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Rare 1944 WW2 Patches Medals Badges Insignia Rank Book For Sale

Rare 1944 WW2 Patches Medals Badges Insignia Rank Book

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Rare 1944 WW2 Patches Medals Badges Insignia Rank Book :

Here it is!!

This is the highly sought after and quite rare originalCream Cover 1944 edition that contains all2,476 illustrations from the June, October and December 1943 National Geographic issues and the updates showing the "ghost" units patches intended to confuse the enemy!!

Simply put, this isTHE BEST, single source identification guide to collecting United States WW2 militaria!

Color images of all the Army, Navy, Army Air Corps, Marine and Coast Guard divisional patches, insignia, devices, badges and ranks for all units that took part in World War II!

Rank, insignia, devices and badges are shown for the following:

Officer, Aviation Cadet, U.S. Military Academy, Enlisted Man, Warrant Officer, Reserve Officers’ Training Corps, General, Lieutenant General, Major General, Brigadier General, Colonel, Lieutenant colonel, Major, Captain, First Lieutenant, Second Lieutenant, Chief Warrant Officer, Warrant Officer Junior Grade, Flight Officer, Master Sergeant 1st Grade, First Sergeant 1st Grade, Technical Sergeant 2nd Grade, Staff Sergeant 3rd Grade, Technician 3rd Grade, Sergeant 4th Grade, Technician 4th Grade, Corporal 5th Grade, Technician 5th Grade, Private First Class 6th Grade, Federal Service Stripe, national Guard Service Stripe, Wound Stripe, War Service Stripe, Adjutant General’s Department, Aide to General, Aide to Lieutenant General, Aide to Major General, Aide to Brigadier General, Air Forces, Armored Force, Cavalry, Chaplain (Christian), Chaplain (Jewish), Chemical Warfare Service, Coast Artillery Corps, Corps of Engineers, Field Artillery, Finance Department, General Staff Corps, Infantry, Inspector General’s Department, Judge Advocate General’s Department, Medical Corps, Medical Administrative Corps, Dental Corps, Veterinary Corps, Army Nurse Corps, Contract Surgeon, Sanitary Corps Reserve, Military Police, National Guard Bureau, Ordnance Department, Quartermaster Corps, Signal Corps, Transportation Corps, Tank Destroyer Forces, Army Band, Officer Candidate School, master, First Mate, Second Mate, Chief Engineer, Assistant Engineer, Second Assistant Engineer, Special Service Force, Army Brassards, Parachutist’s Badge, Battalion Commander Company Commander, Lieutenant, Battalion Adjutant, Color Sergeant, First Sergeant, Battalion Sergeant Major, Supply Sergeant, Sergeant, Color Corporal, Corporal, Battalion Commander, Company Commander, Battalion Adjutant, Command Pilot, Air Crew Member, Liaison Pilot, Senior Pilot, Aircraft Observer, Senior Balloon Pilot, Pilot, Balloon Pilot, Bombardier, Glider Pilot, Navigator, Technical Observer, Service Pilot, Flight Surgeon, Admiral, Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral, Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Ensign, Chief Warrant Officer (Boatswain), Warrant Officer (Carpenters), Aviation Cadet, Line, Medical, Dental, Supply, Civil Engineering, Nurse, Band, Gunner, Machinist, Carpenter, Pharmacist, Pay Clerk, Electrician, Radio Electrician, Aerographer, Torpedoman, Photographer, Ship’s Clerk, Naval Aviator, naval Aviation Observer, Submarine, Flight Surgeon, Naval Reserve Merchant Marine, Shore Patrol, Geneva Cross, Sick-List Badge, Electrician’s Mate, Radioman, Boatswain’s Mate, Carpenter’s Mate, Machinist’s Mate, Gunner’s Mate, Aerographer’s Mate, Aviation Electrician’s Mate, Aviation, General Utility, Aviation Machinist’s Mate, Aviation Metalsmith, Aviation Ordnanceman, Parachute Rigger, Aviation Pilot, Aviation Radioman, Baker, Cook, Metalsmith, Molder, Shipfitter, Coxswain, Boilermaker, Engineman, Water Tender, Bugler, Carpenter’s Mate, Painter, Pattern Maker, Chief Commissary Steward, Fire Controlman, Hospital Apprentice, Pharmacist’s Mate, Motor Machinist’s Mate, Musician, Photographer’s Mate, Printer, Quartermaster, Radarman, Telegrapher, Signalman, Soundman, Storekeeper, Torpedoman’s Mate, Turret Captain, Yeoman, Officer’s Steward, Officer’s Cook, Athletic Instructor, Gunnery Instructor, I.B.M. Operator, Mail Clerk, Inspector of Naval Material, Recruiter, Shore Patrol, Teacher, Transport Airman, Welfare, Seaman Gunner, Gun Captain, Gun Range Finder Operator, Navy “E” in Gunnery, Bombsight Mechanic, Gun Pointer, Rifle Sharpshooter, Ex-Apprentice, Mine Welfare, Construction Battalion, Aerial Gunner, Master Diver, Diver First Class, Master Horizontal Bomber, Parachute Man, Airship, Submarine, Sergeant Major, Master Gunnery, First Sergeant, Master Technical Sergeant, Quartermaster Sergeant, Paymaster Sergeant, Gunnery Sergeant, Drum Major, Supply Sergeant, Platoon Sergeant, Staff Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, Private First Class Musician Marine Band, Fourragere

