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Plastic Miniatures Macross/Robotech/Battletech Unseen For Sale

Plastic Miniatures Macross/Robotech/Battletech Unseen

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Plastic Miniatures Macross/Robotech/Battletech Unseen:

These are two plastic model kits from Takatoku, containing a total of eight plastic miniatures of mecha from the animated series Super Dimension Fortress Macrossand its American spin-off, Robotech. The game Battletech from FASA included a number of 'Mechs based on these designs, now known as the unseen, so you could also use these minis with Battletech: they are 1/320 scale, so they're a little bit smaller than the official Battletech minis, but still close enough to work.
These kits contain small parts and so are not suitable for young children as they might present a choking hazard.The boxes are open, but the sprues inside the boxes are still sealed in their plastic bags. Some of these minis just need to be cut from the sprue and they are ready to be painted, but most of them require some assembly.
The boxes are not in especially great shape: they have plenty of scuffs and scratches, and the entire back side of one is concave, probably from being slightly crushed (the contents are fine).
The included minis are listed below, in the format "Macross Name/Robotech Name/Battletech Name:"
  • VF-1J Valkyrie in Battroid mode/Officer's Veritech in Battloid mode/Wasp (or Wasp LAM in 'Mech mode)
  • Destroid Spartan/Destroid Spartan/Archer
  • VF-1J Valkyrie in Gerwalk mode/Officer's Veritech in Guardian mode/Wasp LAM in Air-Mech mode
  • Reguld Battle Pod/Zentraedi Battle Pod/Ostsol
  • VF-1J Armored Valkyrie/Armored Veritech/Crusader
  • VF-1J Valkyrie in Fighter mode/Officer's Veritech in Fighter mode/Wasp LAM in Fighter mode
  • Destroid Tomahawk/Destroid Tomahawk/Warhammer
  • Glaug Officer's Pod/Zentraedi Officer's Pod/Marauder I

I have several sales ending at the same time, and will combine shipping on most items to the best of my ability. If you win multiple items, request an invoice from me before you pay and I'll see what I can do to save you some money on shipping.

I normally only ship UPS, with the exception of items that qualify for media mail, which I will also ship via USPS. If you purchase an item that I only offer UPS for, and you need me to ship to a PO box or to an APO/FPO, contact me and I will send you an invoice for shipping via USPS.

All of my items are sold as-is. I only issue refunds if I send you the wrong item, if it gets lost in the mail, or if it is damaged significantly in the mail. If your item never arrives, please contact me so that I can try to track it down; if I can't, I will issue a full refund. If you receive the wrong item or if you believe that the item you received does not materially match the item description, contact me and I will have you return it. Once I receive the returned item I will evaluate its condition and take one of three actions:

A: If the item really is wrong, I will either send you a correct item or issue a full refund. I will pay all shipping costs in both directions.

B: If the item was as I described, I will issue a partial refund, but you will absorb all shipping costs (original and return).

C: If the item was obviously altered deliberately, I will send it right back to you and no refund will be issued. This policy exists to prevent people from deliberately damaging or destroying an item in order to receive a refund, and is rarely enforced because the difference between accidental damage by the shippers and deliberate vandalism by the recipient is usually pretty obvious.

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