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Pair Vintage Altec Lansing "Valencia" Speakers 846A For Sale

Pair Vintage Altec Lansing

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Pair Vintage Altec Lansing "Valencia" Speakers 846A:

SPEAKER # 1 Base Driver: 416-16Z 391951 Horn Driver: 806A #791 391948 16 ohm
SPEAKER # 2 Base Driver: 416-16Z 391951 Horn Driver: 806A #789 391948 16 ohm
From what I have been able to determine they were manufactured in 1969 in the 48th week for the Horns and the 51st week for the Woofers. The only other markings were an AL 75. As originally described in their catalog;I am the second owner of these speakers. I purchased them from a music teacher in the lLivonia, MI school system where I resided back in the very early 70's. He was having a garage sale and I went to look for an item which I don't recall but we got around to talking about speakers. He asked if I was interested in purchasing a set that he had. He planned to have the identical speakers mounted in the wall of his new home and did not want to just destroy the beautiful wood cabinets of this set if he could sell them he would just purchase the same speakers separately. He told me he loved the speakers because of the very high tones they were able to reproduce.
I am not an audiophile but have enjoyed these, on occasion, over the last 35+ years. The reason for the sale is my wife would like to redo the living room, which is virtually never used except during the Christmas holidays when the speakers get their most use. They are just too large for our family room where we spend most of our time. I am hoping to find someone that would really appreciate these fine speakers as they are now vintage. They are in walnut cabinets and are in very nice condition. The only mark that is noticeable is on the top of one cabinet where my wife had used some type of placemat to protect the speaker but it took off some of the finish. It appears that it may be able to be rubbed out. The wood looks alright. One additional note; when taking pictures I noticed the cloth behind the grill on one speaker is darker than the other. My wife and I have never noticed this difference in all of the time we have had the speakers. Probably due to the distance the were placed apart. This also may have been due to their location; perhaps one received more sunlight than the other.
Please review the information and pictures and forward any questions prior to offerding. I will respond as quickly as I can with any information I can provide.
NOTE:Because of their vintage, size and weight I would prefer to sell them to local buyers who can pick them up or arrange to have that done. Should there be someone interested that would like them shipped they would need to arrange for pick up and I will assist as much as I can. If someone is interested in doing this I encourage them to make a personal visit to see and hear the speakers prior to your purchase. After payment and they leave my home I am no longer responsible and will not accept them as a return nor give credit.

On Jan-31-11 at 16:13:07 PST, seller added the following information:

ADDED:Due to the tremendous number of inquiries concerning these speakers I again looked them over to make sure I did not miss anything that I had not previously noted. I had not noticed two areas on the bottom of one speaker. Picture # 9 shows a view head on of the speaker, picture # 10 (bottom left)and # 11 (bottom right) show the two areas referenced.

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