Patches and Unit Insignia are shown for the following:

2nd Infantry, 501st parachute Infantry Regiment, Air Force Proving Ground Group, 156th Field Artillery, 21st Coast Artillery, 217th coast Artillery, 243rd Coast Artillery, 649th Engineer Topographic Battalion, 511th Engineer Separate Battalion, 30th Engineer Topographic Battalion, 27th Engineer Battalion, Headquarters 18th Wing, Air Forces, 31st Fighter Group, Air Forces, Ground Forces, Air Forces, Service Forces, First Army, Second Army, Third Army, Fourth Army, I Corps, II corps, III Corps, IV Corps, V Corps, VI Corps, VII corps, VIII Corps, IX Corps, X Corps, XI Corps, XII Corps, XIII Corps, XIV Corps, XIX Corps, First Division, Second Division, Third Division, Fourth Division, Fifth Division, Sixth Division, Seventh division, Eighth Division, Ninth Division, Twenty-sixth Division, Twenty-seventh Division, Twenty-eighth Division, Twenty-ninth Division, Thirtieth Division, Thirty-first Division, Thirty-second Division, Thirty-third Division, Thirty-fourth Division, Thirty-fifth Division, Thirty-sixth Division, Thirty-seventh Division, Thirty-eighth Division, Fortieth Division Forty-first division, Forty-third Division, Forth-fourth Division, Forty-fifth Division, Seventy-sixth Division, Seventy-seventh Division, Seventy-eighth Division, Seventy-ninth division, Eightieth Division, Eighty-first Division, Eighty-second Division, Airborne, Eighty-third Division, Eighty-fourth Division, Eighty-firth division, Eighty-sixth Division, Eighty-seventy Division, Eighty-eighth Division, Eighty-ninth Division, Ninetieth Division, Ninety-first Division, Ninety-second Division, Ninety-third Division, Ninety-fourth Division, Ninety-fifth Division, Ninety-sixth Division, Ninety-seventh Division, Ninety-eighth Division, ninety-ninth Division, One Hundredth Division, One Hundred First Division, One Hundred Second Division, One Hundred Third Division, One Hundred Fourth Division, Hawaiian Division, Philippine Division, First Cavalry Division, Second Cavalry Division, Third Cavalry Division, Twenty-fourth Cavalry Division, Sixty-first Cavalry Division, Sixty-second Cavalry Division, Sixty-third Cavalry Division, Sixty-fourth Cavalry Division, Sixty-fifth Cavalry Division, Sixty-sixth Cavalry Division, Armored Force, Armored Corps, Armored Division, Tank Destroyer Forces, First Service Command, Second Service Command, Third Service Command, Fourth Service Command, Fifth Service Command, Sixth Service Command, Seventh Service Command, Eighth Service Command, Ninth Service Command, Antiaircraft Artillery Command, Western Defense Command, New England Frontier Defense Sector, New York-Philadelphia Frontier Defense Sector, Chesapeake Bay Frontier Defense Sector, Southern Coastal Frontier Defense Sector, Pacific Coastal Frontier Defense Sector, Military District of Washington, Panama Canal Department, Philippine Department, Hawaiian Department, General Headquarters Reserve, One Hundred Sixth Division, Antiaircraft Command, Antiaircraft Artillery Command, Eastern Defense Command, Atlantic Base Commands, Greenland Base Command, Labrador and Northeast Canada Command, Replacement and School Command, Armature Specialist, Communication Specialist, Engineering Specialist, Photography Specialist, Weather Specialist, Technical Training Command, Air Service Command, Air Transport Command, Materiel Command, 3rd Antisubmarine, 4th Antisubmarine, 11th Antisubmarine, 2nd Air Base, 5th Air Base, 6th Air Base, 18th Air Base, 20th Air Base, 30th Air Base, 34th Air Base, 35th Air Base, 36th Air Base, 54th Air Base, 73rd Air Base, 304th Air Base, 307th Air Base, 311th Air Base, 428th Air Base, 475th Air Base, 1st Bombardment, 2nd Bombardment, 3rd Bombardment, 4th Bombardment, 5th Bombardment, 6th Bombardment, 7th Bombardment, 9th Bombardment, 10th Bombardment, 11th Bombardment, 14th Bombardment, 15th Bombardment, 17th Bombardment, 18th Bombardment, 19th Bombardment, 20th Bombardment, 23rd Bombardment, 25th Bombardment, 27th Bombardment, 29th Bombardment, 30th Bombardment, 30th