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Plant Tissue Culture Cloning-Budget Starter Kit For Sale

Plant Tissue Culture Cloning-Budget Starter Kit

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Plant Tissue Culture Cloning-Budget Starter Kit:

The Super Starts Plant Tissue Culture Kit makes the speedy propagation of vigorous new plantlets easy for the hobby gardener. In a clean kitchen with a few household items, anyone can now do plant tissue culture propagation. The magic of plant tissue culture is that plant parts and growing tips are grown in a solution of sugar, nutrients, and hormones in culture tubes and jars. Plants are maintained under low intensity lights like fluorescentsas they multiply and grow. Regular sugar feed the plants energy for vigorous growth, and hormonesblow outshoot and root growth.

This starter kit is ready to plant. In about 20 minutes you can put your first 8 cuttings into plant tissue culture. the special gel in the tubes is already prepared to use. The plants that grow in the starter tubes can be transferred into the Super Starts kit (see listing) to produce thousands of rooted clones every few months. Make more or less as you like. Tissue culture is far superior to ordinary cloning, it is only different and must be kept clean. After 30 days in the tubes, purchase the Super Starts kit and prepare the jars as directed. The Starter plants can be cut fill 8 to 30 tissue culture jars.

In only a few weeks,a fewplantlets in a baby food jar can multiply into 9 to 30 new plants. Asmall tray with 30 jars can produce 240 plants every 3 weeks under only 32-40 watts of light.Aggressive multiplication is one of the greatest advantages of plant tissue culture.

Tissue culture replaces the mother plants with a regular supply of fresh plantlets. Tissue Culture is the method commercial growers use to create acres of new clones from only a small lab. The Super Starts Plant Tissue Kit allows you to create a "bank of clones" from which you can withdraw anyamount from a dozen to thousands.

In addition to the popular advantages of space and light-saving and aggressive multiplication, the new plants can be steered toward shoot or root growth using hormones. The new plantlets root and grow quickly when taken from the jars and planted in soil or plugs. A tissue-cultured plantproduces squat branching plants. They will produce plants much better than conventional propagation when provided a superior environment.

The trick that makes tissue culture work isthe preservative.Now growers at home do not have to have expensive lab equipment. You can tissue culture your plants inside a plastic storage container.The jars are sterilized in a pressure cooker which you provide andplantsare cleaned with alcohol and bleach.

The kit has been so effectivethat usershave traveled around the US and to other countries with my kit and set up brand new in only a few hours. Tissue culture plants are tough enough to be sold in gift shops around the world and carried on airplanes. In fact, tissue culture plants from Costa Rica and Hawaii are recognized by authorities as "phytosanitary" and allowed into the country.

If you are interested in plant tissue culture at all, you are encouraged to purchase the Super Starts Plant Tissue Culture Kit right away and begin to putyour plantinto culture. The first steps are easy and the plant will begin to grow in its new environment quickly. "Buy it and do it as soon as you can. I wish I had not waited".

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