe, Australia, etc. One often recognizes this Order by the three letters, "FLT" which stand for "FRIENDSHIP, LOVE & TRUTH" and which appears on much of their regalia. Their mottos included the following: VISIT THE SICK, RELIEVE THE DISTRESSED, BURY THE DEAD and EDUCATE THE ORPHANS. Much forgotten is the fact that (perhaps because of the insurance benefits), over two thirds (if not more) of all Odd Fellows consisted of members who also belonged to Masonry. Although today quite a small organization, we are aware of individual Odd Fellow members who are also active in their Masonic Lodges. The military-like “Patriarchs Militant”, once a spectacular feature as units in massive parades, with their extravagant costumes and brandishing their highly ornate swords, betray the obvious influence of the Masonic Order of Knights Templar. Dual membership in Odd Fellowship and Freemasonry was once very common. For reference puposes, below are two historic photographs: The first shows a jointly owned old building which served both as Odd Fellows Hall and Masonic Temple: This 19th Century Tombstone shows how very passionate this individual was about his membership in both the Masonic and Odd Fellow orders. CHECK OUR sales EACH WEEK FOR A WIDE SELECTION OF THE FINEST FRATERNAL & MASONIC SWORDS, ANTIQUES & OTHER FASCINATING QUALITY COLLECTIBLES! AN NOW...ON TO OUR GREAT ITEM! SUPERB ANTIQUE PATRIARCHS MILITANT SWORD!!! Notice of Copyright Ownership Please be advised that ALL and ANY parts of this sale Ad are fully protected under the rules of International Copyright Law. Any unauthorized reproduction of any part or parts of this sale ad (text & picture) is in direct violation of the law as well as of rules. No part or parts of this ad may be reproduced without permission.

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