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President Washington PDF SERVICE MANUAL + Schematic Diagrams Year 1977 CB Radio For Sale

President Washington  PDF SERVICE MANUAL + Schematic Diagrams Year 1977 CB Radio

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President Washington PDF SERVICE MANUAL + Schematic Diagrams Year 1977 CB Radio:

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Yaesu FL-2100B
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Yaesu FT-101 B
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Yaesu FT-101 EE
Yaesu FT-101 EX
Yaesu FT-726R - OUR -
- M A N U A L S -

E A S Y P D F D O W N L O A D !

President Washington Service Manual®Year 1977
Service Manual +HR Schematics,Year 1977

◄ Click on Cube to Enlarge The Covers

PDF Filessent to your PayPal's Email Address, The email will have a link to download your file

● This Manual is Scanned from our Original, It is not a copy from a copy
●40 Pages of the Service Manual, In Adobe Reader ® PDF Format
●Specifications, Controls, Operation, Receiver & Transmitter Alignment, Synthesizer
Alignment, Main Boards & Power Supply Board, Parts List & Descriptions. Schematics
& Block Diagram.

● The Main Board and the Parts list for this Service Manual shows and indicates the IC Chip
is ( IC7, UPD858 or UPD858C ), ( Sylvania Part #ECG977 or Uniden D858, K66256 ). This is Washington with the Main PC Board # ( PC-176AA ).

ALL emails will be sent to your registered email address listed from PayPal's buyer's transaction log... Delivery time will be 12 - 24 Hours after receiving your payment. The files(s) may be viewed and printed using Adobe Acrobat Reader ®. This software should be pre-installed on your computer.

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