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SINPO 3- axis digital readout (complete DRO kit) For Sale

SINPO 3- axis digital readout (complete DRO kit)

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SINPO 3- axis digital readout (complete DRO kit):

Machine Tool and DRO Visit my store for more great deals! Description
  • This is a listing of a 3-axis DRO kit for milling application. Please visit our store if you need a 3-axis unit for lathe applications. We listed 3-axis lathe unit separately! About our Manufacturer
  • More than forty years experience for manufacturing measurement equipments!
  • Products quality certified by various international quality control organizations/standardization!
  • To know more about our manufacturer, please visit our ONLY official English website www.chfoic.cn
  • Have other sellers provided the background information about their manufacturer? Can they provide international quality certifications if they are confident in their products?
  • Readout Counter/Console
  • Advanced electronic technology and trigonometric function; Multiple memories and zero reference functions; Rugged die cast aluminum case. Input voltage 80-260V, 50HZ-60HZ;
  • Basic Functions: Zero Reset; Preset; Inch/mm Conversation; ABS/INC Coordinate Conversation/200 Groups Coordinate Display; Non-Volatile Memory (data retained in event of power loss); “1/2” Function key; Linear Error Compensation; Sleep Switch; 200 Points Auxiliary Zero; Automatic Recognition and Storage of Scale Zero Reference Point
  • Special function of milling DRO: Smooth ‘R’ Function; Simple ‘R’ Function; Bore in Oblique Line; Bore PCD Circle; Simple Calculator; Corner Chamfer Calculation; Inside Outside Profile Function.
  • ALL SINPO readouts are differentially designed for different applications (2M for 2-axis milling, 2L for 2-axis lathe, 3M for 3-axis milling, 2L2 for 3-axis lathe, 3E for EDM and 2G for 2-axis grinding). SINPO readouts are NOT universal counter! It makes the panel clean and neat and it makes operations easier!
  • IMPORTANT: Starting from this year, we are selling second generation of SINPO readouts. It has the mark of “DRO II” on the panel and it should have the mark of “CHFOIC” at the back of the readout and on the packaging box. If you visit alibaba or visit stores of some other sellers, you will find DRO readout counters look very similar to our SINPO model. Are you buying the authentic one? Don’t believe us? Check the official website of our manufacturer at www.chfoic.cn for verification!
  • Glass Scales
  • TTL output, 5um/0.0002” resolution, anti-dust, anti-coolant, double-sealing design at IP53 insulation/protection level;
  • Various international quality accreditations including CE certification, ISO9001 certification, JT25/JT26 certification, JT20 certification, JX13 certification. Other sellers claim that their scales are better. Are theirs certified by internationally recognized accreditations?
  • Are our scales well-sealed and protected against dust and coolant? We believe that claiming “double sealing” by ourselves is not enough at all. We have the IP53 insulation/protection certificate to prove! Are other sellers providing you the internationally recognized certificate?
  • IMPORTANT: We guarantee that we supply authentic SINPO scales to you. The model number of SINPO scales should start with “JCX”, and the manufacturer is “CHFOIC”. Please look carefully at our photos and check if you have gotten the real SINPO products.
  • Scale length, 120mm, 150mm, 200mm, 250mm, 300mm, 350mm, 400mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm, 650m, 700mm, 750mm, 800mm, 850mm, 900mm and 950mm. One inch equals to 25.4mm. You may choose ANY three scales in the lengths above.
  • Scale length refers to effective travel. For the actual mounting dimension, please refer to the mounting drawing.
  • Need long scales or special scales? Contact us! We will find a positive answer for you!
  • Mounting Accessories
  • The following accessories will be included in the package, 1) Scale covers, The type of covers will be decided based on the position of installation on the machine. Scale cover on X axis should be different from scale cover on Y and Z axis. Scale covers for mill is a bit different from scale cover for lathe; 2) We supply backing plate for scales shorter than 450mm travel on X axis and for scales shorter than 550mm travel on Y and Z axis (please don’t forget to ask other sellers if they have included the backing plates in their package!). Backing plate will make installation easier and more stable. It can definitely extend the longevity of the scales! 3) Six mounting brackets for 3-axis unit; 4) One package of screws and washers etc for each scale (also supplied by our dedicated manufacturer).
  • Package Content
  • This is a complete kit. You will get, 1) one DRO 3M readout counter; 2) milling machine specific swing arm; 3)dust cover for readout counter; 4) three linear scales of your choice with scale covers; 5) backing plate for scales shorter than 450mm travel on X axis and for scales shorter than 550mm on Y and Z axis; 6)six mounting brackets; 7)one package of screws and washers for each scale supplied by the manufacturer; 8)one English manual.
  • We always ship by DHL express or Fedex. As you know, they are safer and faster. We ship the package directly to your workshop. What you need to do is to wait for the package at your workshop after clicking your computer mouse.
  • What shipping courier do other sellers choose for you? Do they offer the same shipping service if they charge the same shipping fee?
  • We accept paypal and credit card linked to paypal. We will contact you if payment is not received within 4 days. Appropriate actions will follow if we are not able to get a response from you within one week.
Other Information
    h4>checking out instructions
  • Please inform us the following information after offerding this item; 1)the travel length of the three linear scales you need; 2) the detailed shipping address. Although paypal address is usually correct, we want to double confirm since international shipping is costly and time- consuming; 3)your local telephone number. We choose door to door shipping service. Your telephone number is needed by our shipping courier.
  • response
  • response is always voluntary according to policy. We never request customers to leave response for us.
  • However, we definitely do not like neutral or negative response. We try our best to supply high quality products and provide excellent service. We can not guarantee zero-error, but we aim for 100% satisfaction from our customer. Up to now, our response is 100% positive! Not happy with our products and service? Let us know and we will try our best to satisfy you. It is our responsibility to make you happy!!
  • Returns
  • Sure, we accept returns 30 days within your payment. However, international shipping is very expensive. Please be cautious when making your decisions. Definitely, we will re-fund all your payments if you could return the products safely to us.
  • Warranty
  • One year international warranty. Will we ask you to return the defective parts if there is any quality problem with our products? NO! Why should we do that since international shipping is expensive and time consuming. It is simple! Write us an email, provide a few photos and then, wait in your workshop for the brand new replacement to come! We will ship the replacement to you by door to door air shipping service.

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