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Rotax 912 ULS2 100 HP Aircraft Engine For Sale

Rotax 912 ULS2 100 HP Aircraft Engine

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Rotax 912 ULS2 100 HP Aircraft Engine:

This 100 HP Rotax 912 ULS2 engine was recently pulled from a 2008 GoBOSH 700 (AT-4L)Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) for rebuild / overhaul, but was replaced with a new engine instead.

Manufacturer: BRP-Rotax GmbH & Co. KG
Model: Rotax 912 ULS2
Serial #: 5650099
Hobbs: 1468.3
TBO: 1500

The engine has run smoothly, powerfully and wonderfully for its 4 years of service without any issues, problems, prop strikes or accidents. It was hangared the majority of its life in a heated executive hangarprotected from the outdoor elements and isextremely clean and well taken care of. It will need to be overhauled by the buyer prior to installation and use. The engine will be crated and ready for pickup (KAPA - Englewood, CO) or shipping. Buyer is responsible for all shipping arrangements and/or local pickup, as well as all handling, freight or shipping costs. Payment is due within7 Days of sale Close. Please note that the image posted with this sale is manufacturer's stock photography and not of the actual engine itself. Please feel free to ask any questions prior to placing a offer, as your offer is a binding contractual commitment. I will do my best to answer your questions quickly and accurately.

On Sep-23-12 at 23:44:24 PDT, seller added the following information:

The 100 HP 912ULS aircraft engine is based on the field proven 81 HP Rotax 912 UL design. Having the same external dimensions as the 912 UL, the 912 ULS can be used as a bolt in replacement in many installations bearing in mind that the 912 ULS is a more powerful engine with it's own specific installation requirements. (Please See Important Installation Information) The Rotax 912 ULS is not simply an 81 HP 912 UL with different pistons. Through careful research and development, Rotax has made many design changes and improvements to obtain performance increases while maintaining the same external dimensions. The following are just a few of the internal design differences that allow the 912 ULS to produce an additional 19 HP while still delivering the reliability and serviceability that customers have come to expected from the 912 engine series: · engine displacement increased from 1211 cc to 1352 cc · new engine camshaft · reinforced crankcase · gear reduction drive with 2.43 to 1 ratio and wider reduction gears · ingition system parameters matched and optimized for 100 HP engine · carburetors calibrated for increased performance · crankshaft redesigned for increased engine displacement Click here for a detailed list of component differences between the 912 ULS and the 81 HP 912 engines. (PDF document) 912 ULS Performance At Standard Sea Level Conditions: Propeller RPM Crankshaft RPM Horsepower kW Take Off Performance:Available for 5 minutes maximum 2380 5800 100 73.5 Maximum Continuous Performance: 2260 5500 95 69.0 Important Note on 912 ULS Performance: The performance figures shown above can only be assured when the engine is installed with an air intake box and exhaust / muffler system designed and supplied by Rotax. When installations do not utilize the Rotax air intake box and/or the Rotax exhaust / muffler system, slight reductions in performance may be noticed. See Important Installation Information for more details. Rotax 912 ULS 2 Aircraft Engine (suitable for fixed pitch propellers) Non - certified with: · integrated reduction gearbox i=2.43 · Electric starter and starter relay · Rectifier/regulator · electronic dual ignition · R.F.I. suppression · 2 carburetors · expansion tank (part # 922 398) · exhaust sockets in stainless steel · oil filter, oil tank and tubes · coolant pump and internal coolant hoses · 2 sensors for cylinder head temperature (part # 965 530) · 1 sensor for oil temperature (part # 965 530) · 1 oil pressure sensor -- 10 bar (150 PSI) (part # 965 355) · tool kit

On Sep-24-12 at 13:18:05 PDT, seller added the following information:

To answer many of the questions I've received regarding what components will be shipped with the engine, the following will be included:

- Ignition system
- Starter
- Carburetors (2)
- Oil temperature sensor
- Oil pressure sensor
- Oil tank

On Sep-24-12 at 20:12:29 PDT, seller added the following information:

The last logged compression readings on the 4 cylinders on 8/3/12 at 1,429.3 Hours (Last 100 Hour Inspection) were 79/80, 78/80, 79/80, 79/80 respectively.

On Sep-24-12 at 20:22:00 PDT, seller added the following information:

Also Included with the engine:

- Voltage Regulator
- Starter Solenoid

On Sep-25-12 at 14:04:48 PDT, seller added the following information:

The intake manifolds will be included. We had to take apart the engine to get to a baffle that sits on the case so that we could install it on the new one. We will reassemble the old engine before we put it in the crate. Muffler / Exhaust is not included.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Please ask all final questions well in advance of sale close as I will be unavailable to answer them in the last several hours of the listing.

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