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Rockola 1428 Jukebox - Restored w/ all original platics For Sale

Rockola 1428 Jukebox - Restored w/ all original platics

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Rockola 1428 Jukebox - Restored w/ all original platics:

Listed for sale is a georgeous1948 Rockola 1428 Jukebox. It has been completely restored and is as close to perfect as you will find. The Rockola 1428 is a beautiful jukebox that is becoming increasingly harder to find in this condition as the reproduction parts guys no longer have many of the replacement parts which were once available for restoration.

This jukebox has been completely disassembled and every part painted, polished, chrome plated, cleaned, cleaned, cleaned, and/or oiled. This project was extremely time consuming and costly, but I think the result is a beautiful jukebox. Please note items such as the amp (original and correct for 1428), junction box (original and correct for 1428), and foil/red glitter behind record trays (hand re-created and gorgeous), condition of all plastics, condition of chrome, cleanliness inside and out, no missing covers(popularity meter/accumulator), cash box. Also, mechanism serial number do match id plate on the back of the jukebox.

Below is a detailed description of each of the major item of interest on this jukebox.


The chrome was re-plated this year by a known “pot-metal” plating specialist.-see pictures. The metal castings on this machine were originally produced using pot-metal and there are a limited number of chrome plating companies that will re-chrome pot metal because of its characteristics. The cost of re-plating this jukebox was over $1000.


Upper Green-Perfect originals with amazing color for original upper greens-no cracks, scratches, or burns.

Lower Reds- Perfect originals with great color too- no cracks, scratches, or burns. Center Amber-Extremely nice originalwhich isVERY rare since they usually shrink-no cracks, scratches, or burns-there are two smallnicks/chips towards bottom(smaller than a dime)-seeclose-uppicture. Center Upper Red and Center Upper Green are perfec originals t too!!


New veneer has been applied and finished in the original dark red finish. The color/finish looks great. It is a dark cherry/bamboo cherry color-see pictures.


The mechanism functions properly and selects all 20 records as it should. The mechanism has been completely restored and operates perfectly. The box is currently set to play 78rpm records as it did in 1948. However, this jukebox is commonly converted to 45rpm since it has a lightweight tone arm. A 45rpm gear set can be purchased for this machine for $60.


The amp has been rebuilt and truly sounds fantastic, especially for a 1940’s box. The amp was rebuilt this year by a well know amp repair man and he did a great job with this one. It has great volume and is crystal clear.


This jukebox contains an Astatic #51 cartridge, which is the preferred cartridge bymost 78rpm jukebox collectors. The Astatic 51-1 is no longer in production, so they aren't cheap if you can find one these days.

Coin Gear:

The coin gear is missing and the jukebox is currently set to free play. Actually, this works well for many people because you don’t have to keep change lying around to play it. It’s easy for kids (and adults) to simply walk up, push the button, and listen to it play without using coins constantly.

Magic Glow/Color Wheel:

The color wheel has been replaced with reproduction color wheel which turn smoothly and quietly. The colors from the color wheel look fantastic when they shine on the new reproduction speaker grill cloth.

Titleboard: Many who are familiar with the Rockola 1428 will probably ask about the titleboard in this jukebox as they are no longer reproduced by VG. The titleboard in this jukebox appears to be in perfect condition becauseI restored it myself so it would match the front door exactly. The original titleboardwas somewhat rusty(as many are) with chipped paint so, so I decided to restorethe titleboard to make this jukebox as close to perfect as possible.


New 8ft long industrial power cord, new ballasts, many new screws, nuts/bolts where visible for aesthetics. I will also include a copy of the original repair/operating manualtoo.

Feel free to e-mail me with technical questions or questions aboutthe restoration as I am the person who restored and owns this jukebox. I will be more than happy to provide additional photos,close-ups, and my phone number to interested buyers.Thejukebox isfor sale locally and can't be viewed/played at any time. If you are the winning buyer, the jukeboxcan be picked up locally in Knoxville, TN which is a convenient drive to manynorthern and southern states or you can have this box shipped to your home via North American Van Lines (1-800-959-8880). Pricing varies by delivery location but will usually costs $350-400. Call for a quote-only takes 5 minutes. Please ask questions if you have any. If you are an overseas buyer, please contact me to explain how you plan to have this jukebox shipped.

On Jun-13-11 at 12:36:01 PDT, seller added the following information:

Update to description:

Please let me know if you would like pictures of the jukebox with the lights turned off as I've had request for pictures with the lights off. I canno longer make changes to the pictures because a offerhas been placed so I willrespond with pictures to anyone who requests them.

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