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PURPLE~PURPLE~PURPLE: Sharp Half Pint Microwave Oven For Sale

PURPLE~PURPLE~PURPLE: Sharp Half Pint Microwave Oven

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PURPLE~PURPLE~PURPLE: Sharp Half Pint Microwave Oven:

I'm so excited to have this up for sale -- because I KNOW the enthusiastic fan base for this PURPLE Half-Pint. You appreciate it's whimsy and function...and like me, you're wondering WHY Sharp doesn't still make them! READ ON!
You know what this is: the hard-to-find SHARP Half-Pint Carousel microwave...in PURPLE. Ding-free and gleams (see example in photo of right side -- pretty and shiny/smooth); no nicks or scratches. In near new condition & really lovely. But the little purple brute weighs 25 pounds...so...the shipping's a little hefty. READ ON!
I had won this on back in 2007. I wanted it for an office setting -- but my viewing my co-workers' habits scared the HECK outta me! I knew they'd be too rough on this little beauty. So...I just KEPT IT in a box for the past 4 years. I had meant to list late summer...because parents are getting ready to send kids off to school...and this truly IS the best little mic for college dorms... But I never got around to it! It's been stored in a smoke-free home. Works perfectly.
OK. Let's go over the "stuff."
Model R-120DNicely fits a dinner plate or quiche Corning pan. PERFECT for a single person.Everyone think it's a bread-maker when they see it.You also get: the original glass carousel round plate, the original owner's manual and the Sharp plastic "roller" carousel.Roughly 14" cube.
All sales final. Emails are welcomed. Can pick up locally -- with CASH.
Remember: be around for your shipment or risk your neighbors' indiscretions (i.e., they may think YOUR box is THEIR box -- thx!) I can't be responsible for the kooky neighbors...

Sorry, no international buyers.Sales and shipping ONLY within 48-contiguous United States. Again: 25 pounds plus packing weight. I'll eat packing materials hard cost. You are welcome to pick up locally in Corpus Christi with CASH. Otherwise, shipped in sturdy moving box with plenty of bubble wrap and industrial packaging. I have taped the door shut with masking tape. I also carefully packaged the glass plate, the plastic roller thingy and the owner's manual SEPARATELY in the box, so look for that,k? Don't toss everything..thinking I put it all inside the oven. I did not.

And...that's that! HAPPY offerDING! I hope you get this PURPLE microwave...that everyone will remark...WHERE did you get a PURPLE microwave!

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