Bombardment, 31st Bombardment, 32nd Bombardment, 33rd Bombardment, 34th Bombardment, 37th Bombardment, 41st Bombardment, 42nd Bombardment, 43rd Bombardment, 44th Bombardment, 45th Bombardment, 46th Bombardment, 48th Bombardment, 49th Bombardment, 50th Bombardment, 52nd Bombardment, 53rd Bombardment, 54th Bombardment, 55th Bombardment, 56th Bombardment, 57th Bombardment, 61st Bombardment, 63rd Bombardment, 70th Bombardment, 72nd Bombardment, 73rd Bombardment, 76th Bombardment, 81st Bombardment, 82nd Bombardment, 84th Bombardment, 87th Bombardment, 93rd Bombardment, 94th Bombardment, 95th Bombardment, 96th Bombardment, 99th Bombardment, 305th Bombardment, 306th Bombardment, 307th Bombardment, 308th Bombardment, 309th Bombardment, 311th Bombardment, 312th Bombardment, 316th Bombardment, 322nd Bombardment, 323rd Bombardment, 338th Bombardment, 339th Bombardment, 370th Bombardment, 372nd Bombardment, 375th Bombardment, 382nd Bombardment, 383rd Bombardment, 385th Bombardment, 388th Bombardment, 391st Bombardment, 392nd Bombardment, 393rd Bombardment, 394th Bombardment, 397th Bombardment, 399th Bombardment, 402nd Bombardment, 404th Bombardment, 408th Bombardment, 409th Bombardment, 411th Bombardment, 417th Bombardment, 420th Bombardment, 424th Bombardment, 426th Bombardment, 429th Bombardment, 430th Bombardment, 431st Bombardment, 432nd Bombardment, 436th Bombardment, 461st, Bombardment 462nd Bombardment, 463rd Bombardment, 470th Bombardment, 471st Bombardment, 472nd Bombardment, 473rd Bombardment, 1st Communications, 2nd Communications, 3rd Communications, 1st Composite, 24th Ferrying, 3rdFighter, 6th Fighter, 13th Fighter, 17th Fighter, 19th Fighter, 21st Fighter, 24th Fighter, 27th Fighter, 29th Fighter, 33rd Fighter, 35th Fighter, 36th Fighter, 37th Fighter, 38th Fighter, 41st Fighter, 43rd Fighter, 44th Fighter, 46th Fighter, 48th Fighter, 50th Fighter, 55th Fighter, 60th Fighter, 65th Fighter, 66th Fighter, 69th Fighter, 73rd Fighter, 74th Fighter, 77th Fighter, 78th Fighter, 79th Fighter, 84th Fighter, 88th Fighter, 94th Fighter, 96th Fighter, 97th Fighter, 313th Fighter, 319th Fighter, 320th Fighter, 321st Fighter, 322nd Fighter, 327th Fighter, 341st Fighter, 1st Observation,2nd Observation, 3rd Observation, 6th Observation, 7th Observation, 11th Observation, 12th Observation, 13th Observation, 14th Observation, 15th Observation, 27th Observation, 39th Observation, 82nd Observation, 91st Observation, 107th Observation, 108th Observation, 109th Observation, 110th Observation, 111th Observation, 112th Observation, 113th Observation, 115th Observation, 116th Observation, 118th Observation, 119th Observation, 120th Observation, 124th Observation, 152nd Observation, 153rd Observation, 154th Observation, 46th School, 47th School, 52nd School, 53rd School, 2nd Sea Search Attack, 3rd Service, 40th Service, 57th Service, 58th Service, 87th Service, 100th Service, 3rd Staff, 1st Tow Target, 2nd Tow Target, 4th Tow Target, 8th Tow Target, 9th Tow Target, 4th Troop Carrier, 6th Troop Carrier, 9th Troop Carrier, 14th Troop Carrier, 20th Troop Carrier, 21st Troop Carrier, 26th Troop Carrier, 27th Troop Carrier, 30th Troop Carrier, 38th Troop Carrier, 39th Troop Carrier, 40th Troop Carrier, 41st Troop Carrier, 43rd Troop Carrier, 46th Troop Carrier, 47th Troop Carrier, 49th Troop Carrier,VB-3, VB-4, VB-6, VB-11, VB-13, VB-20, VB-41, VB-42, VB-101, VB-135, VB-136, VF-3, VF-6, VF-10, VF-28, VF-29, VF-41, VO-1, VO-2, VO-3, VO-4, VD-1, VP-11, VP-12, VP-14, VP-23, VP-31, VP-32, VP-52, VP-71, VP-72, VP-73, VP-74, VP-81, VP-101, VP-201, VJ-1, VJ-2, VJ-3, VJ-5, VS-33, VT-3, VT-4, VT-6, VCS-2, VCS-3, VCS-5, VCS-6, VCS-7, VCS-8, VCS-9, Enterprise, Ranger, Saratoga, Wright, CASU-3, CQTU-G.L., TTS-Pacific, TTS-Atlantic, Cape May, Coco Solo, Hutchinson, Jacksonville, Norman, Pearl Harbor, Pensacola, Quonset, San Diego, Seattle, MAW-1, MAW-11, MAG-21, VMF-111, VMF-211, VMSB-131, VMSB-231, VMSB-232, VMS-3, VMJ-252, ZMQ-1, Langley, Lexington, Yorktown, VB-5, VF-2, VF-5, VF-71, VF-72, VS-5, VS-71, VS-72, VT-2, VT-5

