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PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Immersion Circulator For Sale

PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Immersion Circulator

This item has been shown times.

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PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Immersion Circulator:

My Last one!!The hound has inspected this unit, top to bottom!

PolyScience Sous Vide Professional Immersion Circulator

Brand New - First Quality - Cook just like Thomas Keller (or just look like him)

Free Shipping

Comes with instruction manual with recipes co-written by Mr. Keller himself.

Description :

  • Sous vide cooking locks in food’s natural flavors, nutrients and moisture.
  • The unit clamps securely to the side of any stockpot or large container.
  • Cooking temperatures adjust from 59°F to 212°F with the push of a button – and can be set to 1/10th of a degree.
  • Large LCD screen displays actual and desired temperatures (in Fahrenheit or Celsius), so you can monitor progress at a glance.
  • A powerful pump circulates heated water throughout the pot to ensure uniform cooking temperatures.
  • Made in USA.
  • Includes book by Keller, Warranty card, Quick tip cooking card, Etc.
    • 4" x 7 1/4” x 14” high.
    • 9 lb. 8 oz.
    • 1100W.
    • Made in USA.

    I accept PayPal ONLY. Please make your payment within 3 days after thesale end or send me an email if you have problem with your payment.Please do not offer if you can't go all the way through ~ thank you.
    Sale is final ~ Returns are NOT accepted. Please ask questions before offerding. I'm not responsible once the item shipped.

    I only ship to confirmed paypal address only ~ NO ACCEPTIONS. Thank You.

    As Always, Dog Not Included

    As always, people have inane questions. I'll get you started:

    Question: I heard that Grant Achatz (3 star Michelin chef) from Chicago's Alinea uses PolyScience equipment exclusively, He had cancer of the tongue. Will I get cancer of the tongue if I use immersion cookers as well?

    Answer: Perhaps. Just to be safe, always walk around with a big Costco sized vat of hand sanitizer. And toilet seats, don't get me started. I suggest you learn how to hover. Especially since that CNN report that the new strain of herpes can now jump. Forget underwear, did you hear how the Victoria's Secret store in Manhattan was infected by bed bugs?? Perhaps undercooked meat and veggies just aren't for you. As mamma always said, "If its brown, its cooking. If its black, its done." Mamma don't raise fools.

    Question: I see there is some squirrels in the photos. Were they cooked sous-vide style? Are they good protein? Are they light? Were they mushy?

    Answer: They are all three. They are "Plushy."

    Question: Hello kind sir, I am from Nigeria. I was wondering if I could buy this with a mony order. Actually, I will send you a mony order for $200 more than the sale winning offer. Then I will send my courier to split the difference. God be with you.Answer: Nigerian Please. Since there aren't any decent chefs in your god-less country, and we all know the "mony" order will be fake, I'm gonna say, "no." However, I for one appreciate your preserverance. Perhaps the Walmart crowd will go for your ruse.

    Buy Now


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