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Rare Vintage Golferino Golf Game Hubley No 995 Great For Sale

Rare Vintage Golferino Golf Game Hubley No 995 Great

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Rare Vintage Golferino Golf Game Hubley No 995 Great:

giggles55 Store

Rare Vintage Golferino Golf Game Hubley No 995 Great

If you love miniature golf ,this is the vintagegame for you. Golferino was made by the Hubley toy co. in the early 1960's. It has the original box and this vintage game is in good working condition. Everything is still original, although the putting greens are starting to break down because they are foam.To play the game the player must rotate the knob and line up the shot,as you navigate your ball around the mini course,with all it's hazards. It has a little trophy that pops up when you score. It is very challenging to play. This vintage game includes the original box, golferino scorecards, directionsand hours of fun. The game measures 24 by 21. This is a large game and an oversize />

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