Also included are color illustrations of insignia for the United States Maritime Service, United States Public Health Service, United States Coast and Geodetic Survey, United States Army Transportation Corps Vessels, American Red Cross, Air Carrier Contract Personnel (Air Transport Command, U.S. Army Air Forces) and the Civil Air Patrol!!!

This amazing issue is arguably the best reference source for identifying patches, badges, buttons and insignia from some of the important yet often overlooked governmental support functions!

United States Maritime Service

Cap devices for Officer, Officers Branch of Service Marks for Line, Supply, Hospital Corps, Radio, Christian Chaplain, Jewish Chaplain, Navy Shoulder Marks and Sleeve Stripes for Vice Admiral, Rear Admiral, Commodore, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Ensign, Chief Warrant Officer (Ship’s Clerk), Warrant Officer (Electrician), Boatswain, Electrician, Machinist, Carpenter, Pay Clerk, Photographer, Ship’s Clerk, Radio Electrician, Pharmacist, United States Maritime Service Corp device, cap device and specialty marks for Chief (Boatswain’s mate) Chief First Class (Carpenter’s Mate), Chief Second Class (Machinist’s Mate), Chief Third Class (Radioman), Baker, Cook, Chief Commissary Steward, Electrician’s Mate, Gunner’s Mate, Hospital Apprentice, Pharmacist’s Mate, Metalsmith, Shipfitter, Motor Machinist’s Mate, Musician, Photographer’s Mate, Printer, Quartermaster, signalman, Storekeeper, and Yeoman.

