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Pioneer Elite PD-F19 CD Player - 300 Disc Changer For Sale

Pioneer Elite PD-F19 CD Player - 300 Disc Changer

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Pioneer Elite PD-F19 CD Player - 300 Disc Changer:

Pioneer Elite PD-F19 CD Player
This item is in GREAT Condition. There are VERY Few cosmetic flaws, only a scratch or two on the top of the player.
The remote is NOT included
Serial Number: UBAH005678US - February 2000
Original Retail: $4000

TheElite PD-F19 CD PlayerPlayer was the last high capacity CD player having the traditional Elite styling with rosewood side panels and gold trim. This player could hold 300 CDs; current Elite models hold 301 but do not have the elegant looking side panels and gold trim. As always, Pioneer invested the latest technology into this player at the time. Here were some of the features:

  • CD Keyboard Title Input
  • Center Loading Mechanism ( 43.3 cm deep)
  • 10 Custom Filing Modes
  • Powered Door
  • 50 Track Best Selection Memory
  • Jog Dial
  • Title Input
  • CD Deck Synchro
  • Memory Back-up
  • Full random Play
  • 20 Disc Previous Disc Scan
  • 36 Track / Disc Programmed Play
  • Hi Lite Scan
  • Programmed Hi Lite Scan
  • Memory Backup approx. 30 Days
  • Memory Hold
  • Last Disc Memory
  • 2 Unit Link Connection
  • Headphone Out w/ Volume Control
  • Programmed Total time Display
  • Pioneer SR Remote Control
  • Pioneer SR In / Out for System Integration

Performance Features:

  • High Bit Legato Link Conversion
  • 24 Bit D/A Conversion (Burr-Brown)
  • Optical and Coaxial Digital Output
  • Low - Noise / Low - Loss Laser Pickup
  • Large Insulator Feet

Playback Options

  • 3 Playback Modes: Single Disc, All Disc, Custom
  • 3 Random Play Modes Single Disc, All Disc, Custom
  • 8 Repeat Modes

Please ask any questions BEFORE offerding.
Thank you!!!

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