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Ryan Vanguard Recumbent Vanguard vintage bicycle bike For Sale

Ryan Vanguard Recumbent Vanguard vintage bicycle bike

This item has been shown 991 times.

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Ryan Vanguard Recumbent Vanguard vintage bicycle bike:

This is a 1991/92 Ryan Recumbent Vanguard longbike with a 70" wheelbase.
I bought this from Dick Ryan after having never seen one except for the pictures! It lives up to everything Dick ever said it would be. This is the same drive train configuration he designed for use in the human powered aircraft Gossamer Condor / Albatross.
It comes with the shown front and rear racks, a parabolic front mirror, a simple electronic speedo, a rear red LED flasher, a bottle holder and a "quick purse"- that red zippered thing hanging off the upper rear seat area. City Slick tires. The front UNI Disc is quickly removable if you are cycling in any breeze~ you don't want that to catch any stiff cross-winds. The 70" wheelbase makes this ride like a car. It is a head turner for bike riders and just plain gawkers. There are other recumbents out there, but this is the Formula 1 of recumbents.
I assume you know what this critter is, lest you wouldn't be here looking here in the first place! If yo want more info on Ryan Recumbents, have a look and the original VHS Sales Video going to have to copy and paste, e-Bay doesn't like hotlinks.
On the video, at 8:00 minutes in, you'll hear Dick Ryan, himself, comment on the scenery. It is said that he "entertained" his girlfriend whilst riding one of these. You do the math.
It's steering and controls are "under the seat" which take some getting used to, but once you do, you'll never go back. The guy that tuned it up for me had never been on a recumbent, but he hopped on and was quite at home with it instantly. Maybe you have those skills, but if you don't, it really doesn't take long to master. Very comfortable, and the seat is so adjustable- it's built like an ultralight aircraft. Many people questioned the visibility to cars, but like Dick said, drivers "see it" because it's different.
For a twenty year old bike, I am told that it is in superb condition, as I had always babied it. It has had a recent tune-up and is in great condition. You have amazing long-range on these, much greater than a standard bike. On the flats and downhill, you will leave regular bikes in the dust. On the up-hills? That's why it has such a deep array of gears.
I am just getting too old to push this gazelle as hard as she should be.
Local pick-up, I'll take cash.
I will deliver it after payment to any local bike shop you select, and you make arrangements with them, to do this shipping. There are several shops in the nearby towns of Downers Grove IL, Naperville IL, and St Charles IL. Google them, call them, ask them, arrange it. Otherwise, stop-on-by our home and pedal it away.
This is a cool machine, please give it a new home.
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