United States Public Health Service

USPHS cap device and button, Pin-on miniature rank devices for Surgeon General and Assistant to the Surgeon General, Medical Director and Assistant Surgeon General, Senior Surgeon, Passed Assistant Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, corps devices for medical and Engineer Officers, Acting Assistant Surgeon, Dental Officer, Scientific Officer, shoulder and sleeve stripes for Surgeon General and Assistant to the Surgeon General, Medical Director and Assistant Surgeon General, Senior Surgeon, Passed Assistant Surgeon, Assistant Surgeon, Acting Assistant Surgeon, Chaplain, Intern, Pharmacist, Administrative Assistant and U.S. Cadet Nurse Corps sleeve insignia.

United States Coast and Geodetic Survey

Cap device and corps devices for Commissioned Officer, Chief Engineer, Surgeon, Mate, shoulder marks and sleeve stripes for Rear Admiral, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Ensign, garrison cap device, pin-on miniature rank devices for Rear Admiral, Captain, Commander, Lieutenant Commander, Lieutenant, Lieutenant Junior Grade, Ensign, rating badges for Chief (yeoman), Chief (Boatswain), Radio Technician, Oiler, Coxswain, Officers’ Steward or Cook, cap device for Officers’ Steward or Cook, Specialty Marks for Electrician, Quartermaster, Master at Arms, Pharmacist, Carpenter, and the U.S.C. & G. Survey band for the blue cap.

United States Army Transportation Corps Vessels

Cap, collar, lapel insignia and buttons for Marine Superintendent, Superintending Engineer, Engineer Officers, Chief and Asst. Engineer, Master, Chief Stevedore, Deck Officers, Master, Mate, Pilot, Transportation Agent, Clerks on Piers, Radioman, Coat Sleeves for ship officials including Master, Chief Engineer, Chief Officer, Staff Engineer, First Officer, First Asst. Engineer, Second Officer, Second Asst. Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Third Officer, Third Asst. Engineer, Junior Third Officer, Junior Third Asst. Engineer, Transportation Agent, Chief Steward, Master Chief Engineer, Chief officer, Staff Engineer, 1st Officer, 1st Asst. Engineer, Transportation Agent, 2nd Officer, 2nd Asst. Engineer, 3rd Officer, 3rd Asst. Engineer, Transportation Clerk, Junior 3rd Officer, Junior 3rd Asst. Engineer, Chief Steward, cap insignia for petty officers including Machinist, Refrigerating Engineer, Deck Engineer, Chief Electrician, Plumber, Boilermaker, Water Tender, Boatswain, Carpenter, master at Arms, Wheelman, Yeoman, rating devices for Oiler, Wheelman, Boatswain’s Mate, Carpenter’s Mate, Fireman, Coal Passer.

American Red Cross

Services to the Armed Forces devices including men’s Cap Shield, Men’s Lapel or Collar shield, Blood Donor Pins, Sleeve Emblems Rut-out Red Cross, nursing service devices including Home Nursing, Sleeve Emblem Enrollment Badge, Instructor’s patch, ARC bronze initials, Nursing Service Student Reserve, Volunteer Special Services insignia including Administration, Production, Volunteer Nurse’s Aide, Staff Assistance, Hospital and Recreation, Motor, Home Service, Canteen, Emergency Corps Replacement Pin, Chairman, Vice Chairman bar pins, Dietitian’s Aide, Advanced First Aid pin, Sergeant Motor Corps, Corporal Motor Corps, Captain Motor Corps, 1st Lieutenant Motor Corps, 2nd Lieutenant Motor Corps, Car Tag, Sleeve Emblem, Motor Corps Sleeve Emblem, Collar Tabs, Indoor Uniform Patches, Service Chevron and Bar, Production Instructor, Garment Label, ribbon epaulets, Nutrition Service including Nutrition Aide, Canteen Instructor, Nutritionist Pin, Nutrition Instructor, Nutrition Committee, First Aid and Water Safety including Life Saving Senior, Life Saving Junior, Emergency Service Emblem (disaster relief), Volunteer First Aid Detachment Arm Emblem, First Aid Instructor, Water Safety Instructor, Firemen, Policemen, Car Tag, American Junior Red Cross patches, World War 1 WW1 World War One Service Medals and Ribbons,

Air Carrier Contract Personnel (Air Transport Command, U.S. Army Air Forces)

Cap devices, insignia including ATC cap badge, Shoulder Loop, button, non-combatant sleeve emblem, ground personnel sleeve emblem, wings for Chief Pilot, Pilot, Co-Pilot, Flight Navigator, Flight Radio Operator, Flight Mechanic, sleeve stripes on coats and shoulder loops on trench coats for Chief Pilot, Pilot, Division Superintendent, Co-Pilot, Station manager, Flight Crew and Asst. Station manager.

