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Raven Cruizer II GPS Field Mapping Lightbar **NEW** For Sale

Raven Cruizer II GPS Field Mapping Lightbar **NEW**

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Raven Cruizer II GPS Field Mapping Lightbar **NEW**:

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Raven Cruizerllwith patch style Antenna

This is a new in the box Raven Cruizer with patch antenna.

Raven Cruizer is packed with features, like, built in LightBar, built in 10hz DGPS receiver. Enhanced, or "true" last pass guidance. A point,B point guidance, and center pivot guidance. Record keeping with thumbdrive, not included. ALL SOFTWARE UPGRADES ARE FREE THROUGH RAVEN!!

Raven Cruizer can be upgraded with any raven SMARTrax steering system, and also with a tilt sensor kit. Please e-mail for quotes.


This plug will allow your curizer to paint and not paint by simply hardwiring into your sprayer or spreader or what ever you are applying with. Just needs a 12vdc switch source, like pump switch, boom switch, or convor switch.

This is avaliable for an extra $20. Just email me and let us know you would like one. Makes using Cruizer so much user friendly.

We also offer the helix style antenna for this Cruizer in place of the patch style antenna. The helix is based off of the popular Raven Phoenix reciever and will pick up more satellites off the horizons. You will only need this antenna if you farm around alot of bluffs and real hilly steep terraces or in a northern state. It is an $250 upgrade and I have this package listed on a seperate sale.

Key Features & Benefits
  • Brilliant 5.7” high-resolution touch-screen display features easy to understand icon-based menus, status indicators, and day/night mode for simple operation
  • Simple installation/mounting for hassle-free installation and use with multiple machines
  • Built-in 10 Hz DGPS receiver and external DGPS antenna for accurate sub-meter guidance
  • Integrated lightbar system for added confidence and visual support
  • Enhanced “Last Pass” guidance with automatic correction simplifies contour and irregularly shaped fields and prevents repeating errors
  • Record keeping and coverage maps made simple with file formats for saving, reporting and importing data
  • Ability to save job files and A-B lines
  • Ability record field markers
  • Straight A-B, Last Pass, Fixed Contour and Pivot field patterns for greater accuracy, speed and convenience
  • Integrated CANbus technology for adding Raven assisted steering and automatic boom section and planter controls for greater precision, savings and performance
  • Interfaces with Raven’s new SmartYield™ monitoring system for superior crop management
  • Optional weather-resistant model available for rain/dust protection in open-cab situations
  • Digi-Star® scale interface for spreading manure more accurately on fields
  • Bird’s-eye view and downfield 3-D perspective for checking coverage and keeping you on line

Included in this box is:

Raven Cruizer Monitor with 5.7" high-resolution touch screen display

RAM style mount with suction cup, and fully adjustable ball mount on the Cruizer

Invicta Patch Antenna

Power Cord, 12vdc, with lighter plug

Instruction Book

What is also included, but not in the box.

Product Support; factory and field trainedtrue productsupport. Business hours of course. Duringspray season we do have extended on call hours also.We are an authorized Raven distributor.

We are now a Raven Platnium Dealer.

If you have any question whatsoever about this Curizer or any Raven products. Please give us a call. 800 748 7890 and ask for Raven Parts, 8-5 Cst Mon-Fri. Or just email us 24/7 and we will get back with you as soon as we can.

We warranty, and stand behind everything we sell.

I am limiting this sale to the continental USA, because ofGPS programing.

Once again!! I can only sell this product to North American Customers!!!

This will not work any where else in the world!!! I am not a Raven international dealer. I can not order or sell any Raven GPS product that will work anywhere else besides North America.

I ship UPS ground.

I have free shipping on this item!!

We accept the following forms of payment.


Personal Check

Wire Transfer

Credit Card over the Phone

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