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REAL piece of Flown SPACE SHUTTLE part NASA relic For Sale

REAL piece of Flown SPACE SHUTTLE part NASA relic

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REAL piece of Flown SPACE SHUTTLE part NASA relic:

style="font-family: Courier;">

Four pieces of genuine NASA space program material from the Orbiter Atlantis encased in a hard acrylic protective case that can be opened.
These materials include foam insulation, kevlar fabric, kapton foil, and beta cloth fabrics from the shuttle payload bay itself. style="font-family: Courier;">

100% Legal to own with proof on file; see “Legal Status Note” below for details.
Genuine relics from the Space Shuttle program are at historic levels of collectibility now that there will never be any more materials produced.If you are a space memorabilia collector, buy this now since the price will only continue to rise as pieces become more scarce.
These samples were part of the cargo bay and were exposed directly to space! This is as close as you may ever come to space unless you're an astronaut or a Virgin Galactic customer!This is actual, flown shuttle material, not some novelty that was carried on board simply to claim that it was "flown" such as seeds or stamps, but those are cool too. The shuttle program was scheduled to be terminated in 2010 but has been extended into 2011, so these genuine artifacts are becoming quite rare. Own a piece of American history that will truly become a family heirloom. Sorry, I do not have any Apollo, Mercury or similar vintage pieces at this time.
  • Inexpensive way to create or add to your space memorabilia collection.
  • Display consists of 4 pieces that are approximately 1/4" each, much larger than similar space artifact samples found on collector websites (theirs are also much more expensive).
  • Comes in an acrylic hard protective case with a color card for an exciting display, case measures 4-inches x 2.75-inches.
  • Photos are representative of the item you will receive but each varies somewhat. For example, some fabric may have stitching, seams, pieces may be cut differently, or there may be serial numbers or printing on some pieces. Insulation and foil are generally identical.
LEGAL STATUS NOTE: This is a legal to own shuttle relic. It is NOT from a destroyed shuttle and was decommissioned as obsolete by NASA officials pursuant to their official procedures and I retain the original documentation from NASA as proof. You will receive a copy of this documentation with your purchase. Many of these samples are from the same larger original piece and may share serial or identification numbers.

About the US Space Shuttle program:
The United States has built and flown six space shuttles, or “Orbital Vehicles” designated as such: Enterprise OV-101 (never flown in space, for testing only), Columbia OV-102, Challenger OV-099, Discovery OV-103, Atlantis OV-104, Endeavour OV-103. The Challenger was destroyed in an accident upon launch in 1986 and the Columbia was destroyed upon re-entry in 2003. The former Soviet Union also tested their own version of the space shuttle called “Buran” which was only flown once in an unmanned remote controlled test flight. The Soviet shuttle was destroyed in 2002 when it’s hangar collapsed due to a lack of maintenance. The entire US Space Shuttle fleet will be removed from service beginning in 2008 and completed by 2010 with the Orion vehicle ushered in as its replacement (it's name inspired by the Stanley Kubrick film 2001 A Space Odyssey. The Orion is arguably a less "exciting" vehicle in terms of appearance, reverting back to a capsule-style module rather than the current Space Shuttle's more elegant wing and fuselage style="font-family: Courier;">
Buy with confidence from Craftsman Gallery Fine Arts. A trusted seller and member since 2002.

Please ask any questions you may have, we are genuinely pleased to style="font-family: Courier;"> style="font-family: Courier;">
Please read our Payment, Shipping and Return policies. By placing a offer or making a purchase you indicate your agreement to these terms.

Payments are due within 3-days of the end of the listing via PayPal and with a confirmed address on file with PayPal.

Shipping is generally done once a week near the end of each week to allow buyers time to pay for their items. Some members have suggested that our shipping rates seem higher than they might prefer, but we tend to ship via Priority Mail or in packaging that requires special care in the case of artwork and expensive or breakable items such as pottery, etc. We may be able to ship by another method if you ask us before you place your offer.

International shipping is almost always via Express Mail International not only because it is quick, but because it is the only US Postal Service method that is trackable overseas, a requirement of PayPal for us to be covered against fraudulent claims. Shipping rates are clearly listed in our sales by selecting your country from the drop-down menu and no refunds for shipping will be made. If you do not agree to shipping rates, please do not offer.

Returns are not accepted unless specifically stated in the item description. In the case that we approve a return, shipping charges are not refundable and you, the buyer, are responsible for shipping charges to return the item to us (as is the case with ANY online business). If an item arrives to you damaged please notify your delivery person as soon as possible and then send us photos of the damage. Once damage is confirmed by us, we will file an insurance claim with the carrier or replace the item only after it has been returned to us. Insurance claims will be paid promptly once we receive the refund through the carrier.

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