Civil Air Patrol

Officer service cap device, CAP lapel initials and wings, shoulder loop, coat sleeve marking, garrison cap badge, shoulder sleeve patch, Duck Club, Pilot with Private License or Higher wings, Observer wings, ACP Coastal Patrol, Conn, CAP 3rd Task Force, Civilian Dress Pin, Guard at Base, Commendation, merit, Distinguished Service, Cadet shoulder sleeve patch, chevrons for Master Sergeant, First Sergeant, Technical Sergeant, Sergeant, Corporal, Private First Class, active duty unit patches for Coastal Patrol, Liaison Patrol, Forest Patrol and Courier Service.

In addition to the excellent color images there is substantial text describing the various awards and their history. Here are two examples:

Civil Air Patrol

“Courier Service, with its winged foot of Mercury, flies regular routes and schedules daily to carry urgent shipments for industrial plants, and materiel, mail and dispatches between Army posts. Towing aerial gunnery targets and tracking to give aiming practice to antiaircraft guns and searchlights are related duties.”

American Red Cross

“Nursing Service. By Act of Congress, April 23, 1908, the American Red Cross is charges with maintaining a reserve of nurses on which the Army and navy can draw. This Service assists in disaster relief work and conducts a nation-wide program of instruction in home nursing. Each nurse is presented with an Enrollment Badge upon enrollment. It is worn at neck of outdoor uniform blouse, or if tie is worn, half-way down the tie; worn at neck or over left breast of nurse’s indoor hospital uniform, or over left breast with regular dress.”

Additionally there are color images of all the Army, Navy, Army Air Corps, Marine and Coast Guard medals, insignia, devices, badges andservice ribbonsas they were at the time of World War Two including Women’s Reserve of the US Naval Reserve (WAVES), Women’s Reserve of the US Coast Guard Reserve (SPARS), US Marine Corp’s Women’s Reserve, Women’s Army Crops (WACS), and the Army Hostess and Librarian Service!

