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Rupert Neve 5088 32 Channel Mixer For Sale

Rupert Neve 5088 32 Channel Mixer

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Rupert Neve 5088 32 Channel Mixer:

5088 BRAND NEW NEVER OPENED. Purchased with dreams of running a studio. Then the economy hit me. 130K Brand new paid for it. Good luck ANY QUESTIONS OR WANT TO SEE IT EMAIL ME AT CONNECTINGTHEGLOBE at Gmail .When 90 Volts course through discrete op-amp cards, custom transformers & meticulously crafted, “Class A” circuitry designed by the most trusted name in audio: The difference doesn’t just please ears, it turns heads too! Different from the inside-out The circuit topology of the 5088 is unprecedented. With custom transformers coupling every input and output, (Even the inserts!) the sweet musical performance and bulletproof isolation expected from a Rupert Neve Design are assured. For signal amplification and control, all new, high voltage, discrete op-amp cards have been developed especially for the 5088 that eliminate crossover distortion while offering extended headroom, dynamic range, and frequency response. Unrivaled Pedigree The 5088 is a culmination of Mr. Rupert Neve’s vast analogue circuitry knowledge.
As his first fully discrete mixing design in over 30 years, the 5088 incorporates and improves upon many of the same concepts, such as single-sided, fully discrete amplification, and complete transformer isolation, which made those original designs classic. Unlike many of those aging classics, maintenance is no longer a full time job. Sound Without Compromise To stay current in the recording business you must be able to continuously adapt your environment to the needs at hand. Because the 5088 is completely modular, channels strips and Portico processing modules like EQ, Mic Preamplification and Compression can be added or removed to meet constantly changing demands and eliminate the massive redundancies of consoles from yesteryear. The Input Channel Beyond its exceptional sound quality, the 5088 channel strip is designed to effectively handle multiple normalled sources, creating master, group and aux mixes with great efficiency. With 8 auxes, 8 “Groups”, “Solo”, “Mute”, “Send Follows Pan”, “Aux to Group”, a transformer coupled direct out and optional motorized fader automation on each channel, even the most complex mixes are within reach. The Stereo Input Channel In lieu of mono input channels with selectable Line 1 / Line 2 Inputs, Stereo Input Channels can be fitted to increase the channel count without having to add an expansion chassis. The Stereo Module has all of the group sends, six auxes, stereo width control, and individual trims and pans for each channel. The Group Channel With 4 pairs of FX returns and aux master controls, along side 100mm faders, direct outs and transformer coupled inserts for each of the 8 mix groups, the group master section provides the medium to control 4 stereo stem mixes while tying together an entire array of channel strips. If necessary, the insert returns and stereo FX returns can be used as an additional 16 inputs for summing. The Monitor Master The monitor master section has 6 source selections, 3 transformer coupled speaker outputs, talk back, oscillator controls, 2 VU meters, stereo inserts, stereo level and control room master level. Like the channel and group modules, anodized aluminum knobs provide the solid feel and response needed for precise adjustments
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