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Pioneer SX-1080 vintage stereo receiver – Restored For Sale

Pioneer SX-1080 vintage stereo receiver – Restored

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Pioneer SX-1080 vintage stereo receiver – Restored:

This sale is for a beautiful Pioneer SX-1080 vintage stereo receiver that has been completely restored. The SX-1080 is rated at 120 watts rms per channel, and in my opinion is one of the most beautiful of the 1970’s era “monster receivers”.

Photos are of the unit being saleed: Serial # ZF2905936S.

I offer the following observations and opinions about the condition of this receiver as a convenience to buyers. buyers are responsible for forming their own opinion about the receiver’s condition based on the photos. I’ll be glad to send additional photos if you request.

The receiver is in very good cosmetic condition. It has a few minor scratches. None of the knobs and switches are bent. All lettering is intact. The wood cabinet has minor damage to two back corners, which is shown in the last photo. All lamps and meters work. The receiver displays beautifully, day and night. The back panel is also in very good condition.

Circle Stereo performed a “Complete Restoration” on this SX-1080 in November 2009. I’ve included a photo of the receipt which shows the serial #, and the parts that were returned to me. Here’s information about Circle Stereo:

See Item # 360088909547 for more information about Circle Stereo’s restoration service that was performed on this receiver. This restoration service for this receiver cost $367.78, plus it cost me approximately $55 to ship the receiver to Circle Stereo, yielding a total cost of $422.78 for the restoration service. Note that the 3 dial lamp holders (which are prone to disintegrating and breaking) have been replaced by simple and effective “O rings” that hold the lamps in place, and the wiring leads are soldered to the wire loops of the wedge lamps. If a dial lamp must be replaced in the future, this will require a fairly easy soldering job.

Following is the description on the receipt from Circle Stereo for the restoration:


I’ve used this SX-1080 in my vintage hi-fi stack for approximately one year and I’ve never had a problem with the unit. I’ve recently tested the receiver and verified that the following all work: AUX, TAPE PLAY 1 and 2 (which can be used as two additional “AUX” line-level inputs), AM, FM, and Phono 1 and 2. I’ve also verified that Speaker A, Speaker B, and the headphone outputs all work. No hum, hiss or buzz can be heard from the listening position when the input source is muted and the volume is set to normal listening level. All controls operate smoothly and with no noise. When testing this receiver I did back-to-back comparisons with several other vintage receivers, including another SX-1080 and an SX-1980, and the sound quality compares very favorably.

Here’s a brief video of this SX-1080 in operation:

This receiver comes from the living area of a home (i.e., not stored in basement or garage), with no smoking and no pets.

The only deliverables are the Pioneer SX-1080 receiver shown in the photos, the parts that were returned to me by Circle Stereo (if you want them), and a copy of the receipt for the restoration.

I will refund the purchase price (excluding shipping costs) if the receiver is DOA, and is shipped back to me within 3 days, and is returned in the same condition shown in the photos posted on this sale. If you return the receiver you must pay shipping both ways. Because I am not a technician I cannot provide a warranty.

Unit will be securely packaged with plenty of bubble wrap, and shipped UPS or FedEx with insurance, signature required. Shipping to a confirmed PayPal address in the continental USA only.

Payment via PayPal only, within 2 days of winning offer.

If you have any questions or concerns, please ask before offerding.

This restored SX-1080 will arrive ready-to-play, and won’t cost you the time, money, backache and hassle that would be required if instead you buy an un-restored receiver and then ship it to be restored. Thanks for your consideration.

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