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RARE 1938 McMurdo Silver 15-17 in Oxford Cabinet NR For Sale

 RARE 1938 McMurdo Silver 15-17 in Oxford Cabinet NR

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RARE 1938 McMurdo Silver 15-17 in Oxford Cabinet NR :

CONTINENTAL USA Sale Only!!! Here is a RARE 1938 McMurdo Silver 15-17, Chrome chassis, 4 Band Radio in the McMurdo Silver Oxford Cabinet. It don’t get any better than this!! This 43” x 28” x 19”, FIFTEEN TUBE powerful radio plays loud and clear and picks up many stations. The chassis was restored By Ray Bintliff of BETA-TEK (see his Business Card Ad in the back of ARC). There are only 2 people left in New England that I would let touch this set, and Ray lives the closest. You might know of Ray from The New England Radio Shows, or from the book he published last year “PRACTICAL RADIO REPAIR”. I am including an autographed copy of his book with this sale. You can see from his (11/4/10) $328 repair bill that he seriously went through this radio- changing all (over 30) capacitor, and numerous resistors and tubes. He also did all the cleaning and lubricating that the set deserves. He polished the chassis- it has pitting but still looks beautiful. At some point in the past, some glass tubes and tube shields were replaced with metal tubes. The 15” original Jensen speaker was reconed by Rich at Sound Remedy in Collingswood, NJ. He also does only Top Rate work, and I highly recommend him too!! The cabinet was refinished by “Little Joe” and looks very good. It has a few minor bumps and bruises, and you might want to buff it down, but it looks really fine the way it is. This radio is the highlight of the Golden age of Tube Radio where McMurdo Silver (formerly the Silver of Silver Marshall) and E.H.Scott fought it out to make the best High end, high tube count radios on the planet. Much has been written about the feuds between Silver and Scott, and you should check it out on the net. This was Silver’s last radio accomplishment before going bankrupt and E.H. Scott buying out his company . Most High End Radio collectors will tell you that the McMurdo Silver Consoles sound better than the Scott Consoles. Slusser does not have any McMurdo Silver radios listed in his books. He is a serious Scott collector. Stien has a number of the McMurdo Silver Masterpiece V in their cabinets listed in his PreWar Console Book for $4000- $8500. He does not list this last set McMurdo Silver made, and I believe it is far rarer than any Masterpiece set. This is a great and historic radio that is impossible to find. This is the only one of these I am aware to have ever been offered on , and this is . If you have been waiting for a Rare McMurdo Silver Console, this is your chance. Don’t miss out!!! LET’S TALK SHIPPING: This solid Radio is 43” x 28” x 19” and weighs over 125lbs unboxed! (Cabinet 60lb, Chassis 43lbs, Speaker 21lbs) FIRST (and best) CHOICE is you pick it up at my shop 50 miles north of Boston within 7 days of sale close. This gives you the chance to see it play, save shipping costs, and it gets the minimal abuse from shipping. Payment by PayPal before pickup or cash at pickup. Under special circumstances, I will hold the item up to 30 days for your pickup. PayPal Payment is still expected in 7 days or less. Obviously, if you can pick it up, you have a tremendous cost advantage. Second Choice is UPS or FedEx through my local shipper, but because of size and weight, it is pricey: $400 East of the Mississippi, $500 West of the Mississippi. Third Choice is shipment by Greyhound Bus. You will have to pick it up at your closest Greyhound Bus Terminal. This runs half the price of UPS/FedEx: $200 East of the Mississippi, $250 West of the Mississippi. BUT, maximum insurance is $300, and I will not be liable for any issues. I have used this service a number of times, and always successfully, but the risk is yours. Fourth Choice: If you have any other ideas on how you would like it shipped, please contact me before the sale closes by email or call (603) 772 7516 and let me know your idea. Please do not ask for special services AFTER the sale closes.

