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Picture Frame Joiner V-Nailer Joining Gun Underpinner For Sale

Picture Frame Joiner V-Nailer Joining Gun Underpinner

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Picture Frame Joiner V-Nailer Joining Gun Underpinner :

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If you need vnails with your order than check out our new website at Durotools .com

This sale is for a new handheld vnailer for joining miter chops. This is a must have for Picture Framers or woodworkers looking for a vnail machine oreven as an addition to your tools if you already have an underpinner. I get better joins, faster joins,and am able to join larger width frames with this gun than any underpinnerI have ever used. Not to mention since the back of the frame is facing you unlike a regular underpinner you can see where the vnails are going so you don't mess up and blow nails through the top of the frame. This gun takes standard glue or silicon backed vnails and the clip holds all size nails so there are no heads to change for different lengths.The miter bracket can extend 7 1/2 inches from the corner so it can join very large width frames and without the bracket you can join framesof any width. Just glue and clamp the frame with a band or miter clamp, flip it over and center the headbetween thetwo joints and pull the trigger, it's that simple. Once all corners are vnailed you can unclamp the frame and move to the next.

90° V-NAILS HOLD MITERED CORNERS TIGHT The Picture Frame Corner Nailer is a durable but lightweight tool that shoots specially designed fasteners(vnails) that firmly lock clamped or pre-glued picture frame miter joints into place - fasteners are aligned with the grain to take advantage of the natural strength of the wood:

  • 25 nails/minute uses 0.4 scfm @ 90psi - 60-100psi operating pressure.
  • Trigger-operated, sequential firing. Directional exhaust port.
  • Lever-release magazine holds 300 7mm (1/4"), 10mm (3/8"), 12mm (7/16") or 15mm (5/8") nails without any expensive heads to change like a standard vnailer.
  • Comes with 800 12mm nails, extra driver mechanism, carrying case, 1/4" MNPT air fitting, wrenches, oil and instructions.
  • 7.87"H x 2.31"W x 8.86"L.
  • One-year parts and workmanship warranty.
  • Clamp in Picture is not included but we sell corner and band clamps that work great with this item to speed up the joining of multiple frames at a time.
  • Simply glue and clamp the corners then shoot vnails to hold the joins together and then unclamp and move to the next frame.
  • Full replacement parts are available if ever needed.
  • This is an exclusive imported gun made by an overseas manufacturer that makes pneumatic air tools for all the top namebrand companies.
  • This gun takes standard vnails butI also sell vnails for it in packs of 2,450for: 7mm(1/4")-$19.90, 10mm(3/8")-$21.59, 12mm(7/16")-$26.64, and 15mm(5/8")-$27.94.If you needvnails or wedges than go toourwebsite durotools .com so that you can order the nails online, we accept paypal, credit, or debit card.

  • For those that are new to picture framingor miter joining I would like to explain how a standard underpinner works so that whenI explain the differences you will understand better. For those that have used a standard underpinner before you may want to just skip and read the bold parts of the paragraphs.

    Let me start by saying that I am a second generation Picture Framer with over15 years experience. I was taught by a CPF (certified picture framer) inmy family who has owned 12 retail stores andfounded a wholesale picture frame supply company thathas been in business for over 30 years. The reason thatI am telling you this is becauseI am going to explain why this tool is better than standard underpinners that cost10 times as much and if you know my background you will better trust whatI am telling you

    Standard underpinners generally mount inside a table or they make an expensive stand you can buy. Thereason for this is so theframe is even with the top of the machine. Not only do you need a large table to mount it in but it is a pain to setup and takes up a lot of room in your shop because you alsoneed to have a large table behind or to your sides so the legs of the frame are supported during the joining process. If youdon't havethe machine top perfectly even with the other supporting table or stand then thecornerswill neveralign right. The Standard underpinner takes up a lot of room in your work area, with the handheld version you don't need any special or custom table built, you can use it wherever you have room for the frame to lay.