Army Medals of Honor old and new models! (1862-1896, 1896-1904 & 1904 - present), Legion of Merit Chief Commander, Commander, Legionnaire, Officer, Air Medal, Merchant Marine Distinguished Service Medal, Medal for Merit, American Defense Service Medal, Presidential Unit Citation, Navy, Organization Citation Army, Navy and Marine Corps Ribbon, Merchant Marine Combat Bar, American Typhus Commission Ribbon, Asiatic-Pacific Theater, American Theater, European-African-Middle Eastern Theater, Asiatic-Pacific Theater, Medal of Honor, Marine Corps Brevet, Navy Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Legion of Merit, Silver Star, Distinguished Flying Cross, Navy and Marine Corps Medal, Air Medal, Specially Meritorious Medal, Purple Heart, Presidential Unit Citation, Gold Lifesaving Medal, Silver Lifesaving Medal, Medal for Merit, Dewey Medal, Sampson Medal, NC-4 Medal, Byrd Antarctic Expedition, Second Byrd Antarctic Expedition, Civil War Campaign, Navy Expeditionary Medal, Marine Corps Expeditionary Medal, Spanish Campaign, Philippine Campaign, China Relief Expedition, Cuban Pacification, Nicaraguan Campaign (1912), Mexican Service, Haitian Campaign (1915), Dominican Campaign, Victory Medal, Army of Occupation of Germany (1918), Haitian Campaign (1919-1920), Second Nicaraguan Campaign, Yangtze Service, China Service, American Defense Service, American Theater, European-African-Middle Eastern Theater, Asiatic-Pacific Theater, Navy Good Conduct Medal, Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal, Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal, Bailey Medal, Naval Reserve Medal, Marine Corps Reserve Medal, Navy Distinguished Marksman Distinguished Pistol Shot, Navy Expert Rifleman, Navy Expert Pistol Shot, Coast Guard Expert Rifleman, Coast Guard Expert Pistol Shot, Gold Star for Second Award, Bronze Star, Distinguished Service Cross, Distinguished Service Medal, Distinguished Flying Cross, Soldier’s Medal, Indian Campaign, Spanish Campaign, Spanish War Service, Army of Cuban Occupation, Army of Puerto Rican Occupation, Philippine Congressional Medal, Army of Cuban Pacification, Mexican Border Service, Rosette Medal of Honor, Victory Button, Army Lapel Button for Service, Navy Honorable Discharge Button, Marine Corps Honorable Discharge Button, Coast Guard Honorable Discharge Button, US Reserve Army Chemical Warfare Button, Army Aviation Cadet Reserve Button, Naval Reserve Inactive Pin, Naval Reserve Honorable Discharge Button, Marine Corps Reserve Pin, Cardenas Medal of Honor (Coast Guard), Navy Good Conduct Bar, Expert Marksman, Sharpshooter First-Class Gunner, Marksman Second-Class Gunner, Army Bar, Corps Area Bar, Corps Area Badge, Rifle Teams, Pistol Teams, Automatic Rifle Teams, Army Badge with Bar and Clasp, Distinguished Marksman, Distinguished Pistol Shot, Distinguished Automatic Rifleman, Distinguished Aerial Bomber, Distinguished Aerial Gunner, Admiral Trenchard Section Navy League Turret-gun-pointer Medal, Gunpointing Light Artillery, Knox Trophy Medals for Army and Navy, Expert Rifleman’s Medal, Fleet Rifleman, Fleet Pistol Shot, Lauchheimer Trophy Medal, Marine Corps Rifle Competition, Marine Corps Pistol Competition, Requalification Bar, Basic Badge with Expert Automatic Rifle Bar, Pershing Trophy Medal High Individual Rifle Team Match, National Trophy Medal Rifle Team Match, Hilton Trophy Medal Rifle Team Match, Soldier of Marathon Medal Rifle Team Match, Infantry Match Trophy Medal, National Individual Rifle Match, National Individual Pistol Match, National Pistol Team Match. Minute Man Medal Rifle Match, Coast Artillery Medal for Marine Corps, CMTC, ROTC, Link Trainer Instr, AP Armorer, Driver – T, Driver – M, Mechanic, Driver – W, WX Forecaster, T Ret & Sight SP, Army Air Force Technician Badge, WASP Wings.

This amazing issue also lists and shows all the official clasps or bars for the Victory Medal including: Cambrai, Somme Defensive, Lys, Aisne, Montdidier-Noyon, Champagne-Marne, Aisne-Marne, Somme Offensive, Oise-Aisne, Ypres-Lys, St Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne, Vittorio-Veneto, Defensive Sector, France, Italy, Siberia, Russia, England, St. Mihiel, Overseas, Armed Guard, Asiatic, Atlantic Fleet, Aviation, Destroyer, Escort, Grand Fleet, Mine Laying, Mine Sweeping, Mobile Base, Naval Battery, Patrol, Salvage, Subchaser, Submarine, Transport, West Indies, White Seas.

This issue further identifies which of these bars were awarded by which branch of service (Army & Navy) so that you can easily identify if a Victory Medal was awarded to a soldier or a sailor!!

Included is also a narrative about the background and history of many of these medals. Here is an example of the narrative for the Silver Star:

“In 1932 the Army Silver Citation Star was placed on a bronze pendant and a ribbon of its own was designed, instead of being placed on a campaign medal ribbon. Silver Star Medal, by Act of Congress December 15, 1942, is awarded for “each citation of any person for gallantry in action.”

This issue also includes color pictures of basic collar insignia and hats/headgear for the Women’s Reserve of the US Naval Reserve (WAVES), Women’s Reserve of the US Coast Guard Reserve (SPARS), US Marine Corp’s Women’s Reserve, Women’s Army Crops (WACS), and the Army Hostess and Librarian Service.

Simply put, this is one of the best, single source identification guides to collecting United States WW2 militaria!

This particular issue is ingood to very goodcondition withjust some modest paper loss to the spine and light pencil markings on the front cover. All pages are present and in excellent condition with bright colors!

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