Remember, this is , so the high buyer will be the new owner. offer Now, and offer Strong. Speaking of , check out the other 4 Rare and unusual sales by Radioorphanage this week: 1931 Crosley #124 “Playtime” Grandfather Clock Radio NR, Excellent, Working, 1958 Predicta “Barber Pole” Television NR, RARE 1938 McMurdo Silver 15-17 in Oxford Cabinet NR, Zenith WinCharger 1930s Wind Generator (WinCo) NR, and Four NL-5550-1 or GL-5550-1 Ignitron Industrial Rectifier Tubes NR. Hey, somebody has to shake up this bland Radio sale World. I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of $10 1B3 TV tubes and $1000 reproduction Addisons. So go for these, All are - like Real sales should be !!! With prior notice, all items can be picked up at my shop – 50 miles north of Boston. Don’t be afraid to offer. YOU WON"T BE DISAPPOINTED !!! The Best to You, RADIOORPHANAGE

Our Standard Blurb: Some quick information:

1) US: We are your 5 Star ***** supplier!!! We have been selling on since June 1998, and with well over 3250 positive responses, you can offer with confidence that you will be pleased with our transaction. We take pride in offering nice merchandise accurately described, and very well packed. We have collected radios and related items for 40+ years and it is time to trim the collection. We enjoy the radio collecting hobby and have contributed to Bunis books on radio collecting, and we have published several articles on Transistor and Tube radio collecting in Today's Collector.

2) & US: We don't know everything, but in general have a good understanding of what we sell. We seldom use a reserve price. If we do, it is reasonable and below market value. IS the market, generally most items offer to their true value.

3) THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE YOU offer: All shipping costs are incurred by buyer. We take extra care in packaging, (Bubble wrap, foam pellets, proper boxes, etc.)(NOT the wadded up newspaper trick) There is a cost for doing this right. Our goal is to get it to you in good shape, and for you to not have to file those fruitless shipping claims. Let's face it, once it's broke, it's broke. We have lost a significant amount of money in packaging over the past few years, and will continue to do so to get it to you in one piece. Check our response - We are the Best Packers on , and we don’t extort you with exorbitant flat rate, or inflated shipping charges.

4) FOREIGN buyers: Foreign buyers are welcome. Payment is expected through Paypal only and due in 5 days or less. We have made many international friends on , unfortunately we have been burnt by several foreign buyers who never sent the funds. Please respect this. We do not make false customs papers- don't ask!! The customs form will be for the amount you paid.

5) PAYMENT FOR ITEM: PayPal is the payment of preference. We expect payment within 5 day of sale close or reserve the right to relist, if funds are not received by then. We WILL post negative response on NOSHOW buyers.

6) YOU & US: Note that the majority of what we sell is antique and/or collectable electronics. For liability purposes, RADIOORPHANAGE / Bruce Phillips accept NO responsibility for how the buyer uses or misuse of the items, and all items are sold electronically as is. We see you as a valued customer, and want you to be happy. offer with confidence, we are in this for the long haul- not for a quick buck. We want all our customers to have a 5 star ***** experience. If you do not believe you received 5 ***** product and service, let us know and we'll try to make it right. We have over 3250 positive responses and 100s of repeat customers and want you to be one also. Questions? Please ask! Email address: radioorphanage@comcast.net

On Feb-13-11 at 16:19:39 PST, seller added the following information:

I was asked about shipping: Remember, Pick up is my first choice, Greyhound is my 3rd choice, and offered only because UPS and FedEX get pricey when the package gets big. I have shipped by Greyhound 4 times in the past 10 years, and all were sucessful. Frankly, it's a pain in the butt for me. Up here in Cow Hampshire, the closest Greyhound Package Terminal is 40 miles away. But to save my customers 1/2 the shipping cost, I'll do it at their request. Maximum insurance through Greyhound is $300, and Again I will state the shipment is at the BUYERS risk. The buyer is the one saving money, and it takes me more time. As to packing, if I have to ship it, a special box of double thick cardboard will be Custom Built with 2" styrofoam packing all around. It will take 2-4 hours to pack this properly.No matter who packs it, and who ships it, don't be suprised if a tube, plug, etc. might lossen up during transport. You or a close friend should be savey enough to make sure the tubes, plugs, etc. are properly seated before plugging it in. If you do not have this capability, you might want to think twice about ownership of 55 year old electronics. ......not trying to be rude,it works great now, and I want the new buyer to be happy. Good Luck, Radioorphanage

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