    NextI will explain how you set up a standard machine to join a frame. First you take a leg of the frame andgaugeto see what length size nails you need. You want touse the size that will go from the bottom of the frame to near the face of the frame so itwill beas well supported as it can be. Using too small of a vnail won't give a good hold and too largewill shoot through the top of the frame. Then you have to take an allen wrench and undo thesize that is in the machine. Since there are 4 sizes and moulding profiles vary, youcommonly have to change it with every different frame you use. Because on a standard underpinner the glued area of the frame goes over this head it almostalways has dried glue that you needto removejust to be able to loosen the head to get it off. The handheldgun is placed above thejoining areaof the frame so gravitydraws the excessglue away from your machinery therefore it doesn't end up covered in glue.Once you get it off you need toinstall the right size, load and secure the nails and then tighten it.For frames that aren't flat you will sometimes need to change the head twice for one frame because the thicker area needs a longer nail than the shorter area does.The handheld gun takes all 4 size vnailswithout having any heads to change. This saves many steps which in turnsaves you so muchback and forth hasslewhen switchingsizes,not to mention saving the cost of each headis more than 60 dollars each.

    Ifthe three previous pointsweren't enough of a reason to switch thenI will keep explain the process and differences.

    Once you havefirst part of thesetup complete you then take one leg and place it in the miter bracket, then you choose where you want the vnail closest to the rabbet to be place and set the one stop by turning on a knob. You then set the stop where you want the vnail closest to the edge of the frame to go. The gun also has a miter bracket thatcan be set for repeating multiple vnails in the same spot on each miter corner except it is a lot more precise. Because rather than setting two stops closest and furthest from the edge and guessing every point of placement in between, with the handheld version you can set exactly where every nail goes if you desire or you can loosen the bracket and just eye where you want the nail to go. This isn't an option with an underpinner since you can't see where the nail is going because it faces away from you.

    Next you set the clamps that hold the frame in place while the vnail is being shot through the bottom. If you have it too close the pressure will crush the frame (especially with softwoods and thin frames) but if you have it too far away it will not hold it together tight enough so when you press on the pedal it will shoot a nail into a big gap and possibly ruin the miter cut. You will need to be very accurate when setting these clamps on a traditional underpinner and this needs to be constantly readjusted while the same corner join is being moved from stop to stop. With the handheld version you don't need all of these adjustment because the frame will be facedown andsecurely held in place with a simplemiter or band clamp. Then all you have to do is point where you want the nail and shoot. It will be impossible for you to crush the frame because rather than one rod coming down in a small spot on the face of the frame to hold it in place, insteadthelittle pressure you apply with the gunwillbe evenly distributed all the way around the frame so you don't have to worry about a machine crushing or denting an expensive or rare frame.

    The differenceI findmost appealing is that with the regular underpinner you shoot the nails blind because the face of the frame is up andthe mitered cornercovers the area where the nails shoot from,therefore you can't see where the nails are going to be placed into the bottom of the frame. This is especially a problem with large and odd shape frames because if the profile goes from tall, to thin in the middle,to tall again you don't want to shoot a nail in the thin area because it may shoot through the top, and since the frame is covering where it is being shot from you can't see where it is going, you can only guess. With large frames, let's say you put 5 nails from one stop to the other and as you pull it out you see that it isn't enough to properly hold the miter together so you place it back over the vnail head. Now you shoot a couple more nails in and since you can't see where the old nails are because it is on the bottom facing the floor, you then put one where there already was one and itpushes the other one through the face of the frame. Now you ruinedtwo legs or at least half of the frame and you will have to pull apart the corners that are already together, remove the nails with pliers, and trim the miter flat again, then you need to cut or order new legs or possibly a whole frame if you want it to be a guaranteed match.With the handheld this will never happen becauseeverything is reversed, rather than the nail coming from underneath where you can't see, you will be looking at the back of the frame from over top so you can simply put the nailsright where they are needed with no guessinglike a regular underpinner.

    If you plan on joining frames that are all the same profiles(shape) and also in volume of ten or more then a traditional underpinner may be a wiser decision. But if you plan on joining a lot of different profile or shape frames like a custom picture framer that offers a lot of choices or a cabinet shop that does custom work thenI would definitely recommend this gun.

    I will package this item very well for shipping because I myself hate receiving damaged items. I will also post the tracking number with the sale so you can track it on your my page. Most sales ship within two business days after sale closes.

    Please checkout my other woodworking items for sale.

    For international shipping the price currently listed is accurate.I will give a combined shipping discount of 5.50 for this item and other qualifying items ordered after the first. To determineyour total shippingdiscount, take the highest discount amount as the first item, and then add all your qualifyingdiscounts up and deduct that from your total shipping amount. Please make all purchases within 7 days and when you are done shopping I will automatically deduct the discount and send a revised invoice. If you want an item that was previously listed please click the ask a question link at the bottom of the page and tell me what you are looking for.

    Thank You and Good Luck!

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