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Root GrowTablet-BOOST Fertilizer for Hydroponic System For Sale

Root GrowTablet-BOOST Fertilizer for Hydroponic System

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Root GrowTablet-BOOST Fertilizer for Hydroponic System :

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Product ID:HW-FE02

Item Description

You are winning 1 packet of Root Monster (12 pcs)

-Root Monster provides long-term root fertilizing for the plants. Place the fertilizer near the root of the target plant for EXTRA Boost!
-Saves money because the fertilizer which is design to be place in water or soil to release the nutrient slowly.
-Does not contain phosphates and nitrates.
-Contains iron and minerals in a form readily accessible for plants to absorb through the roots.

Root monsters are pressed fertilizing pellets, enriched by a special process with all the nutrients vital for plants, especially iron and trace elements. The nutrients are released slowly, providing a very favorable depot effect.

The ball shape permits the convenient use in existing hydroponic water or soil. Specially suitable for the specific nutrient supply or post-fertilization of aquatic plants which mainly absorb their nutrients through the roots.

Use: Depending on size of the plant, press one or more balls into the ground around the root, or drop one piece in the water beside of the hydroponic plant. Repeat after 6 months.

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